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Relationship between damage degrees of renal interstitial inflammation and the expression of P2X4 and NALP3 in diabetic nephropathy (糖尿病肾病肾间质炎症损伤程度与P2X4、NALP3表达的相关性研究)
Liu Yun, ,Wang Tao, ,Ma Donghong, ,Cui Yan, ,Guo Minghao
…… page:1-4
Expression of β-amyloid precursor protein in brain tissue of patients with refractory epilepsy and its clinical significance (β淀粉样前体蛋白在难治性癫痫患者脑组织中的表达及其临床意义)
Ma Dengfei, ,Zhang Jiangang
…… page:5-6,10
Distributional characteristics of sdLDL-C in population and their correlation to lipid metabolism (sdLDL-C在人群中的分布特征及其与脂质代谢的相关性研究)
Wang Lingxu, ,Yang Dongwei
…… page:7-10
Effects of intensive atorvastatin on post-PCI inflammatory factor and renal function of CHD patients (强化阿托伐他汀治疗对冠心病患者PCI术后炎性因子及肾功能的影响)
Li Zhifei, ,Zhou Jingui, ,Zhang Shuangyuan
…… page:11-13,19
Effects of ziprasidone and olanzapine on glucolipid metabolism of first-episode schizophrenia patients (齐拉西酮与奥氮平对首发精神分裂症患者糖脂代谢的影响)
Zhao Xianmin
…… page:14-15,19
Clinical intervention in post-traumatic stress disorder following severe burn (危重烧伤致创伤后应激障碍患者临床干预研究)
Sun Yujun, ,Sha Dongxiang, ,Yuan Guangzong, ,Wang Pengju, ,Li Yajun, ,Zhang Lin
…… page:16-19
Clinical study of imatinib mesylate in the treatment of chronic myelogenous leukemia in chronic and progressive stage (甲磺酸伊马替尼治疗慢性粒细胞白血病慢性期及进展期临床研究)
Ma Moli
…… page:20-22,25
Effects of EMGBFT on rehabilitation outcome of children with spastic cerebral palsy (肌电生物反馈疗法对痉挛型脑性瘫痪儿童康复效果的影响)
Zhu Minjie, ,Geng Xiangju
…… page:23-25
Effects of family rehabilitation training on gross motor function and activity of daily living of children with cerebral palsy (家庭康复训练对脑瘫患儿粗大运动功能及日常生活能力的影响)
Cheng Minggao, ,Gao Yongqiang, ,Zhang Wei
…… page:26-28
Opportunity of radical hysterectomy after LEEP and analyses of complications (宫颈环形电切术后再行广泛子宫切除术时机选择及并发症分析)
Zhao Hairui, ,Gao Hong
…… page:29-30,33
Application of ultrasound-guided thoracic paravertebral blockade in thoracic surgery (超声引导下胸椎旁神经阻滞在胸科手术中的应用)
Li Yinyu, ,Liu Wei, ,Han Jinsong
…… page:31-33
Application of Br(o)set Violence Checklist in newly hospitalized children and adolescents with mental illness (暴力攻击风险评估量表在新住院儿童青少年精神疾病患者中的应用)
Xu Qiuhua, ,Wang Wenqiang, ,Wu Weige, ,Li Zonglei
…… page:34-35,41
A control study of mirtazapine in combination with olanzapine in the treatment of somatoform disorders (米氮平联合奥氮平治疗躯体形式障碍对照研究)
Shi Baoqing, ,Jiang Chengdi, ,Han Xuehong
…… page:36-38
2017 nian lin chuang xin shen ji bing za zhi zheng ding qi shi (2017年《临床心身疾病杂志》征订启事)

…… page:38
Clinical observation of olanzapine and haloperidol in the treatment of amphetamines-induced acute mental disorder (奥氮平与氟哌啶醇治疗苯丙胺类所致急性精神障碍临床观察)
Yuan Chengyong, ,Xie Fujin, ,Huo Jun
…… page:39-41
A control study of aripiprazole vs. paliperidone in the treatment of mental disorders due to alcohol (阿立哌唑与帕利哌酮治疗酒精所致精神障碍对照研究)
Li Qiyong
…… page:42-44
Efficacy of quetiapine and olanzapine in schizophrenia and comparisons of pharmacoeconomics (喹硫平与奥氮平治疗精神分裂症的疗效及药物经济学研究)
Shen Yuan, ,Zhou Zhenhe
…… page:45-47
Efficacy and safety of amisulpride and risperidone in the treatment of first-episode schizophrenia (氨磺必利与利培酮治疗首发精神分裂症疗效及安全性对照研究)
Zhang Junli
…… page:48-49,55
Comparative study of clinical features of mixed state and depressive phase of bipolar disorder (双相障碍混合状态与双相障碍抑郁发作临床特征比较)
Wu Junfu
…… page:50-52
Efficacy of fluoxetine combined with olanzapine in the treatment of major depression with suicidal tendency (氟西汀联合奥氮平治疗重度抑郁症伴自杀倾向患者对照研究)
