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Application of 3D printing technology in spinal surgery:status quo and future (3D打印在脊柱外科的应用现状与未来)
BAI Bo, ,BAI Xue-ling, ,ZHAO Xiao-wen, ,SANG Hong-xun
…… page:321-325
Reconstruction with 3D-printed endoprostheses after type Ⅱ or Ⅱ+Ⅲ pelvic tumor resection: a retrospective case-control study (3D打印半骨盆假体重建骨盆 Ⅱ 区或 Ⅱ+Ⅲ 区肿瘤切除后骨缺损的回顾性病例对照研究)
LIANG Hai-jie, ,GUO Wei, ,ZHANG Yi-dan, ,JI Tao
…… page:326-333
A comparative study of 3D printed navigator for total knee arthroplasty based on groove guide plate technique and screw positioning guide technique (3D打印截骨槽导板与定位钉导板在全膝关节置换术中的对比研究)
LIU Shuai, ,YAO Qing-qiang, ,TIAN Shu-chang, ,HU Jun, ,ZHOU Jin, ,WEI Bo, ,GU Qiang-rong, ,XU Yan, ,WANG Li-ming
…… page:334-339
Assistant function of 3D printing technology in the repair of complex scapular fracture (3D打印技术在复杂肩胛骨骨折修复术中的辅助应用)
LU Bing, ,XIAN Ai-ming, ,LIU Pan, ,WANG Yue
…… page:340-344
Application of 3D printing technology in the teaching of complex traumatic orthopedics (3D打印技术在复杂创伤骨科教学中的应用)
CAO Bo, ,MA Chuang, ,CHENG Xin-chun, ,Alimujiang·Abulaiti, ,REN Peng, ,TANG Dan-dan, ,CAO Li, ,YANG Guang-zhong
…… page:345-347
Research progress of application of 3D printing technology in orthopedics and hand surgery (3D打印技术在骨科及手外科领域的应用研究进展)
LU Peng, ,TIAN Wen
…… page:348-351
Surgical site infection after pediatric spine surgery:a review of current literatures (儿童脊柱术后手术区域感染的临床现状)
SUN Xiang-yao, ,HAI Yong
…… page:352-356
Research progress of Schwann cell transplantation for spinal cord injury (施万细胞移植治疗脊髓损伤的研究进展)
QIAN Long, ,ZHANG Xiao-lei, ,HUANG Liang-jie, ,LIU Yan, ,TANG Jia-guang
…… page:357-361
Early clinical observation of stand-alone zero-profile interbody fusion system in the surgical treatment of cervical spine disease (自稳型零切迹颈前路椎间融合系统治疗颈椎病的早期临床观察)
LI Zhong-hai, ,TANG Jia-guang, ,REN Dong-feng, ,WANG Hua-dong, ,GUO Ji-dong, ,LI Li, ,WU Wen-wen, ,HOU Shu-xun
…… page:362-368
Pedicle screws combined with vertebroplasty for lumbar spinal stenosis complicated with osteoporotic vertebral compression fracture (椎弓根螺钉结合椎体成形术治疗椎管狭窄症伴老年性骨质疏松性压缩骨折)
WU Xue-yuan, ,CHANG Yan-hai, ,JIN Zhan-kui, ,CHEN Ming, ,YANG Bo, ,SUN Zheng-ming, ,LING Ming
…… page:369-374
Influence of operation mode and operation time on the incidence of postoperative deep venous thrombosis for the aged patients with hip fractures (手术方式和手术时间对老年髋部骨折术后深静脉血栓发生率的影响)
LI Ming-dong, ,WANG Dan, ,GAO Xing, ,QIN Jun-jun, ,LIU Jian
…… page:375-378
A meta-analysis of the clinical outcomes of arthrodesis in situ or after reduction for low-grade lumbar isthmic spondylolisthesis (峡部裂伴轻度腰椎滑脱原位融合与复位融合临床疗效的Meta分析)
CHEN Jia-hai, ,BAI Xue-dong, ,LIU Li-yang, ,WANG Jing, ,LIN Ling-han, ,WANG De-li, ,HE Qing, ,RUAN Di-ke
…… page:379-385
A correlative study of imaging features between lumbar disc herniation and lumbar Scheuermann’s disease as well as Scheuermann’s signs (腰椎间盘突出症与腰椎休门病及休门样改变影像学表现的相关性研究)
WANG Zhen, ,LI Yu-qian, ,WANG Xiao-dong, ,LI Hong-bin, ,ZHANG Jian-hua
…… page:386-389
Research on Unloader? One knee brace in the treatment of medial knee osteoarthritis (安陆德免荷一号矫形器治疗内侧膝关节骨关节炎的研究)
ZHOU Feng, ,ZHANG Fei, ,WANG Hui-xiang, ,DENG Guo-ying, ,WU Xiao-ming, ,WANG Qiu-gen, ,WANG Qian, ,WANG Jian-dong
…… page:390-397
Femoral head necrosis Ficat stage Ⅲ complicated with synovial chondromatosis: 1 case report (FicatⅢ 期股骨头坏死并滑膜软骨瘤病一例报告)
WANG Ya-kang, ,QIN Si-qing, ,JIANG Ren-qi, ,ZHANG Yu-min
…… page:398-400

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