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Effects of sandplay therapy in ADHD symptom and mother-child attachment security of children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (沙盘治疗对注意缺陷多动障碍患儿症状及母子依恋安全水平的影响)
WANG Feng, ,DU Ya-song, ,XIE Hong-tao, ,ZHOU Guo-quan, ,LI Ping, ,LI Ze-bing, ,CUI Hai-song, ,SHEN Kai, ,XIAO Wei-qin, ,QIAN Ming-rong, ,YAN Ya-yun, ,LU Zheng
…… page:73-77
Clinical characteristics analysis of autistic disorder children with regression (倒退型孤独障碍儿童的临床特征分析)
WU Qiao-rong, ,FANG Hui, ,LI Yun, ,FENG Min, ,XIAO Ting, ,XIAO Xiang, ,XIAO Yun-hua, ,QIAN Lu, ,CHU Kang-kang, ,CHANG Chen, ,KE Xiao-yan
…… page:78-80
Comorbidity of depression and anxiety disorders in Chinese outpatients with multiple somatic symptoms in different departments in general hospitals:a multicenter cross sectional study (综合医院不同科室门诊多躯体症状患者抑郁、焦虑障碍的检出率及症状分布特点——一项多中心横断面研究)
XIONG Na-na, ,WEI Jing, ,HONG Xia, ,LI Tao, ,JIANG Jing, ,ZHU Li-ming, ,TIAN Guo-qing, ,ZHAO Xu-dong, ,ZHANG Lan
…… page:81-84
The relationship between different types of early trauma experience and anxiety depression symptoms in junior high school students (上海中心城区初中生早期不同创伤类型与抑郁、焦虑情绪的关系)
ZHANG Fang, ,LIU Wen-jing, ,CHENG Wen-hong, ,XIAO Ze-ping
…… page:85-88
Influencing factors of antipsychotic polypharmacy in inpatients with schizophrenia (住院精神分裂症患者抗精神病药联合治疗的影响因素分析)
LEI Chao-bin, ,ZHANG Jie, ,HE Hong-bo, ,ZHOU Yan-ling, ,SUN Bin, ,FAN Ni
…… page:89-91
Accessory effect of buspirone on negative symptoms of chronic schizophrenia patients:a controlled study (丁螺环酮辅助治疗慢性精神分裂症患者阴性症状的对照研究)
PAN Hui, ,YANG Zhong, ,WEI Ying, ,DU Xiang-dong
…… page:92-94
The relationship between childhood abuse experience and cognitive strategies,alexithymia,depression in patients with somatoform disorders (童年期受虐经历与躯体形式障碍患者认知情绪调节策略、述情障碍及抑郁的关系)
HU Chun-feng, ,LI Wu
…… page:95-97
A study of regional homogeneity of different symptoms in paranoid patients by the resting state func-tional magnetic resonance imaging (不同症状为主的精神分裂症患者静息态功能磁共振成像研究)
LIANG Jia-yun, ,XIE Shi-ping, ,WAN De-yan, ,ZHANG Li-jie, ,DU Jing-lun, ,YAN Wei
…… page:98-100
A control study of the objective sleep characteristics of schizophrenic and depressed patients (精神分裂症和抑郁症患者客观睡眠特征的比较)
CHEN Ling, ,KONG Xiao-ming, ,WANG Chen, ,ZHANG Xiao-qian, ,HONG Hong
…… page:101-104
Controlled trial of decision-making tendency in male alcohol dependent patients (男性酒依赖患者决策倾向的对照研究)
DAI Jing, ,YIN Liang-shuang, ,ZHU Wen-li, ,PANG Liang-jun, ,XU Hai-qin
…… page:105-107
The effects of psychological intervention in the elderly solitary people with depression (心理干预对社区伴抑郁独居老人的影响)
WANG Ping, ,HUANG Le-ping, ,CAO Xin-mei, ,WANG Zuo-wei, ,FANG Fang, ,ZHOU Xue-mei
