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Screening and Bioinformatics Analysis of MicroRNAs Associated with Macrophage Infected by E.coli from Spaceflight under Simulated Weightlessness (模拟失重下空间诱变菌感染巨噬细胞炎症相关microRNAs的筛选及生物信息学分析)
LIU Rong, ,CHENG Jiang, ,PEI Xuefeng, ,WANG Jingyu, ,YUAN Min, ,JIA Zuozuo, ,LIU Changting, ,YUAN Ming
…… page:1-6
Effects of Simulated Weightlessness with Random Positioning Machine on Microtubule Actin Crosslinking Factor 1 Expression and β-catenin Pathway in Osteoblast (随机回转模拟失重对成骨细胞MACF1表达和β-catenin信号通路的影响)
Miao Zhiping, ,Yin Chong, ,Zhang Yan, ,Hu Lifang, ,Li Dijie, ,Chen Zhihao, ,Qian Airong
…… page:7-11
Exendin-4 Improves Aβ31-35 Induced Per2 Rhythm Gene/Protein Abnormal Expression in HT22 Nerve Cells of Mouse (Exendin-4改善Aβ31-35所致小鼠海马HT22神经细胞Per2节律基因/蛋白异常表达)
Wang Xiaohui, ,Li Yameng, ,Wang Li, ,Zhao Xueling, ,Yuan Yuan, ,Xu Yunyun
…… page:12-17
Protective Effect of Auricularia auricula Peptide Chelating with Ca2+ on Hindlimb Unloaded Bone Loss of Mouse (黑木耳肽钙螯合物对后肢去负荷小鼠骨丢失的防护研究)
Qu Hang, ,Yi Juanjuan, ,Hu Junfei, ,Wang Zhenyu
…… page:18-24
Metabolic Differences among Different Occupations (不同职业环境对人体代谢特征的影响)
Chen Pu, ,Yu Yanbo, ,Huang Jianying, ,Li Hongyi, ,Dong Haisheng, ,Chen Bin
…… page:25-31
An Automatic Classification Method of ECG Signals Based on Multiscale Base-scale Entropy and Hilbert-Huang Transform (一种基于MBE和HHT的心电信号自动分类方法)
Dong Bin, ,Wang Yang, ,Liu Zhiwen
…… page:32-37
Numerical Simulation of Neural Network Based on HH Model and its FPGA Implementation (基于HH模型的神经元网络的数值模拟与FPGA实现)
Wen Jia, ,Lu Mai, ,Dong Xuwei, ,Wang Jinlong
…… page:38-45
Design and Contact Stress Analysis of Total Knee Replacements with Gradually-changed Surfaces (渐变形面膝关节假体设计及接触应力分析)
Liu Yanqiang, ,Long Zhen, ,Huang Rongying
…… page:46-52
Study on Stability of Helmet Integrated with New Displays under + Gz Exposure (新型显示头盔过载稳定性研究)
ZHANG Lihui, ,JIN Chao, ,LI Baohui, ,WEI Xiaoyang, ,WANG Quan, ,WANG Haixia, ,XU Yan, ,WU Sanyuan, ,LIN Zuo
…… page:53-58
Study on Behavioral Screening Experiment Based on Comparison Question Test: Relationship among Cognitive Load, Situational Factor and Personality Traits (基于CQT原理的行为筛查测验研究:认知负荷与情境因素、人格特质的关系)
Wang Yihan, ,Hu Wendong, ,Ma Jin, ,Qin Haibo
…… page:59-65
Credibility Evaluation of Motion Simulation Based on Visual-vestibular Perception Coherence (基于视觉-前庭感知一致性的运动模拟可信度评价方法)
Chen Wei, ,Wang Junjun, ,Xiong Ying, ,Huan Shang, ,Chao Jiangang
…… page:66-72
Visual Information Presentation Mode for Teleoperation of Manipulator (机械臂遥操作过程的视觉信息呈现方式)
Tang Weicai, ,Chen Shanguang, ,Xiao Yi, ,Jiang Guohua, ,Tian Zhiqiang
…… page:73-78
hang tian yi xue yu yi xue gong cheng za zhi zheng gao jian ze (《航天医学与医学工程》杂志征稿简则)

…… page:封3

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