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Distribution and Drug Resistance of Pathogenic Bacteria in Patients with Urinary Tract Infection (泌尿系感染患者病原菌分布及耐药性分析)
Qiu Guang-fu, Xie Qun, Zhao Xi-yuan, Li Hua-fu, Department of Urology, Zhuhai People’s Hospital Affiliated to Jinan University, Clinical Laboratory, Zhuhai People’s Hospital Affiliated to Jinan University
…… page:1-5
Clinical Isolation and Drug-resistance of Acinetobacter baumannii (鲍曼不动杆菌的临床分离及耐药性分析)
Pei Bao-fang, Cao Song-shan, Chen Hai-yan, Department of Pharmacy, Zhengzhou Children’s Hospital
…… page:6-7+14
Effect of Pharmaceutical Intervention on Rational Application of Antibiotics in Obstetrics and Gynecology (药学干预对妇产科合理应用抗菌药物的影响分析)
Xu Min-jie, Department of Pharmacy, Maternal and Child Care Service Centre of Liupanshui City, Guizhou Province
…… page:8-11
Analysis of Soluble Sulphur and Mercury Contents in Cinnabar Prepared by Elutriation (朱砂水飞法炮制前后可溶性硫和汞的含量分析)
Jin Qing-xia, Traditional Medical Hospital of Anyang City, Henan Province
…… page:12-14
Analysis of Drug Wastage in Intravenous Admixture Service in a Hospital in Henan Province, China from 2013 to 2015 (我院静脉用药调配中心2013-2015年药品破损情况分析)
Tian Pu-yu, Liu Li, Xiang Zai-yong, The First People’s Hospital of Nanyang City
…… page:15-17
Analysis and Evaluation of Use of Antimicrobial Agents for Type Ⅰ Incision in Perioperative Period in a Hospital in Dali City, Yunnan Province, China (我院Ⅰ类切口围术期抗菌药物的使用分析与评价)
Lin Yi-ju, Li Hong-fa, Yang Lei, Nie Cai-xia, Zhao Qi-zou, Wang Qing, Zhou Ai-ling, No.1 People’s Hospital of Dali City
…… page:18-21
Analysis of Unreasonable Use of Traditional Chinese Medicine Injection in Comment on Doctor’s Advices and Evaluation of Effect of Intervention (医嘱点评中药注射剂不合理用药分析及干预效果评价)
Fu Ji-neng, Fu Shi-long, Dingxi People’s Hospital, Traditional Chinese Medical Hospital of Dingxi City
…… page:22-24+29
Determination of Rosmarinci Acid Content in Perilla frutescens(L.) Britt. from Different Habitats by HPLC (HPLC测定不同产地白苏子中迷迭香酸的含量)
Li Ting, Cheng Yan, Chen Wei, Yong Jing, Mingji Hospital of Nanjing City, Suzhou Traditional Chinese Medical Hospital, The Third Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
…… page:25-29
Determination of Sodium Carbonate Content in Ceftazidime for Injectionin by ICP-MS (ICP-MS测定注射用头孢他啶中碳酸钠的含量)
Chen Yue-xia, Pan Qiu-yue, Miao Pei-hua, Wang Jun, Yangtze River Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd.
…… page:30-32
Monitoring on Thirteen Kinds of Sexual Hormones Illegally Added in Skin Care Cosmetics by QuEChERS-UPLC-MS/MS (QuEChERS-UPLC-MS/MS监测护肤化妆品中13种性激素成分的非法添加)
Wang Yuan-fu, Liu Zhi-bin, Xiong Zhen-qiu, Luo Yu, Yuan Ai-hua, Liu Bin, Nanchang Institute for Food and Drug Control
…… page:33-41
fda pi zhun zhi liao ji sui xing ji wei suo zheng yao wu nusinersen shang shi (FDA批准治疗脊髓性肌萎缩症药物Nusinersen上市)

…… page:41
Comparison of Determination of Serum Procalcitonin and Hypersentive C-reactive Protein with Blood Culture (血清降钙素原联合超敏C-反应蛋白检测与血培养结果比较)
Li Kun, Wang Jie, Liu Jia-rui, Department of Laboratory Medicine, Suining Central Hospital
…… page:42-44+50
Analysis of One Case of Adverse Reaction with Symptoms of Dizziness, Headache and Systemic Numbness Induced by Wenxin Keli (1例稳心颗粒致头晕、头痛、全身麻木的不良反应分析)
Xue Chun-miao, Cao Jun-ling, Mao Min, Dongzhimen Hospital of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, China-Japan Friendship Hospital
…… page:45-46+56
Analysis of 271 Cases of Adverse Drug Reactions (271例药品不良反应报告分析)
Zhang Xin-yi, Liu Xiao-yan, Baotou Tumor Hospital
…… page:47-50
Analysis of 506 Cases of Adverse Drug Reactions (506例药品不良反应报告分析)
Hu Li-qun, Lei Xia, Department of Pharmacy, The Affiliated Baiyun Hospital of Guizhou Medical University, College of Medicine, Guizhou Medical University
…… page:51-56
Statistical Analysis of 134 Cases of Adverse Drug Reactions Caused by Lithium Carbonate (134例碳酸锂不良反应统计分析)
Chen Xiao, Lv Xiaoqin, Hu Tingxia, Zhejiang Center for Drug and Cosmetic Evaluation
…… page:57-60+68
Progress of Application of Aripiprazole in Adverse Reactions Induced by Psychotropic Drugs (阿立哌唑在精神药物不良反应中的应用进展)
Sun Zhen-xiao, Sun Yu-xin, Yu Xiang-fen, Psychiatry Department of Linyi Municipal Mental Health Center of Shandong Province, Medical College of Shandong University
…… page:61-65
One Case of Severe Adverse Reaction Caused by Runing Granules (乳宁颗粒致新的严重不良反应1例)
Fang Hui, Liu Mei-sheng, Zhang Zhen-cai, Maternal and Child Care Service Centre of Tongling City, Anhui Provcine
…… page:66+73
One Case of Disulfiram-like Reaction Caused by Drinking after Intravenous Drip with Cefoperazone Sodium and Tazobactam Sodium (静滴头孢哌酮钠-他唑巴坦后饮酒致双硫仑样反应1例)
Li Xuan, Peng Wen-xiu, Fang Xiu-qiong, Li Jing, Fan Jun-qi, Du Xue-jiao, Outpatients Department, College of Armoured Force Engineering of PLA, Department of Pharmacy, Peking Union Medical College Hospital, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences-Peking Union Medical College, The 63870 th PLA Hospital
…… page:67-68
A Discussion on Pharmaceutical Care of Aspirin by One Case of Mucocutaneous Lymphnode Syndrome Among Children (从1例皮肤黏膜淋巴结综合征患儿探讨阿司匹林的药学监护)
Yuan Zheng, Yao Yao, Zhang Mei, Zhengzhou Maternity and Child Health Hospital
…… page:69-73
Investigation on Quality of Traditional Chinese Pharmacists for Window Service (试论窗口中药师应具备的素质)
Ma Jie, Traditional Chinese Medical Hospital of Anyang City
…… page:74-75
Role of Hospital Pharmacy Management in Reform of Medical Payment Mode (医院药学管理与医疗付费模式改革的相互催化)
Wu De-gong, Traditional Chinese Medical Hospital of Kaifeng City
…… page:76-80
zhong guo he li yong yao tan suo za zhi zheng gao qi shi (《中国合理用药探索》杂志征稿启事)

…… page:81

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