Measures that reduce the risk of an in-flight reaction to peanut and tree nuts 1. Passengers requesting any kind of special accommodation (e.g., peanut/tree nut snacks not be distributed, announcement to not eat items with peanut/tree nut, request special peanut/tree nut-free meal, buffer zone, pre-board, request to sit in a certain seat/zone). 2. Peanut/tree nut-free meals. 3. Wiping of tray tables 4. Avoidance of airline pillows or blankets 5. Buffer zones around which peanut or nut products cannot be consumed 6. Request other passengers not to consume peanut/tree nut-containing products 7. Announcement that passengers do not eat peanut/tree nut containing goods 8. Not consuming airline-provided food
Alexandros Sfakianakis
Anapafseos 5 . Agios Nikolaos




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