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Autophagic Cell Death Induced by GANT61 Inhibits Proliferation of Human Breast Cancer Cell Line MCF-7 (GANT61通过自噬性细胞死亡抑制人乳腺癌MCF-7细胞增殖)
SONG Yang, ,LIU Peijuan, ,XIN Zhizuo, ,ZHANG Bo, ,ZHAO Yong, ,ZHANG Caiqin, ,BAI Bing, ,SHI Changhong, ,ZHANG Hai
…… page:1-4
NDRG2 Inhibits Migration of Breast Cancer Cells Through Upregulating PTEN Expression (NDRG2上调PTEN表达抑制乳腺癌细胞迁移的实验)
ZHOU Xiaolei, ,ZHU Chongyue, ,ZHANG Shiguang, ,ZHOU Zhiyan, ,LI Haichao, ,ZOU Wei
…… page:5-10
Resveratrol Inhibits Non-small Cell Lung Cancer via Directly Targeting EGFR and c-Met Signaling Pathways (白藜芦醇靶向EGFR和c-Met信号通路抑制非小细胞肺癌细胞增殖的机制)
LI Wei, ,LIU Wenbin, ,LIU Haidan
…… page:11-16
Role of CD147 and Its Ligand CypA in Hepatoma Carcinoma Hepa1-6 Cells Escaping from Immune Surveillance of T cells (CD147及其配体CypA在小鼠肝癌细胞Hepa1-6逃避T细胞免疫监视中的作用)
WU Haiyan, ,REN Yixin
…… page:17-22
Effects of RNAi Silencing GTPBP4 Gene on Proliferation and Apoptosis of Colon Cancer RKO Cells (RNAi沉默GTPBP4基因对结肠癌RKO细胞增殖及凋亡的影响)
ZENG Qin, ,LIU Xun, ,CHEN Ming, ,YANG Zhihui
…… page:23-27
Clinical Features and Prognostic Factors of Primary Gastrointestinal Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma (原发性胃肠道非霍奇金淋巴瘤的临床特征及预后因素分析)
LI Shaoling, ,FU Qianqian, ,ZHANG Tiantian, ,GAO Dalin, ,ZHAI Qiongli
…… page:28-33
Clinical Characteristics and Treatment of Multiple Myeloma with Positive Expression of CD20 (CD20+多发性骨髓瘤的临床特点和治疗研究)
LIU Yuanyuan, ,ZHU Mingxia, ,WANG Jing, ,BAO Fang, ,JING Hongmei
…… page:34-37
Effect of Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy Cycles on Pathologic Complete Response Rate Under Different Estrogen Receptor Status of Breast Cancer (不同雌激素受体状态下化疗周期数对乳腺癌新辅助化疗病理完全缓解率的影响)
LI Manman, ,XU Bin, ,SHAO Yingbo, ,LIU Hui
…… page:38-41
Preliminary Investigation About Hematokrit Forecast of Chemotherapy Tolerance of Lung Cancer Patients (红细胞压积预测肺癌患者化疗耐受性的初步探讨)
DUAN Xiaoyang, ,YUAN Meng, ,SHI Jian
…… page:42-47
xin xi dong tai (信息动态)

…… page:47,81-82
Efficacy of IMRT Combined with Capecitabine Concurrent Chemotherapy and High Intensity Focused Ultrasound for Elderly Patients with Non-operatable Pancreatic Cancer (调强放疗联合卡培他滨同步化疗及HIFU治疗非手术老年胰腺癌患者疗效观察)
XU Tao, ,JING Hongxia, ,LI Linjun, ,ZHANG Jun, ,YU Jianyun, ,CHENG Xiongfei, ,JIAO Jiao
…… page:48-52
Perioperative Security Evaluation of Intra-operative Radiotherapy for Recurrent Bone and Soft Tissue Sarcomas Around Pelvis (骨盆区域复发骨与软组织肿瘤手术加术中放疗的围手术期安全性评价)
ZHANG Peng, ,CAI Qiqing, ,LIU Hailong, ,WANG Jiaqiang, ,LI Chao, ,NIU Xiaoying, ,BA Yuntao
…… page:53-56
Trends on Morbidity of Colorectal Cancer Among Residents in Xining City of Qinghai Province, 2009-2014 (青海省西宁市居民2009-2014年大肠癌发病率及其趋势分析)
CAI Chengxi, ,ZHAO Shenghu
…… page:57-60
Research Progress of FGFR4 Targeted Anti-tumor Drug (靶向FGFR4的抗肿瘤药物研究进展)
WU Daichao, ,CHEN Lin, ,CHEN Yongheng, ,CHEN Zhuchu
…… page:61-65
Pathological and Biological Mechanisms of Radiation-induced Heart Disease (放射性心脏损伤的病理基础及生物学机制)
XIONG Le, ,LIU Anwen
…… page:66-68
Multi-factors Affect Cardiac Toxicity in Radiotherapy on Left-sided Breast Cancer (左侧乳腺癌放疗相关心脏毒性的危险因素分析)
LI Yunfen, ,CHANG Li, ,XIA Yaoxiong, ,LI Wenhui
…… page:69-74
Review of Targeted Therapy for Breast Cancer with BRCA Genes Mutation (BRCA突变型乳腺癌的靶向治疗研究进展)
LIU Weiling, ,DONG Bing, ,GUO Yongjun
…… page:75-78
One Case of Solitary Plasmacytoma of Skull Bone with Teenagers (青少年颅骨孤立性浆细胞瘤1例报道)
YANG Ning, ,CHENG Zhiyong, ,LI Tianyang, ,SI Zuo, ,WANG Lili, ,LI Fei, ,SHANG Yong, ,XU Ligang
…… page:79-80

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