The Partner Context of Sexual Minority Women’s and Men’s Cybersex Experiences: Implications for the Traditional Sexual Script


Cybersex refers to a subgroup of interactive, interpersonal online sexual activities. People can engage in cybersex with three types of partners: (a) a primary committed partner, (b) a known non-partner, and, (c) a stranger. These partner types differ in degree of anonymity—one of five characteristics that make the internet appealing for sexual activity according to the Quin-A Engine. Previously, researchers have found that the partner context of heterosexual people’s cybersex experiences largely conform to the traditional sexual script (TSS; a cultural set of norms that incorporates traditional gender roles). However, researchers have not examined whether the TSS is apparent in sexual minority people’s cybersex experiences. The goal of the present study was to examine the role of anonymity and sexual scripts in sexual minority women’s and men’s cybersex experiences. Sexual minority women (n = 143) and men (n = 103) completed an online survey that included questions about lifetime prevalence and frequency of cybersex within each partner context. Findings demonstrated that more women engaged in cybersex with a primary partner compared to men, and that more men than women reported cybersex outside a committed-partner context and engaged in it more frequently. Implications for sexual education, clinical practice, and personal safety navigation for sexual minority people are discussed.

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