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Transplantation of hypoxia-preconditioned umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells promotes recovery after spinal cord injury in rat (低氧预处理脐带间充质干细胞移植促进大鼠脊髓损伤修复)

…… page:251-258
Chronic compression of dorsal root ganglion induces hyperexcitability and upregulation of Ih current in large DRG neurons of rats (大鼠慢性背根节压迫诱致DRG大神经元兴奋性增强和Ih电流显著上调)

…… page:259-264
Gene expression profiling in mouse iPS cell during spontaneous and neural lineage differentiation (小鼠iPS细胞体外自发性分化及神经定向分化中基因表达谱的研究)

…… page:265-272
Suberoylanilide hydroxamic acid promotes up-regulation of cannabinoid receptor 1 and attenuates cancer-induced bone pain of rats (腹膜腔给予SAHA通过上调大麻素受体1的表达改善大鼠骨癌痛的研究)

…… page:273-279
Effects of hyperbaric oxygen on CAT, SOD, GSH-Px and Nrf2 in model rats with brain injury (高压氧对模型大鼠颅脑损伤CAT、SOD、GSH-Px和Nrf2影响的研究)

…… page:280-284
Pterostilbene relieves mitochondrial oxidative damage in mice cerebral ischemia reperfusion model by activing heme oxygenase-1 (紫檀芪激活血红素加氧酶-1减轻小鼠脑缺血再灌注后线粒体氧化损伤)

…… page:285-292
Effect of vasoactive intestinal peptide on anti-oxidative stress in the MPTP mouse model of Parkinson’s disease (血管活性肠肽在MPTP帕金森病模型小鼠的抗氧化应激作用)

…… page:293-299
The expression and relationship between CD147 and nicastrin in the hippocampus of SAMP8 mouse (SAMP8小鼠海马内CD147与NCT的表达及其相互关系)

…… page:300-304
To compare the protective effects of heat shock protein A5 and 3-methyladenine in mice with cerebral ischemia/reperfusion injury (比较热休克蛋白A5和3-甲基腺嘌呤和介导小鼠脑缺血再灌注损伤的保护作用)

…… page:305-310
Changes of expressions of mitochondria dynamin-related protein 1 (DRP1) in the liver and cerebral cortex of acute liver failure mice (急性肝衰竭小鼠线粒体分裂蛋白DRP1在肝脏和大脑皮层的表达变化)

…… page:311-316
8-O-acetyl-SM attenuates chronic inflammatory pain via inhibition of JNK phosphorylation in spinal dorsal horn of rats (8-O-乙酰山栀子苷甲酸通过抑制脊髓背角JNK的磷酸化水平改善大鼠炎性痛的研究)

…… page:317-322
Establishment of in vivo specific GCaMP6f expression in nociceptor neuron and measurements of intracellular calcium (外周伤害性感受神经元在体特异性表达GCaMP6f蛋白方法的构建及细胞内钙活动的监测)

…… page:323-328
shRNA targeting norepinephrine transporter in the locus coeruleus attenuates depression-like behavior of rats (shRNA干扰蓝斑核去甲肾上腺素转运体(NET)表达对大鼠抑郁样行为的改善作用)

…… page:329-335
MiR-139-3p attenuates neuropathic pain in rat by down-regulating TRPV1 (MiR-139-3p通过靶向下调TRPV1缓解大鼠神经病理性疼痛)

…… page:336-340
Establishment of Parkinson’s disease model of tree shrew and research in behavior and morphology of PD (树鼩帕金森病(PD)模型的建立及对其的行为学和形态学研究)

…… page:341-344
The distribution of PGRN positive neurons in cerebral cortex of newborn rats (PGRN阳性神经细胞在新生大鼠大脑皮层内的分布)

…… page:345-348
An improved culture method of astrocytes in cerebral cortical of rats (一种改进的大鼠大脑皮质星形胶质细胞的培养方法)

…… page:349-353
yi chuan xue ji shu zai shen jing ke xue zhong de shi yong ce lue (遗传学技术在神经科学中的使用策略)

…… page:354-358
xing xing jiao zhi xi bao zhuan fen hua wei shen jing yuan zai shen jing zai sheng zhong de yan jiu jin zhan (星形胶质细胞转分化为神经元在神经再生中的研究进展)

…… page:359-362
huo hua xing xing jiao zhi xi bao can yu duo ba an shen jing yuan yang hua ying ji sun shang de yan jiu jin zhan (活化星形胶质细胞参与多巴胺神经元氧化应激损伤的研究进展)

…… page:363-366
2xing tang niao bing hai ma yi dao su di kang yu ren zhi gong neng zhang ai de yan jiu jin zhan (2型糖尿病海马胰岛素抵抗与认知功能障碍的研究进展)

…… page:367-370

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