Journal of Neurology and Neurorehabilitation, Year 2017, Issue 02 -New Issue Alert.


Date: August 11, 2017 at 08:10AM


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In this issue:

Super-early vascular recanalization in ischemic stroke (缺血性脑卒中的超早期血管再通方法)

…… page:61-65
Dancing therapy in rehabilitation of Parkinson’s disease (舞动治疗在帕金森病康复中的应用)

…… page:66-69
Guiding education in rehabilitation nursing of children with cerebral palsy (引导式教育理念在脑瘫儿童康复护理中的应用)

…… page:70-73
Progress in application of induced pluripotent stem cells (诱导多能干细胞应用研究进展)

…… page:74-79
Application of neuro-electrophysiological techniques in sepsis-associated encephalopathy (神经电生理技术在脓毒症相关性脑病中的应用)

…… page:80-84
Progress in etiology, prevention and treatment of vascular cognitive impairment without dementia (非痴呆型血管性认知功能障碍病因及防治的研究进展)

…… page:85-90
Mitochondrial myopathy, encephalopathy, lactic acidosis, and stroke-like episode syndrome: A case report and literature review (线粒体脑肌病伴高乳酸血症和卒中样发作综合征:1例报告及文献复习)

…… page:91-97
Autoimmune encephalitis accompanied with status epilepticus, dyskinesia and hypoventilation syndrome:A case report and literature review (伴癫痫持续状态、运动障碍和低通气综合征的自身免疫性脑炎:1例报告及文献复习)

…… page:98-103
Inferential teaching practice based on problem-based learning for complex cases in clinical teaching of integrative neurology (基于以问题为导向的复杂病例推理的中西医结合临床带教实践)

…… page:104-108
shen jing bing xue yu shen jing kang fu xue za zhi gao yue (《神经病学与神经康复学杂志》稿约)

…… page:后插1-后插4

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