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HPLC Fingerprint Analysis of Ophiopogonis Radix Cultivated in Sichuan (川麦冬高效液相色谱指纹图谱研究)
Guo Mingli, ,Zhang Jiayu, ,Wang Bing, ,Li Ning, ,Dong Tingxia, ,Zhan Huaqiang, ,Tu Pengfei
…… page:1-5
Preparation Method of Ruscogenin (鲁斯可皂苷元制备方法研究)
Cao Qingyun, ,Li Qi, ,Wang Min, ,Xiao Shunli, ,Gao Rongkai, ,Zhang Honggui
…… page:6-8
Study on the Content of Alkaloid and the Raw of Hydrolysis of Radix Aconite Lateralis during Decocting Process (生附子煎煮过程中生物碱含量变化及水解机理)
Gong Youming, ,Deng Guanghai, ,Zheng Xianhui, ,Qin Jun, ,Luo Mingchao, ,Wang Fang
…… page:9-15
Quality Control Standard of Yufulai Capsules (郁福来胶囊质量标准研究)
Ni Yujia, ,Qu Falin
…… page:16-19
Improvement of Quality Standard for Furosemide Tablets (呋塞米片质量标准提高研究)
Yao Shiying
…… page:19-21
Determination of N-Desmethyltadalafil Illegally Added in Dietary Supplements by HPLC-QTOF (液相色谱-高分辨率四级杆飞行时间质谱联用法测定保健食品中非法添加的N-去甲基他达拉非)
Shu Zhan, ,Wang Chengshuai
…… page:22-26
Determination of Related Substance in Betacyclodextrin by Ion Chromatography with Integral Pulse Amperometric Detection (离子色谱-积分脉冲安培检测法测定β-环糊精中的有关物质)
Wang Miao, ,Jin Guiying, ,Wang Caimei
…… page:27-31
Clinical Efficacy and Prognosis of Qidong Yixin Oral Liquid on Elderly Patients with Viral Myocarditis (芪冬颐心口服液治疗老年病毒性心肌炎临床研究)
Zhang Jun, ,Luo Xiaoli, ,Yang Xiaoli, ,Wang Hongyong
…… page:32-35
Gugua Extract Injection Combined with Tongluo Zhitong Liquid in Treating Lumbar Disc Herniation (注射用骨瓜提取物联合通络止痛液离子穴位导入治疗腰椎间盘突出症临床疗效评价)
Xu Xiaolian, ,Qiao Xuan
…… page:35-37
Pharmacoeconomical Analysis of Inhaled Glucocorticosteroids Combined with Montelukast in Treating Children with Cough Variant Asthma (吸入型糖皮质激素联合孟鲁司特治疗儿童咳嗽变异性哮喘的药物经济学评价)
Li Cuibing, ,Chen Suichen
…… page:38-40
Effect of Low-Dose Estrogen Replacement Therapy on Hormone Levels and Quality of Life of Patients with Perimenopausal Syndrome (低剂量雌激素替代治疗对围绝经期综合征患者激素水平及生活质量的影响)
Kuang Min
…… page:41-43
Atorvastatin Calcium Sequential Therapy Combined with Aspirin in Treating Cardiovascular Disease (阿托伐他汀钙序贯疗法联合阿司匹林治疗心血管疾病临床观察)
Wang Min
…… page:44-46
Clinical Study of Memantine Combined with Olanzapine in Treating Senile Dementia with Behavioral and Psychological Symptoms (美金刚联合奥氮平治疗伴发精神行为症状的老年痴呆临床研究)
Gu Shumin, ,Chen Fei, ,Cao Guoxing
…… page:46-49
Efficacy of Fufang Shangtong Capsules on Acute Sprain of Ankle (复方伤痛胶囊治疗急性踝关节扭伤临床疗效评价)
Ge Rui, ,Fan Jifeng
…… page:50-52
Efficacy Comparison of Preoperative and Postoperative Drug Administration of Inguinal Hernia in Preventing Postoperative Infection (腹股沟疝术前与术后用药预防术后感染疗效对比)
