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zuo kuang zhan wei bing bian qing fen xi bing bian xing zhi (左眶占位病变——请分析病变性质)

…… page:763,封3
A Study Of Carotid High-Resolution MR Imaging-Based Revised Stroke Risk Score in the Prediction of Recurrent Acute Ischemic Stroke (基于颈动脉高分辨磁共振成像的改良脑卒中风险评分模型对脑卒中患者再发风险的预测研究)

…… page:764-768
DTI and 1H-MRS: Micro-Structural and Neurochemical Assessments of Brain Damage in Patients with Hepatolenticular Degeneration (DTI及1H-MRS对肝豆状核变性脑组织微观结构损害的定量研究)

…… page:769-774
Application of MR Diffusion Tensor Imaging in Preoperative and Postoperative Patients of Brain Tumors (磁共振扩散张量成像技术在脑肿瘤手术前后的临床应用价值)

…… page:775-778
Basilar Artery Hemodynamic Changes in Preeclamptic Posterior Reversible Encephalopathy Syndrome (子痫前期后部可逆性脑病综合征基底动脉血流动力学的变化)

…… page:779-782
shi suan xing bang zuo shu niao guan yan yi li (嗜酸性膀胱输尿管炎一例)

…… page:782-783
Differentiation of Meningioma Subtypes Using Conventional MR Signal Intensity, Enhancement Degree and ADC Value (基于MRI常规序列信号、强化程度以及ADC值鉴别不同亚型脑膜瘤)

…… page:784-789
cheng ren xiao chang yan xing ji xian wei mu xi bao liu yi li (成人小肠炎性肌纤维母细胞瘤一例)

…… page:789-790
Quantitative Analysis of Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced MRI for Differentiating Benign from Malignant Orbital Masses (动态增强MR定量分析对眼眶良恶性肿块的鉴别诊断价值)

…… page:791-794
The Evaluation of the Efficacy of Chemoradiotherapy of Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma with Quantitative DCE-MRI (定量DCE-MRI对鼻咽癌化放疗疗效评估的价值)

…… page:795-799
gan men bu shao jian shen jing qiao liu yi li (肝门部少见神经鞘瘤一例)

…… page:799-800
Analysis of Small Airway Dimensions at Inspiratory and Expiratory Phase MDCT Scan in Smokers and Correlation with Pulmonary Function Test (吸烟者小气道的MDCT呼吸双相定量分析及与肺功能的相关性研究)

…… page:801-807
The Clinical and CT Features of Thoracic Cellular Schwannoma (胸部细胞性神经鞘瘤的临床及CT表现)

…… page:808-811
er tong hou lu wo fei dian xing ji tai liu yang / heng wen ji yang liu yi li (儿童后颅窝非典型畸胎瘤样/横纹肌样瘤一例)

…… page:811-812
Evaluating the Clinical Value of Coronary Artery Disease with Coronary CT Angiography Combining with Segmental Myocardial Function (冠状动脉CTA联合节段心肌功能评价冠心病临床价值)

…… page:813-816
Application of Dual Source CT in the Diagnosis and Classification of Single Ventricle (双源CT在单心室诊断和分型中的应用)

…… page:817-821
Optimization of High B Values for Intravoxel Incoherent Motion Imaging of Rectal Cancer:A Pilot Study (直肠癌磁共振体素内不相干运动成像高b值优化的初步研究)

…… page:822-826
shen rou liu yang ai yi li (肾肉瘤样癌一例)

…… page:826-827
The Correlation between the ADC Values of Rectal Cancer and the Pathological Grade (直肠癌扩散加权成像ADC值与病理分级的相关性研究)

…… page:828-832
shen zang hou fang lan wei zuo ye nang xian liu ct biao xian yi li (肾脏后方阑尾黏液囊腺瘤CT表现一例)

…… page:832-833
Application of Spectral CT in Differential Diagnosis of the Gastric Cancer and the High-Risk Gastric Stromal Tumors (CT能谱成像在胃癌与高度侵袭危险性胃间质瘤鉴别诊断中的应用)

