Chinese Journal of Clinical Oncology, Year 2017, Issue 13 -New Issue Alert.


Date: August 11, 2017 at 08:09AM


New Issue TOC Alert

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In this issue:

Clinical progress and future of targeted therapy for breast cancer (乳腺癌靶向治疗的临床进展和未来)

…… page:625-629
Clinical research progress on treatments for HER-2-positive breast cancer (抗HER-2靶向治疗乳腺癌在研临床试验进展)

…… page:630-634
Advances of target therapy in hormone-receptor-positive breast cancer (激素受体阳性乳腺癌靶向治疗进展)

…… page:635-639
Progress on breast cancer research in patients aged 25 years and younger (25岁以下极年轻乳腺癌研究进展)

…… page:640-643
Histone deacetylase inhibitor down-regulated the expression of HER-2 in breast cancer through the changes in miRNA (HDAC抑制剂下调乳腺癌细胞系HER-2的表达及miRNA表达谱的变化)

…… page:644-648
yi wei mo si zhi liao pi3k/akt/mtor tong lu tu bian nan zhi xing wan qi ru xian ai 1 li (依维莫司治疗PI3K/AKT/mTOR通路突变难治性晚期乳腺癌1例)

…… page:649-650
Mechanisms of differentiation of omental-adipose stromal cells promoted by gastric cancer cells (胃癌细胞促进网膜脂肪干细胞分化的机制研究)

…… page:651-655
Comparison of rectal cancer tumor volume parameters measured by MRI sequences and CT with those by pathological specimen (直肠癌术后病理标本与术前MRI/CT定义肿瘤范围的对比研究)

…… page:656-661
PEG-rhG-CSF for peripheral blood stem cell mobilization in patients with relapsed or refractory malignant lymphoma (聚乙二醇重组人粒细胞集落刺激因子在复发难治恶性淋巴瘤自体外周血造血干细胞动员中的应用研究)

…… page:662-666
Efficacy and safety of multiple-dose 5-HT3 receptor antagonists in preventing multi-day-based and highly emetogenic chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting (重复使用5-HT3受体拮抗剂预防多日化疗相关性恶心呕吐的疗效和安全性分析)

…… page:667-672
Manifestation and therapies of EGFRI-induced dermatological toxicities (表皮生长因子受体拮抗剂相关皮肤不良反应表现及治疗进展)

…… page:673-676
erdheim chester bing duo fa gu qin fan 1 li (Erdheim Chester病多发骨侵犯1例)

…… page:677-678

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