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Neuroprotective mechanisms and translational potential of therapeutic hypothermia in the treatment of ischemic stroke
Jin Hwan Lee, ,James Zhang, ,Shan Ping Yu
…… page:341-350
Outdoor air pollution as a possible modifiable risk factor to reduce mortality in post-stroke population
Anita Desikan
…… page:351-353
Novel insights into the role of NF-κB p50 in astrocyte-mediated fate specification of adult neural progenitor cells
Valeria Bortolotto, ,Mariagrazia Grilli
…… page:354-357
Telomerase and mTOR in the brain: the mitochondria connection
Satomi Miwa, ,Gabriele Saretzki
…… page:358-361
Tissue-type plasminogen activator is a homeostatic regulator of synaptic function in the central nervous system
Valerie Jeanneret
…… page:362-365
Dysregulation of neurogenesis by neuroinflammation:key differences in neurodevelopmental and neurological disorders
Lir-Wan Fan, ,Yi Pang
…… page:366-371
Neuromelanin, one of the most overlooked molecules in modern medicine, is not a spectator
Robert L.Haining, ,Cindy Achat-Mendes
…… page:372-375
Impacts of the retinal environment and photoreceptor type on functional regeneration
Michèle G.DuVal, ,W.Ted Allison
…… page:376-379
The emerging role of autophagic-lysosomal dysfunction in Gaucher disease and Parkinson’s disease
Amir M.Asghari
…… page:380-384
The translational importance of establishing biomarkers of human spinal cord injury
Sanam Salimi Elizei, ,Brian K.Kwon
…… page:385-388
Neural grafting for Parkinson’s disease: challenges and prospects
Thomas B.Stoker, ,Nicholas F.Blair, ,Roger A.Barker
…… page:389-392
The impact of vitamin D deficiency on neurogenesis in the adult brain
Natalie J.Groves, ,Thomas H.J.Burne
…… page:393-394
Regulation of neural stem/progenitor cell functions by P2X and P2Y receptors
Peter Illes, ,Patrizia Rubini
…… page:395-396
Small regulators making big impacts:regulation of neural stem cells by small non-coding RNAs
Zhong Liu, ,Rui Zhao
…… page:397-398
Targeting colony stimulating factor 1 receptor to prevent cognitive deficits induced by fractionated whole-brain irradiation
Xi Feng, ,Susanna Rosi
…… page:399-400
Elevated NKCC1 transporter expression facilitates early post-traumatic brain injury seizures
Buqing Liang, ,Jason H.Huang
…… page:401-402
Neurorestoration from medicinal plants: an opportunity to treat painful neuropathies
Lorenzo Di Cesare Mannelli, ,Carla Ghelardini
…… page:403-404
New approaches for prevention and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease: a fascinating challenge
Luca Piemontese
…… page:405-406
Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis disease modifying therapeutics: a cell biological perspective
Bor Luen Tang
…… page:407-408
Electroacupuncture reduces apoptotic index and inhibits p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase signaling pathway in the hippocampus of rats with cerebral ischemia/reperfusion injury
Xiao Lan, ,Xin Zhang, ,Guo-ping Zhou, ,Chun-xiao Wu, ,Chun Li, ,Xiu-hong Xu
…… page:409-416
Neuroprotective effects of autophagy inhibition on hippocampal glutamate receptor subunits after hypoxia-ischemia-induced brain damage in newborn rats
Li-xiao Xu, ,Xiao-juan Tang, ,Yuan-yuan Yang, ,Mei Li, ,Mei-fang Jin, ,Po Miao, ,Xin Ding, ,Ying Wang, ,Yan-hong Li, ,Bin Sun, ,Xing Feng
…… page:417-424
Fermented Chinese formula Shuan-Tong-Ling attenuates ischemic stroke by inhibiting inflammation and apoptosis
Jin-feng Wang, ,Xiao-li Li, ,Wei-feng Huang, ,Hua-jun Zhou
…… page:425-432
Neural stem cells over-expressing brain-derived neurotrophic factor promote neuronal survival and cytoskeletal protein expression in traumatic brain injury sites
Tao Chen, ,Yan Yu, ,Liu-jiu Tang, ,Li Kong, ,Cheng-hong Zhang, ,Hai-ying Chu, ,Liang-wei Yin, ,Hai-ying Ma
…… page:433-439
Stress injuries and autophagy in mouse hippocampus after chronic cold exposure
Ting-ting Qu, ,Jie-xin Deng, ,Rui-ling Li, ,Zhan-jun Cui, ,Xiao-qing Wang, ,Lai Wang, ,Jin-bo Deng
…… page:440-446
Modulation of neuronal dynamic range using two different adaptation mechanisms
Lei Wang, ,Ye Wang, ,Wen-long Fu, ,Li-hong Cao
…… page:447-451
Guinea pigs as an animal model for sciatic nerve injury
Malik Abu Rafee, ,Amarpal, ,Prakash Kinjavdekar, ,Hari Prasad Aithal, ,Sajad Ahmad Wani, ,Irfan Ahmad Bhat
…… page:452-457
Combination therapy using evening primrose oil and electrical stimulation to improve nerve function following a crush injury of sciatic nerve in male rats
Omid Badri, ,Parviz Shahabi, ,Jalal Abdolalizadeh, ,Mohammad Reza Alipour, ,Hadi Veladi, ,Mehdi Farhoudi, ,Mohsen Sharif Zak
…… page:458-463
Estrogen affects neuropathic pain through upregulating N-methyl-D-aspartate acid receptor 1 expression in the dorsal root ganglion of rats
Chao Deng, ,Ya-juan Gu, ,Hong Zhang, ,Jun Zhang
…… page:464-469
The mechanism of Naringin-enhanced remyelination after spinal cord injury
Wei Rong, ,Yong-wei Pan, ,Xu Cai, ,Fei Song, ,Zhe Zhao, ,Song-hua Xiao, ,Cheng Zhang
…… page:470-477
Mechanisms responsible for the inhibitory effects of epothilone B on scar formation after spinal cord injury
Wei Zhao, ,Yong Chai, ,Yun Hou, ,Da-wei Wang, ,Jian-qiang Xing, ,Cheng Yang, ,Qing-min Fang
…… page:478-485
Anatomical distributional defects in mutant genes associated with dominant intermediate Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease type C in an adenovirus-mediated mouse model
SeoJin Lee, ,Sandesh Panthi, ,Hyun Woo Jo, ,Jaeyoung Cho, ,Min-Sik Kim, ,Na Young Jeong, ,In Ok Song
…… page:486-492
Transplantation of autologous peripheral blood mononuclear cells in the subarachnoid space for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis: a safety analysis of 14 patients
Xiao-yan Li, ,Zhan-hua Liang, ,Chao Han, ,Wen-juan Wei, ,Chun-li Song, ,Li-na Zhou, ,Yang Liu, ,Ying Li, ,Xiao-fei Ji, ,Jing Liu
…… page:493-498
Anesthetic considerations for patients with acute cervical spinal cord injury
Fang-ping Bao, ,Hong-gang Zhang, ,Sheng-mei Zhu
…… page:499-504

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