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Effects of Cryogenic Environment on Mechanical Properties of High-performance Organic Fibers (低温环境对有机高性能纤维力学性能的影响研究)
Li Meng, ,Yang Donghui, ,Shang Kun
…… page:79-83
Study of Direct Interaction Between MiR30b and mRNA of Mouse Bach2 (MiR30b与小鼠Bach2相互作用的研究)
Duan Zhiqing, ,Li Yan, ,Wei Dinglu, ,Zhang Zhiwei
…… page:84-87
Comparison of Somatogravic Illusions and Vestibular Autonomic Reaction Induced with Short Arm Centrifuge Exposure with Various Speeds (短臂离心机不同转速暴露时躯体重力错觉及前庭自主神经反应对比)
Song Xinliang, ,Gu Shaojiang, ,Zhou Yalei, ,Geng Yan, ,Xue Fei, ,Wang Jianliang, ,Sun Xiqing
…… page:88-91
Development and Validation of a Closed Cell Culture Plate for Space Applications (封闭型空间细胞培养板研制与验证)
Tan Yingjun, ,Shi Liujia, ,Wang Chunyan, ,Nie Jielin, ,Gu Yin, ,Yu Jianru, ,Wan Yunmin, ,Li Yinghui
…… page:92-97
Development of Heart Rate Variability Measurement System Based on Android Platform (基于Android平台的心率变异性检测系统)
Li Hao, ,Wu Zong, ,Chen Zhencheng, ,Zhu Jianming
…… page:98-102
hang tian yi xue yu yi xue gong cheng za zhi zheng gao jian ze (《航天医学与医学工程》杂志征稿简则)

…… page:封3
Application of FDM Technology in Biomimetic Structure Prototyping of Woodpecker (FDM技术在啄木鸟仿生结构成型中的应用研究)
Wang Jianquan, ,Fu Wenwen, ,Ma Honglei, ,Liu Bingkun, ,Xiao Yanhua, ,Zhu Yu
…… page:103-107
Development and Performance Analysis of Tissue Engineering Corneal Transparency Testing Equipment (组织工程角膜透明度检测仪器开发与性能分析)
WANG Zuoan, ,LI Hong, ,QIU Bingxia, ,TAO Meng
…… page:108-114
Study on Influence of Emotional State on Work Memory Response Mechanism Using Functional Near-infrared Spectroscopy (基于fNIRS的情绪对工作记忆负荷影响规律研究)
Jiang Jin, ,Jiao Xuejun, ,Pan Jinjin, ,Wang Chunhui, ,Zhang Zhen, ,Cao Yong, ,Yang Hanjun
…… page:115-122
Study on Brain Effective Network during Visual Working Memory Task Based on Dynamic Causal Model (基于动态因果模型的视觉工作记忆任务脑效应网络研究)
Zhang Ting, ,Lu Jun, ,Zheng Xuyuan
…… page:123-127
Study on Evaluation Method of Individual Cooperation Ability Based on Containment Mission (基于围堵任务测评个人协作配合能力的初步研究)
Zhang Zhimeng, ,Jing Xiaolu, ,Liu Xueyong
…… page:128-134
Application of Cognitive Modeling Method Based on ACT-R in Human-Robot Spatial Cognitive Interaction (基于ACT-R的认知建模方法在人-机器人空间认知交互中的应用)
Mu Xianliang, ,Wang Chunhui, ,Tian Yu, ,Tan Lifen, ,Zhang Shaoyao
…… page:135-142
Simulated Research on Performance Differences in Intra-vehicular Orientation Tasks under Multiple Body-orientation Conditions (空间站舱内多身体朝向的定向任务绩效差异仿真试验研究)
Guo Junpeng, ,Jiang Guohua, ,Liu Yuqing
…… page:143-148
Pathological Changes of Acute Pulmonary Injury in Rats Induced by Tracheal Perfusion of Lunar Soil Simulant (模拟月尘致大鼠肺脏急性损伤病理学变化)
Sun Yan, ,Zheng Hongnan, ,Zhang Xianyao, ,Li Xuejing, ,Yang Dan, ,Ma Jihao
…… page:149-151
Research Progress of Microorganisms Associated with Plants in Bioregenerative Life Support System (生物再生生命保障系统内的植物相关微生物研究进展)
Fu Yuming, ,Gao Han, ,Li Hongyan, ,Qin Youcai, ,Liu Hong
…… page:152-156

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