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The Effects of Aerobic Exercise on Tau Phosphorylation and PI3K/Akt Pathway in the Hippocampus of Obese Rats (有氧运动对肥胖大鼠海马组织tau蛋白磷酸化水平及PI3K/Akt信号通路的影响)

…… page:375-382
Effects of Treadmill Running on Capillary Density and Apelin Expression in Soleus Muscle of High-fat Diet Rats (跑台运动对肥胖大鼠比目鱼肌毛细血管生成及apelin表达的影响)

…… page:383-389
The Effect of Different Weeks of High Intensity Interval Training and Moderate-intensity Aerobic Exercise on Skeletal Muscle’s AMPK and PGC-1α of Rats (不同时长高强度间歇训练与中等强度持续运动对大鼠骨骼肌AMPK、PGC-1α表达量及最大摄氧量的影响)

…… page:390-399
The Effect of Regular Aerobic Exercise on the Expression of miRNA207 and miRNA542 and Downstream Target Signal Transduction in the Striatum of Rats (规律有氧运动对大鼠纹状体miRNA207/542及下游靶信号通路的影响)

…… page:400-409,415
Assessing Sports Injury Risks of Chinese Rugby Athletes Using Functional Movement Screen (应用功能性动作测试评估我国橄榄球运动员损伤风险的研究)

…… page:410-415
The Effect of Repeated-sprint Training on The Speed-endurance of Basketball Players in Hypoxia Environment (低氧反复冲刺训练对篮球运动员专项速度耐力的影响)

…… page:416-419,428
The Influence of Yijinjing «Supporting Pile» on Microcirculation Blood Perfusion Units on Du Meridian in Subjects with Yang-deficiency Constitution (易筋经“托天桩”对阳虚质督脉浅表微循环血流灌注量的影响)

…… page:420-422
Effects of Physical Exercise on Depression of Female College Students——Multiple Mediation Effects of Three Dimensions in Social Support (体育锻炼对女大学生抑郁的影响——社会支持三纬度的多重中介作用)

…… page:423-428
Determination of Low-concentration Clenbuterol in Edible Meat Using High Performance Liquid Chromatography-tandem Mass Spectrometry (液相色谱串接质谱联用法确证肉食品中低浓度克仑特罗)

…… page:429-433
guan jie jing fu zhu xia wei chuang zhi liao er tong chen jiu xing zuo gu zuo jian qian ji gu zhe (关节镜辅助下微创治疗儿童陈旧性胫骨髁间前棘骨折)

…… page:434-436
you xiu you yong yun dong yuan bei zhan lun dun ao yun hui gao yuan xun lian fu he ji shou duan ge an yan jiu (优秀游泳运动员备战伦敦奥运会高原训练负荷及手段个案研究)

…… page:437-442
chang dao jun qun yun dong gan yu fang zhi dai xie xing ji bing de xin ba dian (肠道菌群——运动干预防治代谢性疾病的新靶点)

…… page:443-447
yun dong dui zong se zhi fang huo xing he bai se zhi fang zong se hua de ying xiang ji qi gan yu fei pang de zuo yong yan jiu jin zhan (运动对棕色脂肪活性和白色脂肪棕色化的影响及其干预肥胖的作用研究进展)

…… page:448-455
dan bai zu xue xiang guan ji shu zai yun dong dui gu zuo ji zhong su yan jiu zhong de jin zhan (蛋白组学相关技术在运动对骨骼肌重塑研究中的进展)

…… page:456-459
jiao xing xie dian zai xiang guan bing zheng kang fu zhong de ying yong yan jiu xian zhuang (矫形鞋垫在相关病症康复中的应用研究现状)

…… page:460-463,455
zhong guo yun dong yi xue za zhi gao yue (《中国运动医学杂志》稿约)

…… page:464,封3

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