Mite Allergy Research The authors view the following as currently unmet needs in mite allergy research: Since mites constitute the most important allergen source worldwide the information contained in this document needs to be disseminated to all ranks of the medical establishment for educational purposes and to stimulate research Increased knowledge on the cellular basis of the immune responses to mites A better understanding of the link between mite sensitization and allergic diseases Better insights into the genetic influences controlling IgE responses to mite allergens. Effects of epigenetic factors Improved mite allergen standardization Development of purified mite allergens with defined clinically relevant epitopes for molecular diagnosis and evaluation of the response to immunotherapy Development of objective methods to assess allergen exposure and environmental control outcomes Better strategies for immunotherapy and immunoprophylaxis of mite allergy: recombinant allergens, h
Alexandros Sfakianakis
Anapafseos 5 . Agios Nikolaos




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