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Evaluation and classification of drug therapy for breast cancer with bone-only metastasis (乳腺癌骨转移药物治疗的疗效评价及分类处理)
Meng Xiangying, ,Song Santai
…… page:161-165
Expression of LIM and SH3 protein 1 in renal clear cell carcinoma and its effects on invasion and migration of renal clear cell carcinoma 786-O cells (LIM和SH3蛋白1蛋白在肾透明细胞癌组织中的表达及其对肾透明细胞癌786-O细胞侵袭和迁移能力的影响)
Jin Bo, ,Gao Liang, ,Li Wang, ,Chen Jiacun, ,Wen Rumin, ,Wang Junqi
…… page:166-171
Expression of tyrosine and threonine protein kinase in carcinogenic process of colorectal cancer and its relationship with prognosis (酪氨酸和苏氨酸蛋白激酶在结直肠癌发生发展中的表达变化及其与预后的关系)
Zhang Xiaoli, ,Han Wenxiao, ,Ma Yiming, ,Baohan Wuyun, ,Zhao Xinhua, ,Wang Hongying
…… page:172-177
Effect of preoperative monocyte-lymphocyte ratio on prognosis of patients with resectable esophagogastric junction cancer (术前单核细胞淋巴细胞比值对食管胃结合部癌患者术后生存的影响)
Zhou Wenjie, ,Wu Jun, ,Li Xiaodong, ,Wang Qi, ,Ni Xuefeng, ,Jiang Jingting, ,Ji Mei, ,Wu Changping
…… page:178-183
Correlation between the CT features and malignancy risk of small (≤5 cm) gastric stromal tumors (≤5 cm胃间质瘤的CT表现与肿瘤危险度分级的相关性)
Wang Jian, ,Xu Junliang, ,Hu Hongjie
…… page:184-189
Comparison of the effect of lymph node dissection performed by Ivor-Lewis or left-sided thoracic esophagogastrectomy for Siewert type Ⅱ adenocarcinoma of the esophagogastric junction (SiewertⅡ型食管胃结合部腺癌Ivor-Lewis手术与左开胸术淋巴结清扫情况的比较)
DUAN Xiaofeng, ,GONG Lei, ,MA Mingquan, ,YUE Jie, ,TANG Peng, ,SHANG Xiaobin, ,JIANG Hongjing, ,YU Zhentao
…… page:190-194
Predictive and Prognostic significance of high-sensitivity modified Glasgow Prognostic Score ( HS- mGPS) in advanced gastric cancer patients treated with neoadjuvant chemotherapy (高敏感格拉斯哥评分对进展期胃癌患者新辅助化疗疗效和预后的预测作用)
Cui Yao, ,Li Jian, ,Cao Yanghui, ,Liu Mingyue, ,Shi Zuxuan, ,Gao Tianhui
…… page:195-200
Primary malignant melanoma misdiagnosed as meningioma in intracranial:a case report (颅内原发性恶性黑色素瘤误诊为脑膜瘤一例)
Wang Weijian, ,Cheng Jingliang, ,Zhang Yong
…… page:200-201
Correlation between social support and quality of life in patients with breast cancer at different periods of treatment (乳腺癌患者不同阶段的社会支持与生活质量的相关性研究)
Yang Ling, ,Song Weiping, ,Chen Zhengli, ,Wang Yan, ,Chen Yuanyuan, ,Hua Yonghong, ,Chen Ming, ,Zou Weibing
…… page:202-206
Value of jugulo-omohyoid lymph nodes in predicting lateral cervical occult metastasis in patients with papillary thyroid carcinoma (a颈内静脉肩胛舌骨肌淋巴结在判断甲状腺乳头状癌侧颈隐匿性转移中的价值)
An Changming, ,Wang Yan, ,Wang Shixu, ,Yin Yulin, ,Chen Moqi, ,Xu Zhengang, ,Tang Pingzhang, ,Li Zhengjiang
…… page:207-210
The clinical characteristics surgical procedures and prognosis of solid pseudopapillary tumor of the pancreas (胰腺实性假乳头状肿瘤的临床特征手术策略及预后)
Yang Han, ,Li Ning, ,Deng Wenying, ,Luo Suxia
…… page:211-215
Biweekly paclitaxel and platinum chemotherapy followed by surgery for esophageal squamous cell carcinoma (紫杉醇联合铂类双周方案在食管鳞癌术前化疗中的应用探索)
Zhang Liangze, ,Li Weiwei, ,Cui Chengxu, ,Zhang Hongtu, ,Song Yan, ,Mao Yousheng, ,Huang Jing
…… page:216-219
Relief effect of CT-guided 125 Ⅰ seed implantation on patients with spinal and paraspinal osteolytic metastatic tumors (CT引导下125Ⅰ放射粒子植入治疗脊柱椎体及椎旁溶骨性转移瘤的临床效果)
HUANG Hai, ,LI Fusheng, ,WANG Liang, ,DU Zhenguang, ,XU Shaonian
…… page:220-224
The clinical impact of artery-first approach combined with vascular resection and reconstruction in the treatment of pancreatic head carcinoma (动脉优先联合血管切除重建治疗胰头癌的临床效果)
Huang Junli, ,Li Wengang, ,Chen Fuzhen, ,Su Zhaojie, ,Li Fengming, ,Liu Bin
…… page:225-230
Basic characteristics and survival analysis of patients with hepatocellular carcinoma (肝细胞癌患者的基本特征及其生存分析)
Guan Chentao, ,Zhao Hong, ,Li Xinqing, ,Qu Chenxu, ,Cai Jianqiang, ,Wei Wenqiang, ,Qiao Youlin
…… page:231-235
Comments on the seven clinical questions & answers in Japanese gastric treatment guidelines of the 4th edition (如何看待新版日本胃癌治疗指南中的七个临床问答)
Xu Jianming
…… page:236-238
Extranodal marginal zone lymphoma of mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue in the brain parenchyma:a case report (脑实质内黏膜相关淋巴组织结外边缘区淋巴瘤一例)
Chen Fan, ,Liu Xiaoliang, ,Li Peiwen, ,Yang Xiaoyu, ,Chen Dawei
…… page:239-240

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