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My view on several problems in surgical treatment of geriatric hip fracture (谈谈老年髋部骨折患者手术治疗的几个问题)
WU Xin-bao, ,YANG Ming-hui
…… page:161-162
Application of locking plate in the treatment of intertrochanteric femoral fracture (锁定接骨板在股骨粗隆间骨折中的应用)
WANG Qian, ,REN Cheng, ,LI Zhong, ,XUE Hanzhong, ,MA Teng, ,LI Ming, ,ZHANG Congming, ,SUN Liang, ,LU Yao
…… page:163-168
Management of geriatric hip fractures: implementation of geriatric orthopedic co-management and comparison with practice in the UK (骨科与老年科共管模式治疗老年髋部骨折及与英国的比较)
YANG Ming-hui, ,WU Xin-bao, ,GONG Xiao-feng, ,WANG Geng, ,ZHANG Ping, ,WANG Man-yi
…… page:169-173
zuo zhe xu zhi (作者须知)

…… page:173,197,215,236
Clinical outcome of open reduction and internal fixation for acetabular fracture in the elderly (切开复位内固定术治疗老年髋臼骨折的中期疗效观察)
LI Yu-neng, ,SUN Xu, ,ZHU Shi-wen, ,WU Xin-bao, ,WANG Man-yi
…… page:174-179,197
Effect of regional nerve block for pain relief and improving prehospital general conditions of geriatric patients with hip fracture (院前区域阻滞镇痛对老年髋部骨折患者疼痛控制及其全身情况影响的前瞻性研究)
ZHOU Yan, ,SHI Jing, ,CHONG Hao, ,XI Yang, ,WANG Geng, ,YANG Ming-hui, ,WU Xin-bao
…… page:180-185
Effect of fracture collapse on quality of life after femoral intertrochanteric fractures treated by the dynamic hip screw (股骨粗隆间骨折患者术后骨折塌陷对其生存质量的影响)
CHANG Bao-sheng, ,FENG Yang-yang, ,FU Wei-guang
…… page:186-189
Differentially expressed genes and related pathways of post-traumatic elbw joint extrinsic contractures (创伤后肘关节外源性挛缩形成中差异表达基因及相关通路研究)
YU Baofu, ,ZENG Hong, ,TANG Zhiming, ,LIAO Xingen, ,YU Huan, ,XIA Guoming, ,HUANG Zuocui, ,LI Hongbo
…… page:190-197
Comparison of in vitro chondrogenic ability between two culture modes:pellet culture system and fibrin gel scaffold (Pellet培养与纤维蛋白凝胶支架体外成软骨能力的比较)
HUANG Liang-jie, ,WENG Tu-jun, ,ZHANG Chun-li, ,LIU Yan, ,QIAN Long, ,HOU Shu-xun
…… page:198-203
Effect of functionalized self-assembling peptide nanoifber hydrogel on the metabolism of aggrecan and type II collagen of rat nucleus pulposus cells with the effect of IL-1β (IL-1β 作用下功能化自组装多肽纳米纤维水凝胶对大鼠髓核细胞蛋白多糖和Ⅱ型胶原代谢影响的实验研究)
GUO Ziming, ,RUAN Dike, ,he , ,WANG Deli, ,LI Wei, ,LI Xiaochuan, ,LIN Lingzuo, ,CHEN Jiahai
…… page:204-209
Cases report and literature review of extensor mechanism reconstruction after proximal tibia prosthesis arthroplasty (胫骨近端肿瘤假体置换术后伸膝装置重建病例报道并文献复习)
HUANG Jun-qi, ,BI Wen-zhi, ,HAN Gang, ,JIA Jin-peng, ,XU Meng, ,WANG Wei
…… page:210-215
Comparison of the clinical effects between bilateral vertebral facet joint fusion and interbody fusion cage implantation combined with pedicle internal fixation in the treatment of degenerative lumbar instability (双侧椎小关节间植骨融合与椎间融合器置入融合在退行性腰椎不稳治疗中的临床效果比较)
GAO Fei, ,WANG Gao-qiang, ,ARiBenJiRiGaLa, ,JIANG Fu-xiang, ,WANG Xing, ,ZHANG Hong-lai
…… page:216-219
Therapeutic results of neurotropin and glucosamine in the treatment of chondromalacia patellae at early stage (神经妥乐平联合氨基葡萄糖治疗髌骨软化症的疗效观察)
WANG Changhai, ,LIU Jiang, ,SHI Li, ,WEI Zuo, ,WANG Cuiping, ,HU Yongheng, ,LI Cuiyun, ,LI Hua
…… page:220-222
Research progress on osteoclast and its differentiation regulation mechanism (破骨细胞及其分化调节机制的研究进展)
JIANG Peng, ,SONG Ke-guan
…… page:223-227
Literature review and effect of application of bone morphogenetic protein-2 in the lumbar spine fusion surgery and complications (骨形态发生蛋白2在腰椎融合术中应用的效果与并发症)
YU Ming-hui, ,ZHAO Yan-tao, ,ZHONG Hong-bin, ,WANG Fu-li, ,HAN Li-wei, ,ZHANG Gai-jin, ,QIAN Long
…… page:228-231
Integrin and dedifferentiation of chondrocyte (整合素与软骨细胞去分化)
ZHANG Yu-shen, ,LIU Xin-cheng, ,FAN Hong-bin
…… page:232-236
Subdeltoid bursa tuberculosis with broad bean bodies formation: 1 case report (肩部滑膜结核伴蚕豆体形成一例报告)
CHEN Chun, ,ZHOU Kai
…… page:237-238

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