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Comment on Investment Tide of Proton and Heavy Ion Irradiation (对国内质子重离子放疗热的评述)
JIANG Guoliang
…… page:159-161
Effects and Mechanisms of FANCD2 Knock Down on Chemotherapy Sensitivity of Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma Cells SIHN-005A (沉默FANCD2对人头颈鳞癌SIHN-005A细胞化疗敏感度的影响及其机制)
BAO Yilin, ,LI Jin, ,ZHAO Feipeng, ,LIANG Zhuoping, ,XU Wei, ,QIN Gang
…… page:162-167
Effects of Ritonavir on Expression of LYN in Kaposi’s Sarcoma-associated Herpesvirus -infected Cells (利托那韦对卡波氏肉瘤相关疱疹病毒感染细胞LYN表达的影响)
ZHANG Fang, ,CHEN Ying, ,GUO Feng, ,XU Yiming, ,TAN Xiaohua, ,YANG Lei, ,LI Feng, ,JI Yu, ,LI Dongmei
…… page:168-171
Autophagy is Involved in Anticancer Effects of Cucurbitacin E on Human Breast Cancer Cell Bcap-37 (自噬介导葫芦素E对乳腺癌细胞Bcap-37的细胞毒作用)
LAN Tian, ,LU Yunyan, ,HE Junling, ,WANG Xiaojia
…… page:172-176
Effects of Metformin on ALDH1 Expression in Pancreatic Cancer and Pancreatic Cancer Stem Cells (二甲双胍对胰腺癌和胰腺癌干细胞中ALDH1表达的作用)
ZHANG Ya’na, ,MA Wang, ,WANG Feng, ,CHI Yanyan, ,WU Shaoxuan, ,FAN Qingxia
…… page:177-183
Immunological Competence of Dendritic Cell Vaccine Loaded with CD133+ Hepatocellular Carcinoma Cell RNA (负载CD133+肝癌细胞RNA树突状细胞疫苗的免疫活性)
YI Ping, ,ZHANG Zhiming, ,LIN Jiayao, ,REN Yuan, ,OUYANG Gaoxiong, ,LIU Chunhui, ,FENG Zhongxu, ,LV Qingjie, ,LIU Jianyong
…… page:184-188
Relationship Between EGFR Mutation and Brain Metastasis in Non-small Cell Lung Cancer (非小细胞肺癌EGFR突变与脑转移的关系)
LIU Tiantian, ,BI Jingwang, ,WANG Jun
…… page:189-192
xin xi dong tai (信息动态)

…… page:192,241-242
Expression and Clinical Significance of Forkhead Box M1 and Polo-like Kinase 1 in Breast Carcinoma Tissues (乳腺癌组织中FOXM1和PLK1的表达及意义)
ZHOU Bingjuan, ,MA Qiushuang, ,SUN Jirui, ,QIAO Haizhi, ,ZHANG Nan, ,ZHANG Jinku, ,JIE Yan, ,GUO Bing, ,DENG Meiyao, ,ZHANG Yan
…… page:193-196
Effect of miRNA-199a-5p on Cell Proliferation and Autophagy in Osteosarcoma (miRNA-199a-5p对骨肉瘤细胞增殖及自噬的影响)
LIU Nian, ,ZHANG Hong, ,XUE Zhongzhu
…… page:197-201
Effect of FDG-PET/CT in Diagnosis, Staging and Prognosis of Pancreatic Cancer: A Meta-analysis (FDG-PET/CT在胰腺癌诊断、分期及预后中作用的Meta分析)
CUI Gang, ,YAN Bin, ,TAO Yongguang
…… page:202-208
Sequential Thoracic Radiotherapy Improves Progression Free Survival of Patients with Extensive-disease Small Cell Lung Cancer, Compared with Consolidative Thoracic Radiotherapy (胸部序贯放疗较巩固放疗延长广泛期小细胞肺癌无进展生存期)
ZENG Zhimin, ,OUYANG Yuming, ,HE Jing, ,XIONG Shizhong, ,ZHONG Qiong
…… page:209-213
Laparoscope Versus Laparotomy in Treatment of Early-stage Cervical Cancer: A Systematic Review (腹腔镜和开腹手术治疗早期宫颈癌疗效对比的系统评价)
HE Hongying, ,LI Li, ,CHEN Guowei, ,LIN Jiajing, ,CHEN Yanli
…… page:214-220
Association of RTN4 Gene Polymorphism and Haplotype with Susceptibility of Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma in Guangxi Zhuang Population (广西壮族人群RTN4基因多态性及其单倍型与鼻咽癌易感性的关系)
QIN Haimei, ,WANG Rong, ,WEI Guijiang, ,HUANG Huatuo, ,LU Yulan, ,WEI Baobin, ,WEI Yesheng, ,WANG Junli
…… page:221-224
Mechanism and Strategies on Drug Resistance of Non-small Cell Lung Cancer to EGFR-TKI (非小细胞肺癌EGFR-TKI耐药机制及治疗策略)
CHEN Rui, ,ZHAO Da, ,WANG Li’na
…… page:225-230
Research Progress of Tumor Metabolism for Antitumor Drugs (基于能量代谢的抗肿瘤药物研究进展)
HOU Xiaoying, ,DU Hongzhi, ,YUAN Shengtao
…… page:231-235
Research Advances of Solute Carrier Family 3 Member 2 (SLC3A2) in Tumor (氨基酸转运体组分SLC3A2在肿瘤发生发展中的作用)
SHI Yuanyuan, ,PAN Yufei, ,TAN Yexiong, ,DONG Liwei, ,WANG Hongyang
…… page:236-240

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