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New permeable hydrogel for tumor radiotherapy in situ (新型渗透性水凝胶作为载体用于肿瘤的放射性核素植入治疗)
Huang Fan, ,Gao Yang, ,Zhang Yumin, ,Yang Lijun, ,Chu Liping, ,Liu Jinjian
…… page:81-87
Construction of 131I-labeled and dual-drug loaded multifunctional nanoparticles (131I标记共载两种靶向药物的多功能纳米载体的构建)
Zhang Yueqian, ,Wang Renfei, ,Jia Qiang, ,Wang Hanjie, ,Zhang Ruiguo, ,Tan Jian, ,Chang Jin
…… page:88-93
Clinical value of 18F-FDG PET/CT in cancer of unknown primary (18F-FDG PET/CT在不明原发灶肿瘤中的临床应用价值)
Jin Minshan, ,Zhang Jun, ,Jiang Yiyi, ,Dai Chunlei, ,Liang Jinfeng
…… page:94-97,149
Follow-up study on children and adolescents with Graves hyperthyroidism after 131I treatment (131I治疗青少年及儿童格雷夫斯甲亢的临床应用随访研究)
Yang Fanhui, ,Chen Yue, ,Zhang Chunyin
…… page:98-102
xin xi dong tai (信息动态)

…… page:102,158
Expression of pprM gene from Deinococcus radiodurans in eukaryotic cells (耐辐射奇球菌pprM基因在真核细胞中的表达)
He Shuya, ,Yang Qi, ,Wang Rujing, ,Xiao Fangzhu, ,Wang Wuzhou, ,Tang Yan, ,Jiang Yuwei, ,Ma Yun
…… page:103-107
The influence of KGF on CTGF and Bcl-2 gene in duodenal tissue induced by radiation (KGF对电离辐射后十二指肠中CTGF和Bcl-2基因表达的影响)
Yuan Yayi, ,Ren Yue, ,Zhang Ruifeng, ,Liu Hongyan, ,Dong Juancong, ,Zhang Zhongxin, ,Zuo Yahui
…… page:108-112
Effect and safety evaluation of 50-Hz 1-mT pulsed electromagnetic field on the immunomodulation of human umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells (50Hz 1mT脉冲电磁场对脐带间充质干细胞免疫调节能力的影响及其安全性评价)
Cao Fang, ,Zhang Huanting, ,Liu Qiang, ,Du Liqing, ,Cao Xiaocang
…… page:113-120
Biological effects of radiation-induced exosomes (电离辐射诱导的外泌体的生物学效应)
Wang Chen, ,Yuan Dexiao, ,Shao Chunlin
…… page:121-125
Advances in the treatment of differentiated thyroid cancer (分化型甲状腺癌的治疗进展)
Zhang Yuanqi, ,Zhao Deshan
…… page:126-131
Application of radionuclide imaging on differential diagnosis of Parkinson disease (放射性核素显像在帕金森病鉴别诊断中的应用)
Deng Weiwei, ,Zhang Chunyin
…… page:132-136
Extraosseous findings on bone scintigraphy and research progress of its mechanism (常见的99Tcm-MDP骨扫描骨外摄取研究进展)
Zou Zhen, ,Chang Yani, ,Wu Zhifang
…… page:137-142,155
Clinical value and latest developments of coronary artery calcification scores and gated myocardial perfusion imaging in the diagnosis of coronary artery disease (心肌灌注显像联合冠状动脉钙化积分诊断冠心病的价值及最新进展)
Sun Lubing, ,Ruan Qiao
…… page:143-149
IQ· SPECT, Cadmium-Zinc-Telluride SPECT, and conventional SPECT application in myocardial perfusion imaging (IQ·SPECT、碲锌镉探测器SPECT和传统SPECT在心肌灌注显像中的应用分析)
Jin Xiaoxiao, ,Wu Zhifang, ,Hu Guang, ,Wei Hua
…… page:150-155
ju da jia zhuang pang xian xian liu 99tcm-mibi shuang shi xiang spect/ct xian xiang yi li (巨大甲状旁腺腺瘤99Tcm-MIBI双时相SPECT/CT显像一例)
ZOU Zhen, ,CHANG Zuoni, ,CUI Yali, ,JIN Jianhua
…… page:156-158

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