…… page:108-110
Study of serum thyroid hormone and prolactin levels in patients with bipolar mania (双相障碍躁狂发作患者血清甲状腺激素和垂体泌乳素水平的研究)
ZHU Yun-cheng, ,LI Guo-hai, ,MA Xiao-yan, ,XUE Lian-xue, ,WANG Fang
…… page:111-113
Increased serum high sensitive C-reactive protein in patients with bipolar disorder (双相障碍患者血清超敏C反应蛋白水平的研究)
PAN Shu-juan, ,YAO Shang-wu, ,TAN Yun-long, ,ZHANG Ya-li, ,WANG Xiao-yu, ,ZHANG Qiu-shan
…… page:114-116
Relationship between aolescent psychotic disorders and family upbringing styles (青少年精神障碍与家庭教养方式的关系)
TANG Juan-ping, ,SHENG Hai-qun, ,PU Zheng-ping
…… page:117-119
yi jing shen zhang ai wei shou fa zheng zhuang de chan ru qi shang shi zhuang zuo xue shuan xing cheng 1 li (以精神障碍为首发症状的产褥期上矢状窦血栓形成1例)
SUN Zhenxiao, ,LIU Huaxue, ,YU Xiangfen
…… page:119
Effect of individual service plan on rehabilitation of patients with schizophrenia in rural community (个体服务计划对农村社区精神分裂症患者康复的影响)
YUAN Qin, ,LU Hong-ying, ,TAO Li, ,ZHU Xue-mei, ,CHEN Li
…… page:120-122
The association of cognitive function with negative symptoms in schizophrenia and their first-degree rel-atives (精神分裂症患者及其一级亲属认知功能和阴性症状相关性研究)
ZHANG Zhi-kun, ,SUN Hua, ,ZHANG Rong, ,QIN Peng, ,XIE Guang-rong, ,TAN Li-wen
…… page:123-125
The association of depressive patient’s family environment and thyroid hormones with therapeutic effects of antidepressants (抑郁症患者的家庭环境、甲状腺功能与抗抑郁药疗效的关系)
ZHANG Shu-fen, ,LU Yan, ,PAN Jing-ying
…… page:126-128
Change of cognitive function in first-episode schizophrenic patients after atypical antipsychotic medica-tion (精神分裂症首发患者新型抗精神病药治疗前后认知功能的变化)
CUI Meng, ,WANG Ke, ,ZENG Bo-tao, ,ZHANG Bai-mei
…… page:129-130
Study of factors for amisulpride-induced marked prolactin elevation in schizopirenia (氨磺必利致精神分裂症患者显著泌乳素升高的影响因素研究)
WANG Li-hua, ,SUN Xiu-jia, ,LI Hua-fang
…… page:131-133
ying xiang er tong jing shen zhang ai liao xiao de xiang guan yin su de yan jiu jin zhan (影响儿童精神障碍疗效的相关因素的研究进展)
WU Yuanzhen, ,ZHENG Yi, ,CUI Yonghua
…… page:134-136
li pei tong zhi shi wu mo hu 1 li (利培酮致视物模糊1例)
YANG Shunying, ,WANG Shaoping, ,LIU Mingli
…… page:136
nao yuan xing shen jing ying yang yin zi yu yi yu zheng guan xi de yan jiu (脑源性神经营养因子与抑郁症关系的研究)
HU Xiaorui, ,SHEN Zonglin, ,XU Xiufeng
…… page:137-139
jing shen fen lie zheng ren zhi gong neng que xian de yao wu zhi liao yan jiu jin zhan (精神分裂症认知功能缺陷的药物治疗研究进展)
SUN Zhigang, ,WANG Xueyi
…… page:140-142
tan suan zuo huan shi pian de lin chuang shi yong du zhe lai xin (碳酸锂缓释片的临床使用 ——读者来信)
HOU Gang
…… page:143-144
zhong fu jing lu ci ci ji lian he fu xi ting dui zu zhong hou yi yu de lin chuang liao xiao yan jiu (重复经颅磁刺激联合氟西汀对卒中后抑郁的临床疗效研究)
LI Fan, ,YAO Liqing
…… page:144

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