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gao yue (稿约)

…… page:封3
Three dimensioned arterial spin-labeling MRI in assessment of transient ischemic attack with negative DWI and MRA examination (3D-ASL技术在DWI及MRA检查为阴性短暂性脑缺血发作病人中的应用)
MA Erkui, ,LIANG Yuting, ,TIAN Xingyu, ,ZHANG Xiaomeng
…… page:245-248
Multi-slice spiral CT portography in diagnosing portal hypertension and esophageal varication (CT门静脉成像对门静脉高压食管胃底静脉曲张诊断的临床意义)
WANG Hui, ,YU Changlu, ,HAN Yuxin, ,WANG Tao, ,TANG Yifan, ,HE Ping
…… page:249-253
Research progress of radiogenomics and imaging phenotypes in glioma (基于分子表型的脑胶质瘤影像基因组学研究进展)
QIN Jiangbo, ,WANG Xiaochun, ,TAN Yan, ,WU Xiaofeng.
…… page:254-257,267
Advances of quantitative susceptibility mapping in nervous system (定量磁敏感图在神经系统中的研究进展)
LIU Menghui, ,LIU Jianling, ,ZHOU Zhiling, ,OUYANG Lirong, ,XING Wu, ,WANG Xiaoyi, ,LIAO Weihua
…… page:258-261
The risk factors and clinical significance of cerebral microbleeds (脑微出血相关危险因素及临床意义)
SUN Xiaohuan
…… page:262-267
Research progress of multimodality MRI in Parkinson’s disease (帕金森病多模态MRI研究进展)
WANG Fengli, ,XU Liang
…… page:268-272
Dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI applications in the nervous system (DCE-MRI在神经系统中的应用)
XU Man, ,HOU Weishu
…… page:273-276
Methods of quantitatively analyzing myocardial strain and stain rate (心肌应变及应变率定量分析方法研究)
WANG Tingting
…… page:277-281
Low dose CT technology in coronary artery calcium score: application status and new progress (CT低剂量技术在冠状动脉钙化积分检查中的应用现状与新进展)
HE Zhen
…… page:282-286
Application of low dose CT scanning in children’s chest (低剂量CT扫描在儿童胸部检查中的应用)
TANG Shilong
…… page:287-290
The application of computed tomography pulmonary angiography in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (CT肺动脉成像在COPD中的应用)
LI Yudan, ,WANG Wenbin, ,HU Shanshan, ,CHEN Qiuzhi
…… page:291-293,303
Image diagnosis and interventional treatment of pulmonary sequestration (肺隔离症影像诊断与介入治疗)
GUO Jianwei
…… page:294-297
The research progress of Gd-EOB-DTPA hepatobiliary-specific MRI contrast agent in the imaging diagnosis of small hepatocellular carcinoma (MRI肝胆特异性对比剂Gd-EOB-DTPA对小肝细胞癌的诊断研究进展)
…… page:298-303
The evaluation of peripancreatic effusion imaging for acute pancreatitis prognosis assessment of application (胰周渗出的影像表现在急性胰腺炎预后评估中的意义)
…… page:304-307
The clinical value of MR defecography for detecting disorders in the posterior pelvic floor (MR排便造影在后盆腔障碍性疾病中的评估价值)
GAO Guangfeng, ,ZHAO Yujiao, ,HUANG Lixiang
…… page:308-312
The application of EOSTM in adolescent scoliosis (EOSTM在青少年脊柱侧凸中的应用)
SHI Xiaofeng
…… page:313-316
Advancements in magnetic resonance imaging of cell apoptosis (MR细胞凋亡成像研究进展)
ZHANG Hongchun, ,CAI Sainan, ,TAN Na, ,LIAO Haiyan, ,ZHOU Bing, ,WANG Guotao, ,XIA Xibin
…… page:317-320
xin ying yuan di yi ji zuo guo ji yi xue fang she xue za zhi gong zuo hui yi ji yao (《新影苑》第一季暨《国际医学放射学杂志》工作会议纪要)

…… page:320
Interventional treatment progress in hemodialysis access stenosis (血液透析通路狭窄相关问题介入治疗进展)
…… page:321-325,329
Diagnostic analysis of sclerosing angiomatoid nodular transformation of spleen (脾硬化性血管瘤样结节性转化的诊断分析)
HAN Lizhu, ,LI Xubin
…… page:326-329
Diagnostic analysis and literature review of adult megaesophagus (成人巨食管症诊断分析并文献复习)
WANG Tian, ,PENG Yu, ,JI Ming
…… page:330-333

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