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Date: August 11, 2017 at 08:11AM


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Clinical value of 18F-FDG PET/CT in follow-up of postoperative breast cancer (18F-FDG PET/CT在乳腺癌术后随访中的价值)

…… page:159-165
xin xi dong tai (信息动态)

…… page:165
Value of 18F-FDG PET/CT examination in the differential diagnosis of primary nasopharyngeal lymphoma and nasopharyngeal carcinoma (原发鼻咽淋巴瘤与鼻咽癌的18F-FDG PET/CT诊断与鉴别)

…… page:166-172
Incremental values of 99Tcm-MDP bone scan in postmenopausal women with osteoporotic thoracolumbar vertebral fractures (99Tcm-MDP SPECT/CT骨显像在绝经后女性骨质疏松性胸腰椎椎体骨折中的增益价值)

…… page:173-177
Research on gastric emptying in diabetic patients using radionuclide-labeled liquid test meal (液体试餐核素胃排空显像对糖尿病患者胃排空功能的研究)

…… page:178-183
Comparison of electrochemiluminescent immunoassay and radioimmunoassay for detection of cortisol in human serum (电化学发光免疫法与放射免疫法检测血清皮质醇的对比研究)

…… page:184-187
MSCT perfusion of parotid tumor: the effect of arterial input and region of interest selection (腮腺肿瘤MSCT灌注扫描结果:入选动脉和病灶ROI选择的影响)

…… page:188-192
Study on the effects of B7-H3 down-regulation on cell cycle and apoptosis of lung cancer A549 cells (降低B7-H3蛋白对受照肺癌细胞A549细胞周期和凋亡的影响)

…… page:193-198
Diagnostic value of complications after total hip replacement by SPECT/CT (SPECT/CT对全髋关节置换术后并发症的诊断价值)

…… page:199-204
Advancement in radioprotective gene therapy (辐射防护基因治疗现状与展望)

…… page:205-208,219
Research progress on the bystander effect of radiotherapy in vivo (放射治疗诱发体内旁效应的研究进展)

…… page:209-213
A novel radiosensitizer RRx-001 (新型辐射增敏药RRx-001)

…… page:214-219
Progress in research on necroptosis as a target for cancer radiotherapy and chemotherapy (坏死性凋亡在肿瘤放化疗中的研究进展与思考)

…… page:220-226
Research progress in miRNA biomarkers of prostate cancer and radiosensitivity (前列腺癌miRNA生物标志物及其与辐射敏感性的研究进展)

…… page:227-232

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