Modified Le Fort III Osteotomy: Different Applications



Based on the new concepts of the modified Le Fort III osteotomy (MLFIIIO), Three variations of this technique are implemented: (A) the modified osteotomy Le Fort III Champy (1980) technique to be described with the use of surgical guides, and subciliary approach or an transconjunctival approach. Excellent technique for horizontal advancement no further to 6 mm, without requiring any type of graft.. (B) The modified Le Fort III osteotomy in “Z”: to solve horizontal (posterior anterior) problems of more than 6 mm without bone grafting. It is itself a modification of the technique described by Champy. (C) The modified Le Fort III osteotomy ascending: modified the original technique described by Bell and Epker with interpositional grafts, was modified by the called ascendant, making it higher in cases where the patient has an acceptable nasal bridge, but exorbitism the lateral wall of the orbit. Le Fort III osteotomy combined with a Le Fort I osteotomy and a front implant.


As pointed out in Part I for the modified oblique Le Fort III osteotomy, methods for the design of the osteotomy Le Fort III property will depend on the requirements of individual patients, and this has led us to design specific techniques for the deformity.


Patients have a right projection of the middle third, and protection of the eyeball.


The techniques presented for the advancement of the middle third have excellent results with the ability to be tailored to each patient deformity.

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