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…… page:封2
Neurological and neuropsychological consequences of electrical and lightning shock:review and theories of causation
Christopher J.Andrews, ,Andrew D.Reisner
…… page:677-686
Inhibition and enhancement of neural regeneration by chondroitin sulfate proteoglycans
Heikki Rauvala, ,Mikhail Paveliev, ,Juha Kuja-Panula, ,Natalia Kulesskaya
…… page:687-691
Collapsin response mediator protein-2 plays a major protective role in acute axonal degeneration
Jan C.Koch
…… page:692-695
Hypoxia inducible factor-1 alpha stabilization for regenerative therapy in traumatic brain injury
Mushftquddin Khan, ,Hamza Khan, ,Inderjit Singh, ,Avtar K.Singh
…… page:696-701
Minocycline targets multiple secondary injury mechanisms in traumatic spinal cord injury
Robert B.Shultz, ,Yinghui Zhong
…… page:702-713
MRI analysis and clinical significance of lower extremity muscle cross-sectional area after spinal cord injury
Robert M.Lester, ,Kori Johnson, ,Refta E.Khalil, ,Rehan Khan, ,Ashraf S.Gorgey
…… page:714-722
Therapeutic opportunities and challenges of induced pluripotent stem cells-derived motor neurons for treatment of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and motor neuron disease
Manoj Kumar Jaiswal
…… page:723-736
Genetically modifying transcription factors to promote CNS axon regeneration
Saloni T.Mehta
…… page:737-738
Chronically denervated distal nerve stump inhibits peripheral nerve regeneration
Giulia Ronchi, ,Stefania Raimondo
…… page:739-740
Age-at-injury effects of microglial activation following traumatic brain injury:implications for treatment strategies
Ramesh Raghupathi, ,Jimmy W.Huh
…… page:741-742
Antioxidant-induced reductive stress has untoward consequences on the brain microvasculature
David Fisher, ,Shireen Mentor
…… page:743-744
The role of motor network reorganization during rehabilitation
Yue Li, ,Edmund R.Hollis Ⅱ
…… page:745-746
Need for multiple biomarkers to adjust parameters of closed-loop deep brain stimulation for Parkinson’s disease
Takashi Morishita, ,Tooru Inoue
…… page:747-748
P2X7 receptor antagonism in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
Ronald Sluyter, ,Rachael Bartlett, ,Diane Ly, ,Justin J.Yerbury
…… page:749-750
Time-lapse changes of in vivo injured neuronal substructures in the central nervous system after low energy two-photon nanosurgery
Zhikai Zhao, ,Shuangxi Chen, ,Yunhao Luo, ,Jing Li, ,Smaranda Badea, ,Chaoran Ren
…… page:751-756
Polyethylene glycol restores axonal conduction after corpus callosum transection
Ravinder Bamba, ,D.Colton Riley, ,Richard B.Boyer, ,Alonda C.Pollins, ,R.Bruce Shack, ,Wesley P.Thayer
…… page:757-760
Dose-dependent neuroprotective effect of enoxaparin on cold-induced traumatic brain injury
Ilknur Keskin, ,M.Yalcin Gunal, ,Nilufer Ayturk, ,Ulkan Kilic, ,Mehmet Ozansoy, ,Ertugrul Kilic
…… page:761-764
Exercise-induced muscle fatigue in the unaffected knee joint and its influence on postural control and lower limb kinematics in stroke patients
Sun Wook Park, ,Sung Min Son, ,Na Kyung Lee
…… page:765-769
Acupuncture with reinforcing and reducing twirling manipulation inhibits hippocampal neuronal apoptosis in spontaneously hypertensive rats
Juan Lu, ,Yan Guo, ,Chang-qing Guo, ,Xue-min Shi, ,Ning-yu Du, ,Rui-li Zhao, ,Wen-ping Du, ,Jing-rong Liang, ,Shi-peng Zhu, ,Huan Chen
…… page:770-778
Neuroprotective effects of Activin A on endoplasmic reticulum stress-mediated apoptotic and autophagic PC12 cell death
Long-xing Xue, ,Hong-yu Liu, ,Yang Cui, ,Yue Dong, ,Jiao-qi Wang, ,Qiu-ye Ji, ,Jin-ting He, ,Min Yao, ,Ying-ying Wang, ,Yan-kun Shao, ,Jing Mang, ,Zhong-xin Xu
…… page:779-786
Correlation between white matter damage and gray matter lesions in multiple sclerosis patients
Xue-mei Han, ,Hong-ji Tian, ,Zheng Han, ,Ce Zhang, ,Ying Liu, ,Jie-bing Gu, ,Rohit Bakshi, ,Xia Cao
…… page:787-794
Correlation between photoreceptor injury-regeneration and behavior in a zebrafish model
Ya-jie Wang, ,Shi-jiao Cai, ,Jian-lin Cui, ,Yang Chen, ,Xin Tang, ,Yu-hao Li
…… page:795-803
Electroacupuncture at Fengchi (GB20) inhibits calcitonin gene-related peptide expression in the trigeminovascular system of a rat model of migraine
Luo-peng Zhao, ,Lu Liu, ,Pei Pei, ,Zheng-yang Qu, ,Yu-pu Zhu, ,Lin-peng Wang
…… page:804-811
The brain activation pattern of the medial temporal lobe during chewing gum:a functional MRI study
Youn-Hee Choi, ,Woo Hyuk Jang, ,Sang-Uk Im, ,Keun-Bae Song, ,Hee-Kyung Lee, ,Han Do Lee, ,You Sung Seo, ,Sung Ho Jang
…… page:812-814
Stem cell transplantation for spinal cord injury:a meta-analysis of treatment effectiveness and safety
Xiao Fan, ,Jin-zhao Wang, ,Xiao-min Lin, ,Li Zhang
…… page:815-825
Effcacy of intraorbital electroacupuncture for diabetic abducens nerve palsy:study protocol for a prospective single-center randomized controlled trial
Ling-yun Zhou, ,Xue-mei Li, ,Tie-juan Liu, ,Xiao-jie Ji, ,Ming Zhao, ,Chang Su, ,Ji-chao Liu, ,Jiang-yun Sun
…… page:826-830
Cerebral mechanism of puncturing at He-Mu point combination for functional dyspepsia:study protocol for a randomized controlled parallel trial
Shuai Yin, ,Yuan Chen, ,Du Lei, ,Rui-rui Sun, ,Ting-ting Ma, ,Pei-min Feng, ,Zhao-xuan He, ,Xue-ling Suo, ,Pei-hong Ma, ,Yu-zhu Qu, ,Ke Qiu, ,Miao-miao Jing, ,Qi-yong Gong, ,Fan-rong Liang, ,Jiao Chen, ,Fang Zeng
…… page:831-840

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