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Principles and strategies for the prevention and treatment of parathyroid and larynge-al nerve injuries during thyroid surgery (甲状腺手术中甲状旁腺和喉神经功能损伤的防治策略)
Qi SONG, ,Xiaoming LI
…… page:409-414
du zhe zuo zhe bian zhe (·读者·作者·编者·)

…… page:414,423,443,448,458,460
Chimeric antigen receptor T cell based therapeutic modality in solid tumors (CAR-T细胞治疗实体瘤的挑战与思考)
Yang LIU, ,Hongli ZHU, ,Weidong HAN
…… page:415-417
Metastasis-associated lung adenocarcinoma transcript 1 modulates the growth and in-vasion of oral squamous cell carcinoma through the VHL/β-catenin pathway in vitro (MALAT1通过VHL/β-catenin通路影响口腔鳞状细胞癌生长侵袭的实验研究)
WANG Jiazuo, ,DUAN Yuansheng, ,YUE Zuo, ,SI Haishan, ,DONG Mengli, ,ZHOU Mengzuo, ,WANG Xudong
…… page:418-423
Runx2 promotes migration and invasion abilities of hepatocellular carcinoma by induc-ing MMP9 expression (Runx2通过促进MMP9的表达增强肝细胞肝癌迁移侵袭能力)
CAO Zi, ,SUN Baocun, ,ZHAO Xiulan, ,ZHANG Yanhui, ,GU Qiang, ,LIANG Xiaohui, ,DONG Xueyi, ,ZHAO Zuo
…… page:424-428
Retrospective study on chemotherapy for advanced biliary tract carcinoma (晚期胆系恶性肿瘤化疗方案的回顾性研究)
Wei KE, ,Xiaochen ZHANG, ,Sufen YU, ,Jing CHEN, ,Xiaoting WANG, ,Mengye HE, ,Jingying PAN
…… page:429-433
Treatment strategy of complete response cases after neoadjuvant radiotherapy in rec-tal cancer (直肠癌术前放化疗完全缓解后的临床策略分析)
Quanying LI, ,Bingyu DU, ,Changjiang QIN, ,Guoxiao GUO, ,Xuequn REN
…… page:434-436
Clinical research of icotinib combined with subarachnoid space implantable pump for the treatment of leptomeningeal metastases from lung adenocarcinoma (埃克替尼联合蛛网膜下腔埋入式输注系统治疗肺腺癌脑膜转移的临床观察)
Haimei ZHANG, ,Qingshan ZHANG, ,Ran LI, ,Xiao LI, ,Jingdong SUN
…… page:437-439
Clinical analysis of single-and multiple-port thoracoscopic lobectomy for lung cancer (单孔与传统多孔胸腔镜下肺叶切除术治疗肺癌的临床对比分析)
Bin JIA, ,Changli WANG, ,Zhenfa ZHANG, ,Yanjun SU
…… page:440-443
Research progress on expression of Epstein-Barr virus genes in EBV associated gastric carcinoma (EBV相关性胃癌中EB病毒基因表达研究进展)
Yun DU, ,Xia YU, ,Mingfang JI
…… page:444-448
Advances in breast cancer epidemiology based on molecular subtyping (基于分子分型的乳腺癌流行病学新认识)
Mingli CAO
…… page:449-451
Combining chemotherapy with immunotherapy:from bench to bedside (肿瘤化疗联合免疫治疗从理论基础到临床实践)
Xiaoyan LIU
…… page:452-458
jia huang suan a pa ti ni zhi liao wan qi wei – shi guan jie he bu xian ai 1 li (甲磺酸阿帕替尼治疗晚期胃-食管结合部腺癌1例)
BO Xiaozuo, ,PEI Yi
…… page:459-460
lei feng shi xing guan jie yan ji fa man xing li xi bao bai xue bing 1 li (类风湿性关节炎继发慢性粒细胞白血病1例)
LIU Fang, ,WANG Hua, ,WANG Zhiyong, ,SHANG Yinghui, ,XIN Chunhong, ,JING Rui, ,FENG Sizhou
…… page:461
yi fa zuo xing dan zhi wu li wei shou fa zheng zhuang de fei ai 1 li (以发作性单肢无力为首发症状的肺癌1例)
ZHANG Lei, ,WANG Shuzhen, ,CHI Zhaofu
…… page:462

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