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gao yue (稿约)

…… page:封3
Stability of intracranial artery atheromatous plaque:evalution using double low doses CTA (双低剂量CTA评估颅内动脉粥样斑块稳定性的可行性研究)
LI Fengzhang, ,HU Hanming, ,WU Qiheng, ,ZOU Nan’an, ,DING Shaochun, ,LIU Xia, ,XIONG Jianzhong
…… page:119-123
Application of multislice spiral CT pulmonary functional imaging in evaluation of pulmonary function in patients with asbestosis (多层螺旋CT肺功能成像在评价石棉沉着病病人肺功能的应用研究)
…… page:124-128
Clinical value of T2* in staging liver fibrosis in patients with chronic liver diseases: a preliminary study (T2*值在慢性肝病肝纤维化定量评价中的作用初探)
ZHANG Jing, ,ZHAO Hong, ,YANG Liuqing, ,HUANG Rui, ,LIN Xiaorui, ,LIU Rujun, ,BEI Jinling
…… page:129-132
Application and prospect of health technology assessment in medical imaging (卫生技术评估在医学影像中的应用现状及前景)
DUAN Xiaoyi
…… page:133-136
The progress of imaging study on predicting the occurrence of hemorrhagic transformation after cerebral infarction (脑梗死后预测出血性转换发生的影像研究进展)
FENG Xinyue
…… page:137-140
Recent progress of high-resolution magnetic resonance imaging in evaluating middle cerebral artery atherosclerotic plaques (高分辨力MR成像检查大脑中动脉粥样硬化斑块的研究进展)
ZHANG Danfeng
…… page:141-143,147
High resolution magnetic resonance imaging of intracranial vertebrobasilar artery dissection (高分辨力MRI对颅内椎基底动脉夹层动脉瘤的诊断价值)
…… page:144-147
Progress of magnetic resonance imaging in obstructive sleep apnea hypopnea syndrome (MRI在睡眠呼吸暂停低通气综合征诊断中的应用进展)
…… page:148-151
Imaging findings and progress in treatment of small cell lung cancer (小细胞肺癌影像表现及治疗进展)
XIAO Yongxin, ,LIU Shiyuan
…… page:152-156
Application of new MRI technology in lung and airway diseases (MRI新技术在肺及气道病变中的应用研究进展)
HOU Qiaoru
…… page:157-160,164
Progress of PET/CT in lung cancer precision Radiotherapy (PET/CT在肺癌精准放疗中的应用进展)
LIN Naier, ,XING Yan
…… page:161-164
An overview on the research of spectral CT in liver cancer (能谱CT在肝癌中的研究进展)
FANG Tianqi, ,CHEN Yiyu, ,BIN Guo, ,ZHU Shuhua, ,CHEN Hanwei, ,CHEN Shihui, ,HUANG Bingsheng
…… page:165-169
Research processes of imaging gastrointestinal stromal tumors (胃肠道间质瘤的影像研究进展)
ZHANG Xueling
…… page:170-173
Soft tissue lesions of developmental dysplasia of the hip: MRI diagnostic value and application of MR new technologies (MRI对发育性髋脱位软组织病变的诊断价值及新技术的应用趋势)
WANG Yajie, ,ZHOU Huadong
…… page:174-179
Current status and progress of CT enterography and its clinical application (CT小肠成像及其临床应用现状和进展)
ZHANG Lin, ,CHEN Liang, ,WANG Peiyuan
…… page:180-184
White paper of the Society of Computed Body Tomography and Magnetic Resonance on dual-energy CT (Part 1) (体部CT和磁共振学会双能量CT白皮书(上))
ZHENG Lijuan, ,YU Yuanmeng
…… page:185-188,194
White paper of the Society of Computed Body Tomography and Magnetic Resonance on dual-energy CT (Part 2) (体部CT和磁共振学会双能量CT白皮书(下))
ZHOU Fan, ,TAO Shumin
…… page:189-194
A brief introduction to the 2016 WHO Renal Tumour Classification (2016版WHO肾脏肿瘤分类简介)
REN Qingguo, ,MENG Xiangshui
…… page:195-199
Imaging differential diagnosis of tumors involved maxillary sinus area (上颌窦区肿瘤的影像鉴别诊断)
QIU Xiaoyu, ,CHE Junyi, ,HAO Dapeng
…… page:200-205

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