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Molecular genetics and prognosis of lung cancer in young patients: Research highlights (青年肺癌分子遗传学以及预后的研究进展)
SONG Yong, ,PAN Xian-hui
…… page:181-185
Activity of anodonta polysaccharides against HBV and its detection by continued fraction interpolation method (河蚌多糖抗HBV活性及连分式插值法检测)
ZHU Tao, ,ZHAO Qian-jin, ,XU Li-fa, ,LI Chao-pin
…… page:186-189
Over-expression of ROBO4 reduces permeability of human renal glomerular endothelial cells in high glucose medium (ROBO4过表达抑制高糖条件下人肾小球内皮细胞高通透性的体外研究)
TANG Lu-yao, ,LIU Jun-hui, ,HOU Shi-hui, ,GUAN Tao, ,HUANG Yun-jian
…… page:190-195
Response of NG2 positive cells and other glial cells in the microenvironment of facial nucleus after facial nerve axotomy (面神经离断伤后核团微环境中NG2阳性细胞及各类胶质细胞的反应)
ZHU Lie, ,JIE Xiang, ,LIU An-tang, ,WANG Hui, ,ZHANG Wen-jun, ,JIANG Hua
…… page:196-201
Protective effects of Xuebijing on endothelium in sepsis-induced acute kidney injury (血必净注射液对脓毒症所致急性肾损伤的内皮保护作用)
WANG Wei, ,ZHANG Yu-xiang, ,LI Hong-shan, ,CHEN Yu-hong
…… page:202-206
Mechanism of action of miRNA-146a in sepsis-induced acute lung injury (miRNA-146a在脓毒症引起的急性肺损伤中的作用机制)
MENG Jian-bin, ,SUN Li-ping, ,WA Yong-lu, ,LIU Li-li, ,YAO Qian
…… page:207-210
Retrospective analysis of the effect of gestational hypothyroxinemia on pregnancy outcomes (妊娠期低甲状腺素血症对妊娠结局影响的回顾性分析)
XIE Jun-hao, ,LIU Yu-huan, ,HUANG Qin
…… page:211-216
Haplotype and genetic relationship of 27 Y-STR loci in Han population of Chaoshan area of China (潮汕汉族群体27个Y-STR基因座的单倍型及遗传关系分析)
TIAN Qing-hua, ,WANG Jun-fang, ,ZHANG Jing, ,LIU Ya-ju, ,SHI Mei-sen
…… page:217-223
Effects of negative pressure wound therapy on the expression of EDA+FN in granulation tissues of human diabetic foot wounds (创面负压治疗对糖尿病足创面肉芽组织EDA+FN的影响)
YANG Shao-ling, ,HU Li-ye, ,LIU Yang, ,ZHU Lv-yu, ,DOU Jing-tao
…… page:224-229
Clinical analysis of the delivery date reckoned by traditional and modified formula for calculating the expected date of confinement (改良与传统预产期推算公式推算预产期的比较分析)
YANG Bo-ping, ,ZHOU Wei, ,LI Li
…… page:230-233
Experimental study on brain injury in Beagle dogs caused by adjacent cabin explosion in warship (舰船邻舱爆炸致比格犬脑损伤的实验研究)
LI Yan-teng, ,CHENG Gang, ,LIU Shuai, ,LIU Bang-xin, ,WANG Shu-wei, ,WEI Bo-yuan, ,WANG Juan, ,ZHANG Jian-ning
…… page:234-238
Research progress on wound repair with tissue engineered skin in animal models (组织工程皮肤创面修复动物模型的研究进展)
HE Xiu-ye, ,SONG Hui-feng, ,GUO Xi-min
…… page:239-242
2016 National consensus on cardiopulmonary resuscitation in China (2016中国心肺复苏专家共识)
Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Specialized Committe
…… page:243-269
xin xi dong tai (信息动态)

…… page:后插1,封3,封2

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