Do laryngoscopic findings reflect the characteristics of reflux in patients with laryngopharyngeal reflux?



To analyze the association between 24-hour multichannel intraluminal impedance-pH (24h MII-pH) parameters and each item of the reflux finding score (RFS) to determine whether the laryngoscopic findings of the RFS could reflect the characteristics of reflux in patients with laryngopharyngeal reflux (LPR).

Study Design

Prospective cohort study.


Tertiary care referral medical center.


Patients complaining of LPR symptoms were evaluated via a 24h MII-pH. Among them, 99 patients whose LPR was confirmed via 24h MII-pH were enrolled in this study.

Main outcome measures

Correlations between RFS ratings and 24h MII-pH parameters were evaluated and compared between patients with or without each laryngoscopic finding used in the RFS.


Subglottic edema had a statistically significant positive correlation with number of non-acid LPR and non-acid full column reflux events. Ventricular obliteration and posterior commissure hypertrophy showed a significant correlation with non-acid exposure time and total reflux exposure time. We also found a significant correlation between granuloma/ granulation score and number of acid LPR events. The numbers of non-acid LPR and full column reflux events in patients with subglottic edema were significantly higher than those without subglottic edema.


Among the laryngoscopic findings used in the RFS, subglottic edema is specific for non-acid reflux episodes and granuloma/ granulation is specific for acid reflux episodes.

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