Zhang Xin
…… page:53-55
Clinical Research on Methotrexate Combined with Mifepristone for Conservative Treatment of Ectopic Pregnancy (甲氨蝶呤联合米非司酮治疗异位妊娠临床研究)
Cao Jie, ,Liu Gang, ,Zhao Ting, ,Wang Jia
…… page:56-58
Therapeutic Effect of Levofloxacin-Containing or Moxifloxacin-Containing Regimen on Multi-Drug Resistant Pulmonary Tuberculosis (含左氧氟沙星或莫西沙星方案治疗耐多药肺结核临床疗效与安全性研究)
Zhang Zonghua, ,Ji Lecai, ,Deng Weizhong
…… page:59-61
Effect of Psychological Intervention on Anxiety,Depression and Dental Pain of Pulpitis Patients (心理干预对慢性牙髓炎患者疼痛及焦虑抑郁情绪的影响)
Yang Qingzhen, ,Liu Yu, ,Zhu Yueping
…… page:62-64
Efficacy and Safety Analysis of Banxia Xiexin Decoction Treatment for Functional Dyspepsia (半夏泻心汤加减治疗功能性消化不良疗效及安全性评价)
Jing Bo
…… page:65-67
Role of Pharmacists in Cardiovascular Medicine of the Pharmacy Intravenous Admixture Services (医院静脉用药调配中心责任药师在心血管内科合理用药中的作用研究)
ZHENG Qiaowei, ,ZHAO Peipei, ,LUO Qinying, ,LIU Zuolin, ,LUO Saisai, ,AN Mengna, ,JIA Zuo, ,FENG Weiyi
…… page:67-71
Establishment and Implementation of Drug Dispensing Quality Management Standards in Automated Pharmacy (自动化药房药品调剂质量管理规范的建立与实施)
Lu Ping, ,Cui Liang, ,Liu Xiaoxia
…… page:72-75
Retrospective Analysis of Narcotic Drug Application during 2013 to 2015 in the Hospital (我院2013年至2015年麻醉性镇痛药使用回顾性分析)
Ou Yan, ,Zhang Xuefeng, ,Wang Miao
…… page:76-79
Clinical Analysis of Rational Use of Antimicrobial Agents in the Department of Respiratory Medicine of a Hospital (我院呼吸内科合理使用抗菌药物的临床分析)
Li Yong, ,Jia Jun, ,Su Qiang
…… page:80-82
Case Analysis of 1 Patient with Severe Oral Ulcer and Ⅳ Degree Bone Marrow Inhibition Caused by Methotrexate Chemotherapy Gao Yan,Gao Huan,Zha Dengfeng (1例甲氨蝶呤致严重口腔溃疡和Ⅳ度骨髓抑制合理用药分析)
Gao Yan, ,Gao Huan, ,Zha Dengfeng
…… page:82-84
Analysis of Adverse Drug Reaction Reports in the Hospital for 8 Consecutive Years (近8年医院药品不良反应报告分析)
Mo Guodong, ,Yang Jin, ,Lu Zhijun, ,Weng Shunlong, ,Li Jialiang
…… page:85-88
Analysis of Application of Traditional Chinese Medicine for Injection in the Hospital from 2013 to 2015 (某院2013年至2015年中药注射剂应用分析)
Li Yan
…… page:88-91
Comparison of ABC Classification and Sorting Analysis in Hospital Pharmacy Administration (ABC分类法和排序分析法用于医院药库管理效果对比)
Luo Chuangjun, ,Ye Mingli
…… page:92-94
Specific Practices on Enhancing the Quality of the First Secure Pharmacy (首保药房服务质量提升探讨)
Li Lianxin, ,Wu Xiaoqiong
…… page:94-96
po shang feng kang du su pi fu guo min shi yan yin xing chi fa xing guo min fan ying 1 li (破伤风抗毒素皮肤过敏试验阴性迟发性过敏反应1例)
MA Zuolong
…… page:96

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