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Effects of Different Drying Methods and Infiltration Time on Effective Component of Taihang Mountain Salvia Miltiorrhiza (不同干燥方法与浸润时间对太行山丹参有效成分的影响研究)
Zhang Xiao-bo, Zhao Jiang-hong, Cao Heng-tao, Wang Xiao-yan, Anyang city Food and Drug Inspection Testing Center
…… page:1-3+7
zhong guo he li yong yao tan suo za zhi jian jie (《中国合理用药探索》杂志简介)

…… page:2
Optimization of Extraction Procedure for Total Flavonoids from Glyptostrobus Pensilis Leaves by Orthogonal Experiment (正交试验法优化水松叶中总黄酮的提取工艺研究)
Liu Te-jin, Zhong Xi-wen, Zhang Wen-xia, Chen Xiang-ying, Bao Jun-lin, Zhongshan Hospital Affliated to Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Guangdong Pharmaceutical University
…… page:4-7
Identification of Herba Leonuri Granules by TLC (益母草颗粒的薄层色谱鉴别)
Han Li-li, Ma Quan-long, Cui Lu, Weifang Food and Drug Inspection Test Center, Jinan Longhua Pharmaceutical Technology Co., LTD., Linyi Food and Drug Inspection Test Center
…… page:8+13
Analysis of Drug Resistance of 415 Pseudomonas aeruginosa Strains Isolated from Positive Samples in Blood Culture (415例血培养阳性铜绿假单胞菌耐药性分析)
Guo Xia, Xu Yun-min, Shan Bin, Duan Yong, Department of Clinical Laboratory, The First Hospital Affiliated to Kunming Medical University
…… page:9-13
Meta-analysis of Curative Effects and Safeties of Baraclude Versus Other Nucleoside Drugs for Treatment of HBeAg-positive Chronic Hepatitis B (博路定和其他抗乙肝病毒核苷酸类药物治疗HBeAg阳性慢性乙型肝炎疗效和安全性的Meta分析)
Wu Mei-hua, Yan Guo-hong, Wang Xiao-yan, Zheng Xiao-juan, Chen Xiao-hong, Xiao Qin, Department of Pharmacy, People’s Hospital Affiliated to Fujian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Department of Pharmacy, Zhongshan Hospital Affiliated to Xiamen University
…… page:14-18+26
ABC Analysis of Drug Application in a 3A Hospital in 2015 (采用ABC分析法调查某三甲医院2015年药品使用情况)
Zhang Xin-ru, Liu Bin, Department of Drug Adminstration, The Second Hospital of Jilin University, Department of Cardiovascular Medicine, The Second Hospital of Jilin University
…… page:27-30
Department of Anesthesiology, Psychotropic Drugs of Category Ⅰ Used in the Refined Management of Drug Circulation of FOCUS-PDCA in Our Hospital (FOCUS-PDCA循环方法在我院麻醉、第一类精神药品精细管理中的应用)
Shi Hai-lang, Chen Dan, Huang Li-xing, Dept of pharmacy, Yanqi Hospital of Xinjiang Agriculture second Division, Dept of ICU, Pingxiang People’s Hospital of Hebei Province
…… page:31-33+41
Analysis and Classfication Management of Off-label Use of Drugs in Outpatients in a Hospital (我院门诊超说明书用药情况分析与分级管理探讨)
He Jia-wei, Liu Bing, Xu Pei-ru, Department of Pharmacy, The First Affiliated Hospital of Xinjiang Medical University, Department of Pediatrics, The First Affiliated Hospital of Xinjiang Medical University, Evidence-based Medicine Research Institute of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region
…… page:34-37
fda pi zhun kang zhong liu yao olaratumab shang shi (FDA批准抗肿瘤药Olaratumab上市)

