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Date: August 11, 2017 at 08:09AM


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In this issue:

The clinical interpretation of modified staging system for pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors (改良胰腺神经内分泌肿瘤分期的临床解读)

…… page:321-325
Survival analysis of patients with lung cancer in Shanghai (上海人群肺癌生存率分析)

…… page:326-333
Clinicopathologic analysis of primary pulmonary myxoid sarcoma with EWSR1 translocation (罕见的伴EWSR1易位的6例肺原发性黏液样肉瘤的临床病理分析)

…… page:334-339
Research on the relationship between fructose-1, 6-bisphosphatase and chemosensitivity of ovarian carcinoma (糖代谢中关键酶果糖双磷酸酶-1与卵巢癌化疗敏感性关系的研究)

…… page:340-344
The influence of LRRC3B on esophageal cancer cell Eca109 migration, invasion and PI3K/Akt signaling pathway (LRRC3B对食管癌细胞Eca109迁移、侵袭及PI3K/Akt信号通路的影响)

…… page:345-352
A study on the tendency of genetic alteration of STR loci in human lung cancer tissues (肺癌组织中STR基因座变异规律的研究)

…… page:353-358
Effect of RORα overexpression on inhibition of epithelial-mesenchymal transformation by DADS in human gastric MGC803 cells (RORα高表达对二烯丙基二硫抑制人胃癌MGC803细胞上皮-间质转化的影响)

…… page:359-367
A nomogram for the intraoperative prediction of non-sentinel lymph node metastasis in breast cancer patients (术中快速预测乳腺癌非前哨淋巴结转移模型的建立与验证研究)

…… page:368-375
Prognostic significance of peripheral absolute monocyte count, platelet-lymphocyte ratio in patients with primary nasal natural killer/T-cell lymphoma (外周血绝对单核细胞计数、血小板与绝对淋巴细胞计数比值在原发鼻腔NK/T细胞淋巴瘤中的预后分析)

…… page:376-382
Patterns of the first failure in completely resected stage ⅢA(N2) non-small cell lung cancer (手术完全切除的ⅢA(N2)期非小细胞肺癌失败表型分析)

…… page:383-388
The association between plasma TGF-α levels and EGFR-TKI treatment sensitivity and prognosis in NSCLC patients with EGFR mutation (非小细胞肺癌患者血清TGF-α与EGFR-TKI治疗敏感性和预后的关系)

…… page:389-395
A study on the set-up accuracy by using body plate with vacuum cushion and thermoplastic mask technique in comparison with the conventional arm support technique in thoracic tumor radiotherapy (研究体板结合真空垫及热塑膜技术与传统臂部支撑固定技术在胸部肿瘤放疗摆位中的误差)

…… page:396-400

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