…… page:834-837
Radiologic Hepatic Capsular Invasion on MSCT in Prediction of Microvascular Invasion of Hepatocellular Carcinoma (MSCT肝包膜侵犯征象对肝癌微血管侵犯诊断价值研究)

…… page:838-840
The MSCT Appearance of Acute Pancreatic Trauma and Follow-up of Complications (胰腺外伤和相关并发症及其在随访复查中的MSCT表现)

…… page:841-847
Differentiation of Papillary Renal Cell Carcinoma and Minimal Fat Angiomyolipoma by Using Stretched Exponential Diffusion model DWI (拉伸指数模型DWI在鉴别肾乏脂性错构瘤与乳头状肾细胞癌临床价值)

…… page:848-851
Age-Related Changes of Prostatic Peripheral Zone in Normal Adults: Evaluation by MR Diffusion Kurtosis Imaging (正常成人前列腺外周带的磁共振扩散峰度成像年龄相关性研究)

…… page:852-856
Imaging Appearances of Benign and Malignant Schwannoma of Spine and Differential Diagnosis (脊柱区良恶性神经鞘瘤的影像表现及鉴别诊断)

…… page:857-860
Diagnostic Value of Diffusion Weighted Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Differentiation of Benign and Malignant Vertebral Fractures (探讨磁共振扩散加权成像在鉴别良恶性椎体骨折中的诊断价值)

…… page:861-865
Applied Research of Diffusion Tensor Imaging Combining with Diffusim Tensor Tractography on the Traumatic Tibial Nerve Injury (DTI联合DTT对外伤致胫神经损伤的应用研究)

…… page:866-870
gan zang xian mao qian chang nang zhong yi li (肝脏纤毛前肠囊肿一例)

…… page:870-871
Study on the Low Position of the Tympanic Segment in the Congenital Aural Atresia by CT (外耳道闭锁患儿鼓室段面神经管遮窗CT研究)

…… page:872-875
Meta-Analysis of Transarterial Chemoembolization in Combination with Microwave Ablation for Liver Cancer Less Than 5 cm (微波消融联合肝动脉化疗栓塞治疗≤5cm肝癌有效性和安全性的荟萃分析)

…… page:875-879
Interstitial Permanent Implantation of 125I Seeds Combined with High-Frequency Hyperthermia for Recurrent Cervical Cancer (125I粒子组织间植入联合高频热疗治疗复发性宫颈癌近期疗效观察)

…… page:880-884
xiao nao zuo bu mao xi bao zuo ye yang xing xing xi bao liu yi li (小脑蚓部毛细胞黏液样星形细胞瘤一例)

…… page:884-885
Doubling Time of Ground Glass Nodules Follow-up of Application Value (倍增时间在磨玻璃结节随访中的应用价值)

…… page:886-888
Images Analysis of Superior Mesenteric Artery and Vein Based on Spectral CT Optimal Monochromatic Imaging Combined with Adaptive Statistical Iterative Reconstruction (能谱CT单能量成像联合自适应迭代算法重组技术在肠系膜上动静脉图像质量的临床研究)

…… page:889-894
Preventive Effect of Hydration Combined with Low-Dose Furosemide on Contrast-Induced Nephropathy in Patients with High Risk Factors (水化联合小剂量利尿剂预防高危患者对比剂肾病的研究)

…… page:894-897
CT Manifestations of Intra-Abdominal Desmoid-Type Fibromatosis:Report of 4 Cases with Literature Review (腹内型韧带样型纤维瘤病的CT表现(附4例报告并文献复习))

…… page:898-901
ru xian mri bei jing shi zhi zeng qiang yan jiu jin zhan (乳腺MRI背景实质增强研究进展)

…… page:902-905
gong jing ai mr cheng xiang yan jiu jin zhan (宫颈癌MR成像研究进展)

…… page:906-909
ci gong zhen kuo san jia quan cheng xiang can shu zai yi xian ai zhen duan zhong de ying yong jin zhan (磁共振扩散加权成像参数在胰腺癌诊断中的应用进展)

…… page:910-914
xin xi dong tai (信息动态)

…… page:914,916
luan chao jie he wu zhen yi li (卵巢结核误诊一例)

…… page:915

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