Li Yanyan, ,Zhang Shuling
…… page:53-55
A control study of escitalopram plus low-dose clomipramine in the treatment of obsessive-compulsive disorder (艾司西酞普兰联合小剂量氯米帕明治疗强迫症对照研究)
Li Qingfang, ,Zhao Laitian, ,Wen Wen, ,Xu Jiayan
…… page:56-57,74
Effects of pathological change degrees of coronary artery on quality of life of patients undergoing percutaneous coronary intervention (冠状动脉病变程度对经皮冠状动脉介入治疗患者生活质量的影响)
Que Hongxiao, ,Tian Hengsong, ,Shen Xuan
…… page:58-60
Effects of ginkgo leaf dripping pills plus hyperbaric oxygen therapy on cognitive function of patients with delayed encephalopathy after acute CO poisoning (高压氧联合银杏叶滴丸对急性CO中毒迟发性脑病患者认知功能的影响)
Zhang Jianxin, ,Hao Tongqin
…… page:61-63,66
Correlation study of physical anhedonia,sleep status and coping style in patients with depression (抑郁症患者躯体快感缺失与睡眠状况及应对方式相关研究)
Wang Ting, ,Li Hui, ,Chu Zhaoxue, ,Zhang Yu, ,Zhu Daomin
…… page:64-66
Effects of different urinary diversions on quality of life and emotions of patients with bladder cancer after radical operation (不同尿流改道术对膀胱癌根治术后患者生活质量及情绪的影响)
Qu Wushuai, ,Wang Lei
…… page:67-69
Effects of group anticancer on mind,quality of life and immune function of cancer patients (群体抗癌对癌症患者心理 生命质量和免疫功能的影响)
Chen Caixia, ,Hao Ruinan, ,Guo Xin
…… page:70-74
Effects of cluster nursing intervention on psychological status and quality of life of patients with chronic myelogenous leukemia (集束化护理干预对慢性粒细胞白血病患者心理状态及生活质量的影响)
Hou Yujie, ,Liu Lingling, ,Qian Zhaoli, ,Fan Hui
…… page:75-77
Effects of mental intervention on anxious and depressive emotions and quality of life of patients with breast cancer (心理干预对乳腺癌患者焦虑抑郁情绪及生存质量的影响)
Yang Liqin, ,Zhi Xiaoyan, ,Wang Chuansheng
…… page:78-81
The study of quality of life and mental state in breast cancer patients undergoing breast-conserving treatment or radical mastectomy (乳腺癌保留乳房手术与乳房全切术患者生命质量及心理状态研究)
Feng Lizhong
…… page:82-84
Effects of psychological rehabilitation intervention on mind and quality of life of patients with large area burn (心理康复干预对大面积烧伤患者心理与生活质量的影响)
Xue Jidong, ,Han Dawei, ,Cao Dayong, ,Di Haiping, ,Xia Chengde
…… page:85-87
Effects of individual psychological intervention on anxious and depressive emotions of patients undergoing percutaneous coronary intervention (个体化心理干预对经皮冠状动脉介入术患者焦虑抑郁情绪的影响)
Long Aifang
…… page:88-90
The influence of holistic nursing on quality of life of post-stroke depression patients (整体护理干预对卒中后抑郁患者生活质量的影响)
Liu Jie, ,Jiang Yan, ,Du Yafang
…… page:91-93
Effects of comprehensive psychological intervention on anxious and depressive emotions of patients with brain tumor (综合心理干预对脑肿瘤患者焦虑抑郁情绪的影响)
Lv Huijun
…… page:94-95,98
Effects of aripiprazole and sulpiride on efficacy and quality of life of female schizophrenics (阿立哌唑与舒必利对女性精神分裂症患者疗效及生活质量的影响)
Lei Xiuping, ,Jiang Techeng
…… page:96-98
Diagnostic value of microalbuminuria and type IV collagen detection to early type 2 diabetic nephropathy (尿微量蛋白和Ⅳ型胶原检测对早期2型糖尿病肾病的诊断价值)
Wei Qiaolan, ,Wang Suqin
…… page:99-101
Diagnostic value of cardiac color ultrasonography as auxiliary examination to patients with acute pulmonary embolism (心脏彩超辅助检查对急性肺栓塞的诊断价值)
Guo Xuxia, ,Chu Wen
…… page:102-103,112
Clinical diagnostic value of dynamic ECG to patients with coronary insufficiency (动态心电图检测对冠状动脉供血不足患者的临床诊断价值)
Zheng Xiaogang
…… page:104-105,115
Clinical features of patients with invasive bladder cancer and factors influencing prognosis (局部浸润性膀胱癌患者临床特征及预后影响因素分析)
Guo Xinwu
…… page:106-109
