Evaluation of the effects of photobiomodulation on vertebras in two rat models of experimental osteoporosis


The aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of photobiomodulation (PBM) on cancellous bone in rat models of ovariectomized induced osteoporosis (OVX-D) and glucocorticoid-induced osteoporosis (GIOP). The experiment comprised of nine groups. A group of healthy rats was used for baseline evaluations. The OVX-D rats were further divided into groups as follows: control rats with osteoporosis, OVX-D rats that received alendronate (1 mg/kg 60 days), OVX-D rats treated with pulsed wave laser (890 nm, 80 Hz, 900 s, 0.0061 W/cm2, 5.5 J/cm2, three times a week, 60 days), and OVX-D rats treated with alendronate + pulsed laser. Dexamethasone was administered to the remaining rats that were split into four groups: control, alendronate-treated rats, laser-treated rats, and GIOP rats treated with alendronate + laser. T12, L1, L2, and L3 vertebrae were subjected to laser. Results of the current study demonstrated that OVX-D and GIOP significantly decreased some stereological parameters, and type 1 collagen gene expression compared to the healthy group. There was a significant increase in osteoclast number in both OVX-D and glucocorticoid administration compared to the healthy group. However, the detrimental effect of the OVX-D procedure on bone was more serious than glucocorticoid administration. Results showed that laser alone had a detrimental effect on trabecular bone volume, and cortical bone volume in groups GIOP and OVX-D compared to those in the healthy group. Alendronate significantly improved total vertebral bone volume, trabecular bone volume, and cortical bone volume, in GIOP and OVX-D groups compared to the laser-treated groups. Furthermore, the alendronate + laser in OVX-D rats and GIOP rats produced significantly increased osteoblast number and type 1 collagen gene expression and caused a significant decrease in osteoclast number compared to the controls.

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