Medical Graduate ’s Basic Knowledge and Clinical Skills Assessment in Otorhinolaryngology Post Internship

AbstractExposure to otorhinolaryngology in India has been shadowed by an inadequate curriculum. Our study brings forth the lacunae in medical education setup related to ENT. We introspect why the subject is not a first choice for specialization. 100 medical graduates were assessed at the end of internship postings for: (1) subject knowledge, (2) basic and emergency procedures, (3) diagnosis and investigation of common and emergency conditions. 84% take ENT as a minor subject. Least awareness is seen regarding its relation with skull base, head and neck and plastic surgery. Very few knew about advanced surgeries and instruments in the field. Majority rejected ENT as a primary choice and its upgradation as major subject. Routine and emerg ency procedures based on ENT were not a matter of e…

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