The clinical value of serum homocysteine,cystatin C and D-dimer detection in patients with type 2 diabetic mellitus nephropathy (2型糖尿病肾病患者血清同型半胱氨酸 胱抑素C及D-二聚体检测的临床价值)
Li Lijuan, ,Yu Xiangju
…… page:110-112
Laboratory detection of gonadal hormone levels of male alcohol dependence patients and significance (男性酒依赖患者性腺激素水平实验室检测及其意义)
Zhang Shuishan, ,Zhou Weiqiang, ,Wang Chuansheng, ,Yang Jierui, ,Li Qingli, ,Yu Lei
…… page:113-115
The research progress of mood stabilizers (心境稳定剂研究进展)
Li Kun
…… page:116-118
Surveys of accompanied fatty liver of hospitalized chronic schizophrenics and analyses of related factor (住院慢性精神分裂症患者伴发脂肪肝调查及相关因素分析)
Wang Qingzhen, ,Ang Zhengrong, ,Xu Zongkuo, ,Ji Qingsong, ,Zong Jianqiang
…… page:119-120
Efficacy of laser plus imiquimod cream in acuminate eczema (激光联合咪喹莫特乳膏治疗尖锐湿疹临床疗效分析)
Wang Zhiying
…… page:121-122
Effects of lung rehabilitation guidance on the prognosis of senile COPD patients in stable phase (肺康复指导对老年慢性阻塞性肺疾病稳定期患者预后的影响)
Zhang Zhenzhen
…… page:123-124
Compatibility of diazepam injection micro pump treatment in status epilepticus (地西泮注射液微量泵泵入治疗癫痫持续状态的配伍探讨)
Yuan Guoheng, ,Xue Hong, ,Wang Linjiang, ,Wang Xidan, ,Wang Weipeng
…… page:125-126
Post-operative short-term complications of gastric cancer and influencing factors (胃癌术后近期并发症及影响因素分析)
Wang Guoying, ,Di Jun, ,Wang Anlian
…… page:127-128
Effects of diet therapy on blood glucose of patients early type 2 diabetes mellitus (饮食疗法对早期2型糖尿病患者血糖的影响)
Deng Shuni, ,Li Xinyue, ,Xu Bixia, ,Luo Jianjing
…… page:129-130
A comparative study of low-dose quetiapine in the treatment of insomnia (小剂量喹硫平治疗失眠症对照观察)
Ma Chuangsheng, ,Zhang Shufang, ,Ma Ling, ,Yang Jing
…… page:131-132
Analysis of olanzapine’s adverse events (奥氮平不良反应事件分析)
Sui Zhongqing, ,Lu Xiaohui, ,Zhang Dongjun, ,Xu Zuoguo
…… page:133-134
Factors influencing depression patients to receive psychiatric ambulatory treatment (抑郁症患者接受精神科门诊治疗的影响因素分析)
Pu Ensheng
…… page:135-137
Efficacy of buspirone plus Anshen Bunao decoction in post stroke depression (丁螺环酮联合安神补脑汤治疗脑卒中后抑郁疗效评价)
Tian Xiaorui
…… page:138-139
Clinical observation of proximal needling plus needle-warming moxibustion in the treatment of external humeral epicondylitis (傍针刺加温针灸治疗肱骨外上髁炎临床观察)
Xiao Yan, ,Ao Min
…… page:140-141
Effects of supervisory management on nursing service quality of hospitalized cancer patients (督导管理对住院肿瘤患者护理服务质量的影响)
Yang Fenghua
…… page:142-143
Effects of chronic disease management on rehabilitation outcome of convalescence schizophrenia (慢性病管理对康复期精神分裂症患者康复效果的影响)
Li Suzhen, ,Liu Guangsheng, ,Liu Guanjun
…… page:144-145
Effects of nursing intervention on negative emotions and sleep quality of chronic bronchitis patients with emphysema (护理干预对慢性支气管炎合并肺气肿患者负性情绪及睡眠质量的影响)
Zhong Rongman
…… page:146-148
Pain nursing efficacy of children funnel chest after Nuss procedure (小儿漏斗胸微创矫正术后疼痛护理效果评价)
Zhang Jie
…… page:148-150
Application of physician-nurse integration nursing in post-cholecystectomy patients (医护一体化护理在胆囊切除患者中的应用)
Zhao Jihong
…… page:150-152
Relevant factors influencing newborns hearing screening quality and oriented nursing interventions (影响新生儿听力筛查质量的相关因素及针对性护理干预)
Jia Yumin
…… page:152-154
Effects of occupational and recreational treatment on rehabilitation of hospitalized female schizophrenics (工娱治疗对住院女性精神分裂症患者康复的影响)
Zhang Xiyun, ,Nan Xique, ,Cheng Ying, ,Dong Aihong, ,He Liping, ,Wei Yu
…… page:155-157
Effects of occupational therapy on rehabilitation outcome of chronic schizophrenics (作业疗法对慢性精神分裂症患者康复效果的影响)
Liu Xiaohong
…… page:158-160

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