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Prevention of stroke in patients with silent cerebrovascular disease A scientific statement for healthcare professionals from the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association (无症状脑血管病患者的卒中预防美国心脏协会/美国卒中协会对医疗卫生专业人员发布的科学声明)
ERIC E.smith, ,GUSTAVO Saposnik, ,GEERT Janbiessels, ,FERGUS N.doubal, ,MYRIAM Fornage, ,PHILIP B.gorelick, ,STEVEN M.greenberg, ,RANDALL T.higashida, ,SCOTT E.kasner, ,SUDHA Seshadri, ,LIU Pinyi, ,HUANG Lili, ,XU Yun
…… page:1-26
guo ji nao xue guan bing za zhi gao yue (《国际脑血管病杂志》稿约)

…… page:26,32,48,67,75,94-96
Common triggers of ischemic stroke: a case cross-over study (缺血性卒中的常见诱因:病例交叉研究)
Guo Wanrong, ,Li Changxin, ,Wu Xiaowei, ,Wang Zhuangzhuang, ,Li Ling
…… page:27-32
Impacts of SLCO1B1 c.388A > G polymorphisms on lipid-lowering and anti-atherosclerosis effects of atorvastatin in Chinese patients with ischemic stroke (SLCO1B1c.388A>G多态性对于中国缺血性卒中患者阿托伐他汀降脂和抗动脉粥样硬化作用的影响)
Wu Yinyan, ,Yin Hongbing, ,Zhao Kun, ,Zhou Xiaoping
…… page:33-38
High-frequency repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation combined with neuromuscular electrical stimulation for the treatment of poststroke dysphagia: a randomized controlled trial (高频重复经颅磁刺激联合神经肌肉电刺激治疗卒中后吞咽障碍:随机对照研究)
Zheng Xiuqin, ,Yu Suwen, ,Cui Hongxia, ,Jin Ben, ,Zhu Tian, ,Xue Yang
…… page:39-43
Correlation between plasma cathepsin L and collateral circulation in acute ischemic stroke patients with cerebral artery stenosis (血浆组织蛋白酶L与伴脑动脉狭窄的急性缺血性卒中患者侧支循环的相关性)
Zhao Bo, ,Li Yuechun, ,Hao Xiwa, ,Jiang Changchun
…… page:44-48
Transcranial Doppler ultrasonographic evaluation of vertebral artery hypoplasia and focal artery stenosis (椎动脉发育不全和局限性狭窄的经颅多普勒评价)
Liu Mingling, ,Sun Zengqiang, ,Lu Qing, ,Wang Xinbin, ,Tian Bing, ,Xu Weihai
…… page:49-54
Cyclosporine A improves spatial memory following chronic cerebral hypoperfusion in rats by down-regulation of NADPH oxidase 4 (环孢素A通过下调NADPH氧化酶4改善慢性脑低灌注大鼠空间记忆能力)
Bai Yanyan, ,Chen Xinlin, ,Zhang Qiang, ,Zhang Jinlu, ,Luo Guogang, ,Han Jianfeng
…… page:55-60
Hypoxia preconditioning may protect focal cerebral ischemia in rats by downregulation of glycogen synthase kinase 3β, phosphorylated signal transducer and activator of transcription 3 (缺氧预处理可能通过下调糖原合酶激酶3β和信号转导及转录激活蛋白3保护大鼠局灶性脑缺血)
Tang Zhiwei, ,Xiao Zongyu, ,Wu Shizheng
…… page:61-67
Atrial fibrillation and silent cerebral infarction (心房颤动与无症状脑梗死)
Cong Lin, ,Jiang Haitao
…… page:68-75
Cerebrovascular variation and ischemic stroke (脑血管变异与缺血性卒中)
Yang Yunpei, ,Xu Wen’an, ,Xia Mingwu, ,He Jun, ,Cao Shugang, ,Wu Qian
…… page:76-83
Dietary fiber and stroke (膳食纤维与卒中)
Shan Wanying, ,Wang Ling, ,Xu Gelin
…… page:84-90
Roles of microglia in cerebral ischemia (小胶质细胞在脑缺血中的作用)
Wu Wenqian, ,Xu Heng, ,Zhao shoucai, ,Liu Fudong
…… page:91-94

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