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Patient-centered radionuclide imaging in cardiovascular diseases (临床价值导向的心血管放射性核素显像)
He Zuoxiang, ,Fang Wei
…… page:257-259
Factors for the synthesis of 18F-MyoZone and myocardial tomography in normal swine (18F-MyoZone的标记工艺影响因素及在正常猪的心肌断层显像)
Mou Tian-tian, ,Zhang Xianzhong, ,Zhao Zuoquan, ,Peng Cheng, ,Yu Qian, ,Lu Jie
…… page:260-264
Cardiac neuroceptor imaging on acute myocardial ischemia model using 11C-methyldopamine (急性心肌缺血模型的11C-甲基多巴胺心脏受体显像)
Zhou Weina, ,He Yulin, ,Wang Xiangcheng, ,Zhang Guojian, ,Bai Xia, ,Hao Xiyan, ,Wang Xuemei
…… page:265-268
Myocardial perfusion imaging evaluation of left ventricular volume and ejection fraction using a novel semi-conductor SPECT: comparison to conventional SPECT and cardiac MRI (应用新型半导体SPECT检测心力衰竭患者左室容积和射血分数:与常规SPECT和心脏磁共振成像对比)
Zhang Zongyao, ,Wu Dayong, ,Guo Feng, ,Yang Zhishan, ,Ren Junling, ,Wang Lei, ,He Zuoxiang, ,Fang Wei
…… page:269-273
Enhancement with coronary artery calcification score in detection of coronary heart disease by myocardial perfusion SPECT imaging (冠状动脉钙化积分对SPECT心肌灌注显像诊断冠心病有增益价值)
Wang Jianfeng, ,Wang Yuetao, ,Zhou Ruijue, ,Yang Ling, ,Shao Xiaoliang, ,Niu Rong, ,Lu Peiqi
…… page:274-278
Comparative analysis of FDG PET SUVmax cutoff values in detection of mediastinal lymph node metastasis and hilar/intralobar lymph node metastasis in patients with non-small cell lung cancer (非小细胞肺癌肺门-叶间与纵隔淋巴结转移FDG PET SUVmax诊断阈值间的对比分析)
Xue Qianqian, ,Yao Zhiming, ,Chen Congxia, ,Liu Xiuqin, ,Zhang Juan
…… page:279-283
Localization and etiologic diagnosis of suspected pacemaker-related infection with 18F-FDG PET/CT (18F-FDG PET/CT在疑诊起搏器置入相关感染的定位及病因学诊断中的应用)
Li Yuan, ,Wang Qian, ,Wang Long
…… page:284-288
Comparative study of arterial vulnerable plaque molecular imaging with novel molecular probes 99Tcm-Duramycin and 99Tcm-RGD in rabbit models (分子探针99Tcm-Duramycin和99Tcm-RGD用于动脉易损斑块分子显像的对比研究)
Zhang Ying, ,Mou Tiantian, ,Wang Qian, ,Han Jie, ,Su Hang, ,Gu Shanshan
…… page:289-293
Optimizing study of the gastrointestinal preparation methods before 18F-FDG PET/CT examination (18F-FDG PET/CT检查前胃肠道准备的方案优选)
Li Hong, ,Wang Yunhua, ,Xiao Lizhi, ,Hu Na
…… page:294-296
A case of inflammatory myofibroblastic tumor originated from the greater omentum on 18F-FDG PET/CT imaging (大网膜炎性肌纤维母细胞瘤18F-FDG PET/CT显像一例)
Ding Chongyang, ,Liu Hongyu, ,Guo Zhe, ,Yang Wenping, ,Li Tiannyu
…… page:297-298
Occult metastases from breast carcinoma: a case report (乳腺癌隐匿性转移一例)
Pan Qingqing, ,Luo Yaping
…… page:299-300
Reconsideration of the role of viable myocardium in revascularization (再血管化治疗中存活心肌作用的再认识)
Yang Yansong, ,Wang Yuetao
…… page:301-304
Methods of suppressing physiological myocardial uptake in 18F-FDG imaging (18F-FDG显像中抑制心肌生理性摄取的方法研究进展)
Wang Yawen, ,Sun Xiaoxin
…… page:305-307
Hybrid PET/MR imaging of the heart: potential, initial experiences, and future prospects (心脏PET/MR融合显像的价值、初步体会及未来展望)
CHRISTOPH Rischpler, ,STEPHAN G.nekolla, ,ISABEL Dregely, ,MARKUS Schwaiger, ,HOU Yuxi, ,SUN Hongzan
…… page:308-317
xin xi dong tai (信息动态)

…… page:318-320

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