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Preliminary clinical results after pencil beam scanning particle radiotherapy for stage Ⅰ non-small cell lung cancer (质子碳离子笔形束扫描技术治疗Ⅰ期非小细胞肺癌的初步结果)
Ma Ningyi, ,Mao Jingfang, ,Chen Jian, ,Jiang Guoliang, ,Cai Xin, ,Lu Jiade
…… page:321-326
xin xi dong tai (信息动态)

…… page:326,344,351,358,362,371,380,388,400
Hydrogen-rich water alleviates radiation-induced injury to hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells (富氢水减轻造血干祖细胞的辐射损伤)
Han Xiaodan, ,Xue Xiaolei, ,Zhang Junling, ,Fan Saijun
…… page:327-331
The expression of miR-424* in vivo and in vitro irradiated A549 cells, tissue and serum samples of non-small cell lung cancer (miR-424*在X射线照射后的A549细胞体内、外及非小细胞肺癌组织和血清中的表达)
Gao Jun, ,Lyu Jin, ,Hu Bin, ,Song Xiujun, ,Duan Ying, ,Li Zhenyuan, ,Li Xiao, ,Yang Lina, ,Wang Sinian, ,Jiang Qisheng
…… page:332-338
Effects of cerium oxide nanoparticles on the distribution of immune cells in peripheral blood and the proliferation of spleen T lymphocyte in X-ray irradiated mice (纳米氧化铈对X射线照射小鼠外周血免疫细胞分布及脾脏T淋巴细胞增殖能力的影响)
SI Shaoyan, ,WANG Zongzuo, ,LV Guangming, ,SONG Shujun, ,LIU Yanjun, ,QIN Yaya, ,WU Yingying, ,YAN Chunhua
…… page:339-344
Comparison of survival effects between using electron and modulated X-ray beams for boosting irradiation in breast cancer patients after breast-conserving surgery and postoperative radiotherapy (乳腺癌保乳术后放疗瘤床二维电子线与三维调强补量的疗效比较)
Zhang Siyuan, ,Tie Jian, ,Yu Huiming, ,Zhang Yibao
…… page:345-351
Setup errors for the tumors in different parts of body with TomoTherapy (TomoTherapy治疗不同部位肿瘤的摆位误差)
Tong Ying, ,Yin Yong, ,Chen Jinhu, ,Gong Guanzhong, ,Fu Lu, ,Gu Jiabing, ,Cheng Pinjing
…… page:352-358
Feasibility study on the application of accelerator MV CBCT images in adaptive radiation therapy (加速器MV CBCT扫描图像在自适应放疗中应用的可行性研究)
Pang Tingtian, ,Yang Bo, ,Liu Xia, ,Liu Nan, ,Dong Tingting, ,Qiu Jie
…… page:359-362
A treatment planning study using non-coplanar intensity modulated radiation for postoperative cervical cancer (非共面野在宫颈癌术后调强放射治疗中的应用)
Wu Junxiang, ,Kang Shengwei, ,Li Jie, ,Tang Bin, ,Wu Fan, ,Xu Jinghui, ,Wang Pei
…… page:363-366
90Sr in Chinese tea of typical regions: activity concentration and hygienic evaluation (90Sr in Chinese tea of typical regions:activity concentration and hygienic evaluation)
CHEN Fei, ,YIN Liangliang, ,KONG Xiangyin, ,XU Ying, ,ZHANG Yao, ,SHAO Xianzhang, ,JI Yanqin
…… page:367-371
Variation in activity concentration of 210Pb in atmospheric aerosol and its radiation dose assessment in Qingdao (青岛市大气气溶胶中210Pb活度浓度变化特征及辐射剂量估算)
Shi Hongqi, ,Zhang Yu, ,Deng Aifang, ,Dong Zhenfang
…… page:372-375
ICP-MS method for the determination of uranium concentration and 235U/238U ratio in urine and its uncertainty evaluation (ICP-MS法分析尿中总铀和235U/238U比值及其不确定度评价)
Yin Liangliang, ,Tian Qing, ,Huang Wei, ,Shao Xianzhang, ,Ji Yanqin
…… page:376-380
Comparison and analysis of the intercomparison results of nationwide external exposure personal dose monitoring in 2016 (2016年全国外照射个人剂量监测能力考核结果与分析)
Ding Yanqiu, ,Guo Wen, ,Hu Aiying, ,Hao Shuxia, ,Wang Meijiao
…… page:381-383
Research on applicabillity of IMRT dose verification based on Monte Carlo simulation (基于蒙特卡罗模拟的调强放疗计划剂量验证的应用研究)
Yang Geng, ,Wang Xuetao, ,Zhang Bailin, ,Zhao Shiwu, ,Zhu Yuanhu, ,Zhu Lin, ,Li Fei, ,Cai Chunya, ,Dai Zhenhui
…… page:384-388
The clinical value of anteroposterior and lateral scout image combined with Care Dose 4D and Care kV in reducing radiation dose of chest CT scanning (双定位像结合Care Dose 4D和Care kV技术在降低肺部CT辐射剂量的临床应用价值)
Zhao Fei, ,Li Lei, ,Pu Jin, ,Peng Wanlin, ,Li Yuming, ,Zhang Kai, ,Zhang Jinge, ,Liu Keling, ,Xia Chunchao, ,Li Zhenlin
…… page:389-392
The progress in removal of radiocesium ion in a nuclear emergency (核应急中去除放射性铯的研究进展)
Qian Jun, ,Xu Tianhong, ,Hua Daoben
…… page:393-397
Analysis on problems of manuscripts in innovation, scientific nature and ethics (试论来稿中的创新性、科学性和伦理性问题)
Zhang Lin, ,Liao Jinghui, ,Tang Haiying, ,Zhang Qing, ,Guo Xianhua
…… page:398-400

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