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Chromatin remodeling protein MORC2 promotes a breast cancer stem-like phenotype by regulating ALDH1A3 expression (染色质重塑蛋白MORC2通过调节ALDH1A3表达促进乳腺癌细胞的干性)
ZHANG Sa, ,XU Jiahui, ,LIU Suling, ,LI Daqiang
…… page:161-168
Screening for differential genes of the prostate cancer and bioinformatics analysis of their interaction (前列腺癌差异表达基因的筛选及相互作用的生物信息学分析)
XIA Qianlin, ,SHAN Menglin, ,DING Tao, ,ZHU Yanjun, ,HOU Jun, ,ZHENG Jianghua
…… page:169-176
A comparative study of four methods of establishing orthotopic human renal cell carcinoma models in nude mice (4种人肾细胞癌原位移植裸鼠模型建立方法的比较)
ZHAO Peipei, ,CHEN Xiaojing, ,WANG Qiaoling, ,ZHAO Xue, ,ZHAO Yanan, ,LIU Peifeng, ,DAI Huili
…… page:177-185
Therapeutically targeting autophagy enhances cytotoxicity of emodin in liver cancer cell lines (靶向肝癌细胞自噬提高大黄素的毒性杀伤作用)
DANG Zhongfeng, ,HE Keji, ,NA Guangwei, ,SUN Wenping, ,CHENG Yongsheng, ,WANG Weijun, ,LI Rui
…… page:186-190
Clinical significance of serum CEA, CA125 and CA72-4 in gastric carcinoma with peritoneal metastasis (血清CEA、CA125及CA72-4在胃癌腹膜转移中的临床意义)
SUN Liqiu, ,CUI Hai, ,CUI Yan, ,JIN Wenbiao, ,CUI Yuzhen, ,GAO Aihua, ,SHEN Xionghu
…… page:191-196
Expression of microRNA-210 in gastric cancer and its relationship with clinicopathological factors and prognosis (胃癌组织中microRNA-210的表达与临床病理因素及预后关系的研究)
YU Pengfei, ,DU Yian, ,YANG Litao, ,DAI Gaiguo, ,HUANG Ling
…… page:197-200
The effect of different expression levels of HER-2 on the biological characteristics of breast cancer cells (不同HER-2表达水平对乳腺癌细胞生物学行为的影响)
ZHANG Jie, ,ZHENG Hui, ,LU Renquan, ,GUO Lin
…… page:201-206
Imaging features of renal myomatous angiomyolipoma on CT (肾脏肌样型血管平滑肌脂肪瘤的CT特征)
ZHOU Bingni, ,LIU Xiaohang, ,TANG Wei, ,GAN Hualei, ,LI Can, ,ZHOU Liangping
…… page:207-211
Analysis of colorectal cancer incidence and mortality rates during the last 40 years in Hebei Province (河北省40年结直肠癌发病和死亡分析)
LI Daojuan, ,LIANG Di, ,JIN Jing, ,WEN Denggui, ,SHAN Baoen, ,HE Yutong
…… page:212-218
A modified equivalent uniform dose with the dosimetric parameters of perfusion imaging correlates with radiation pneumonitis in radiation therapy planning (结合肺灌注影像参数的等效均匀剂量模型与放射性肺炎的相关性研究)
DAI Liyan, ,GU Hengle, ,HUANG Qiu, ,YE Ming, ,HAN Yuan, ,MA Xiumei
…… page:219-226
Postoperative differences in clinical characteristics between adenocarcinoma and other types of non-small cell lung cancer and analysis of prognostic factors of adenocarcinoma treated with surgery (腺癌与其他类型非小细胞肺癌术后临床特点的差异及预后因素分析)
TIAN Xigui, ,LIU Desen, ,WANG Yuanyu, ,WANG Chao
…… page:227-232
The role of endoscopic ultrasound in detection of small pancreatic tumors (超声内镜对胰腺小肿瘤的诊断价值)
LIU Yumei
…… page:233-236
Current progress on the relationship between inflammation and postoperative cognitive dysfunction (肿瘤相关性炎症导致术后认知功能障碍的研究进展)
LU Yan
…… page:237-240

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