Bone marrow biopsies performed by both the powered OnControl drill device and the Jamshidi needle produce adequate specimens


The aim of our study was to evaluate the adequacy and quality of the bone marrow (BM) obtained by OnControl powered drill (P-group) and to compare it with manual procedure (M-group).


Retrospective analysis was done on 75 BM specimens; Jamshidi needle (n=44) and OnControl (n=31). Biopsy length after fixation, evaluable marrow length and total area, and fragmentation, aspiration and marrow dropout artefacts were compared.


Biopsies were sufficient for diagnosis in 38/44 cases (86%) in the M-group and in 26/31 cases (83%) in the P-group. The most common reason for suboptimal/inadequate biopsies was subcortical specimens (4/6) in the M-group and aspiration artefact (5/5) in the P-group. Average length after fixation, evaluable marrow length, evaluable marrow area was comparable. Aspiration artefact was minimal (<10%) in the majority of BM samples in the M-group (31/44), while 25/31 BM in the P-group showed >10% aspiration artefact, p<0.0001.


Our study suggests that quality of biopsy cylinder and adequacy rate of the biopsy is comparable between both devices. OnControl device showed more aspiration artefact.

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