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Intra-pleural injection of recombinant human endostatin and/or cisplatin in treatment of malignant hydrothorax and ascites:A multicenter randomized controlled trial (腔内应用重组人血管内皮抑制素和/或顺铂治疗恶性胸腹腔积液的前瞻性、随机对照、全国多中心Ⅲ期临床研究)
QIN Shukui, ,YANG Liuqing, ,LIANG Jun, ,CHENG Ying, ,TAN Qinghe, ,BI Jingwang, ,WANG Liwei, ,HU Bing, ,SHI Jianhua, ,SUN Guoping, ,BAI Yuxian, ,TAO Min, ,GUO Weijian, ,LU Bing, ,ZHANG Helong
…… page:193-202
Safety and tolerability of raltitrexed in patients with locally advanced recurrent and metastatic colorectal cancer:a phase Ⅳ trial (雷替曲塞单药治疗不能耐受或不适合5-FU/CF治疗的局部晚期或复发转移性结直肠癌的全国多中心Ⅳ期临床研究)
QIN Shukui, ,YANG Liuqing, ,LI Jin, ,LIU Yunpeng, ,CHENG Ying, ,XU Nong, ,YE Zhengbao, ,XU Jianming, ,BAI Yuxian, ,LIANG Jun, ,HUANG Jianjin, ,ZHENG Leizhen, ,YU Ding, ,WANG Zhehai
…… page:203-208
The correlation of ABCG4 expression with drug resistance in non-small cell lung cancer (非小细胞肺癌组织中ABCG4表达与耐药的相关性研究)
YANG Feng, ,WANG Xuejiao, ,YANG Sanhu, ,ZHNAG Liang, ,YANG Guang, ,ZHANG Zhipei
…… page:209-213
Differential expression profile of miRNA associated with metastasis of gastric cancer and biological analysis of miR-218 (胃癌转移相关miRNA的差异表达谱及miR-218的生物学分析)
LI Qin, ,YU Shijie, ,WANG Qi, ,FANG Hong
…… page:214-218
Expression of epstein-barr virus LMP2A in gastric cancer and its prognostic value (EB病毒潜伏膜蛋白2A在胃癌中的表达及与预后的关系)
KONG Qingli, ,TAN Guiyan, ,HAN Lei, ,YANG Dong, ,WANG Junye
…… page:219-222
Expression of Capn4 and Ki-67 in colon cancer and its clinical significance (结肠癌组织中Capn4和Ki-67的表达及临床意义)
WANG Donghua, ,JIA Xihua, ,ZHENG Shujun, ,ZHAO Xia, ,ZHANG Bingxin, ,WANG Xiaobo
…… page:223-226
Clinical observation for the comparison of vinorelbine combined with capecitabine or S-1 for advanced breast cancer patients after anthracycline-taxane failure (长春瑞滨联合卡培他滨或替吉奥治疗紫杉类及蒽环类耐药晚期乳腺癌的效果分析)
ZHU Chaofu, ,LI Zhuohong, ,AN Baiping, ,LI Dan, ,LAN Lan, ,HUANG Hongjie
…… page:227-231
Evaluation of the effect of high-risk human papillomavirus DNA detection for cervical precancerous lesions screening among 10 221 women in Nanjing (高危型人乳头瘤病毒DNA检测在南京地区10221例宫颈癌前病变筛查中的应用效果分析)
GUAN Wenyan, ,BAI Tao, ,ZHENG Jingyu, ,ZHOU Weihong, ,YE Qing
…… page:232-237
Clinical observation on traditional Chinese medicine in combination with somatostatin analogues for advanced gastroenteropancreatic neuroendocrine tumors (中药联合生长抑素类似物治疗晚期胃肠胰腺神经内分泌肿瘤的疗效分析)
LI Mei, ,DOU Dou, ,LUO Jie, ,ZOU Guoming, ,LIU Qing, ,TAN Huangying
…… page:238-242
The expression of SOX2 in gastric carcinoma and its clinicopathological characteristics:a meta-analysis (胃癌组织中SOX2表达及其临床病理特征的Meta分析)
GAO Ziye, ,LIU Pei, ,LIU Xiaobo
…… page:243-248
Analysis of prognosis and influencing factors of 74 cases of cutaneous melanoma (74例皮肤黑色素瘤的预后及影响因素分析)
LV Qing, ,ZHANG Lianru, ,JI Liulian, ,CHEN Hong, ,LIU Qin, ,LIU Baorui, ,ZOU Zhengyun
…… page:249-254
Clinical characteristics and prognosis of 39 patients with angioimmunoblastic T-cell lymphoma (39例血管免疫母细胞性T细胞淋巴瘤的临床特点和预后分析)
HUNAG Xiaolu, ,GU Kangsheng
…… page:255-259
xin xi dong tai (信息动态)

…… page:259
Comparison of open and retroperitoneal laparoscopic adrenalectomy in the treatment of benign adrenal tumors (开腹与后腹腔镜术式治疗肾上腺良性肿瘤的比较)
FU Yajun, ,WANG Qingfu
…… page:260-263
The current and progress of neoadjuvant treatment of HER-2 positive breast cancer (HER-2阳性乳腺癌的新辅助治疗现状及展望)
ZHANG Yanqiu, ,WANG Yifan, ,WANG Jian
…… page:264-271
Progress in research of exosomes in occurrence and development of hepatocellular carcinoma (外泌体在肝癌发生发展中的研究进展)
XUE Ying, ,LI Qi
…… page:272-276
The role of immune checkpoint PD-1/PD-L1 in small cell lung cancer (免疫检查点PD-1/PD-L1通路在小细胞肺癌中的作用)
ZHANG Minghui, ,WANG Yan, ,LI Guoliang
…… page:277-280
Progress on apatinib for solid tumors (阿帕替尼在实体肿瘤治疗中的应用与研究进展)
JIANG Chang, ,MIAO Yuqing, ,WANG Zhan, ,WANG Jiejun
…… page:281-284
shang zhi e xing zuo zuo liu 1 li (上肢恶性蝾螈瘤1例)
YAO Juan, ,ZHAO Hongmei, ,YUAN Hongmei, ,DU Juan, ,LI Ping, ,TANG Mengmeng, ,WU Aiping
…… page:285-286
wai zhao she lian he hou zhuang qiang nei fang liao zhi liao zhi chang ai shu hou fu fa 1 li (外照射联合后装腔内放疗治疗直肠癌术后复发1例)
MA Yan, ,YU Lei, ,CHEN Zhishen, ,QIU Ling, ,GE Ying
…… page:287-288

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