…… page:37
Investigation and Analysis on the Implementation of Standard Instructions in 1066 Drug Package Inserts (1066份药品说明书执行标准项的调查分析)
Lu Jun-hua, The Seventh People’s Hospital of Zibo
…… page:38-41
A Trend Analysis of International Indicators for Rational Drug Use in an Occupational Disease Hospital from 2010 to 2015 (某院2010-2015年门诊处方合理用药国际指标趋势分析)
Liang Shao-hua, Sang Guo-you, Department of Pharmacy, Workers’ Hospital of The Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region
…… page:42-44+49
Analysis on 9149 Prescriptions of TCM Decoction Pieces in a 3A Grade Hospital from 2012 to 2015 (某三甲医院2012-2015年9149张中药饮片处方点评分析)
He Xin-rong, Yan Ming, Shenyang Pharmaceutical University
…… page:45-49
Application of Pharmacogenomics in Dosing Adjustment (药物基因组学在药物剂量调整中的应用)
Luan Zeng-hui, Hu Xin, Sun Xue-lin, Department of Pharmacy, Beijing Hospital, National Center of Gerontology, Beijing Key Laboratory for Assessment of Clinical Drugs Risk and Individual Application, College of Pharmacy, Shenyang Pharmaceutical University
…… page:50-54
Optimization of Mode of Special Window Adjustment to Improve Level of Pharmaceutical Care (优化专窗调剂模式 提升药学服务水平)
Yu Jing-hua, Chen Ru-da, Li Peng-chong, Chen Xia-ling, Gan Hui-Jian, Nanhai Hospital Affiliated to Southern Medical University
…… page:55-57+60
Application of Third Distribution Mode of Bonus in Dispensary for Inpatients (奖金三次分配模式在住院药房中的应用)
Shao Qing-ping, Tumor Hospital Affiliated to Zhengzhou University
…… page:58-60
Study on Methods for Establishment of Unpacked Retail Drug List in Outpatient Department of A Hospital (我院门诊拆零药品目录制订方法的研究)
Cao Kai, Qian Pei-pei, Zhao Liang, Lan Wei-min, Lan Bing-xin, Department of Pharmacy, Central Hospital of Xuchang City
…… page:61-63+67
Discussion and Suggestion on Quality Control of Clinical Pharmaceutical Care Reports Based on JCI International Hospital Accreditation Standard (基于JCI国际医院认证标准探讨临床药学监护报告质量控制及其建议)
Zhang Hong-xu, Niu Li-ying, Yang Qing, Gao Ying, Guo Hui, Xuzhou Tumour Hospital, Dalian VITUP International Hospital
…… page:64-67
The Strategic Research of Intellectual Property for Food and Drug Inspection Agencies based on Perspective about Technological Innovation (基于技术创新视角的食品药品检验机构知识产权战略研究)
Zhu Jia, Ding Yu-qi, Zhejiang Institute for Food and Drug Control
…… page:68-70+80
Analysis and Discussion of Warning Letters on Mock Filling by US FDA (美国FDA关于模拟灌装警告信的分析和讨论)
Zhou Yuan-li, Zhang Yi-fan, Long Fei, Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, West China Medicine Technology Transfer Center
…… page:71-73
Comparison and Thinking of Internet Drug Business Supervision Mode (国际互联网药品经营监管模式对比及思考)
Wang Di, Zhao Jing, National Center for Medical Service Administration
…… page:74-77
Analysis of One Case of NMDA Receptor Encephalitis (1例抗NMDA受体脑炎患者的病例分析)
Dang Wen, Song Jun-li, Hao Zheng-heng, Duan Jin-ju, Department of Pharmacy, The Second Hospital of Shanxi Medical University, Department of Neurosurgery, The Second Hospital of Shanxi Medical University
…… page:78-80
zhong guo he li yong yao tan suo za zhi ji xu yi xue jiao yu pei xun shi ti (《中国合理用药探索》杂志继续医学教育培训试题)

…… page:81-82
zhong guo he li yong yao tan suo za zhi 2017 nian zheng gao qi shi (《中国合理用药探索》杂志2017年征稿启事)

…… page:83

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