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Date: August 11, 2017 at 08:11AM


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bu wang chu xin , lao ji shi ming nu li ba jie fang jun yi xue za zhi zheng ti zhi liang ti sheng dao geng gao shui ping (不忘初心,牢记使命——努力把《解放军医学杂志》整体质量提升到更高水平)

…… page:573-575
Pituitary adenomas: an overview of clinical features, diagnosis and treatment (垂体瘤诊治进展)

…… page:576-582
Characteristics of brain functional alterations and task functional magnetic resonance imaging in patients with Cushing’s disease (库欣病患者脑功能改变及任务态功能磁共振成像研究)

…… page:583-590
A comparative study of the clinical features of thyrotropin-secreting pituitary adenomas (垂体促甲状腺激素分泌瘤临床特点的比较分析)

…… page:591-596
A retrospective study on the clinical characteristics of patients with growth-hormone adenoma (生长激素瘤患者临床特征的回顾性分析)

…… page:597-602
Expression of leukemia-related protein 16 and the correlation to the estrogen receptor α levels in patients with prolactin adenomas (人白血病相关蛋白16在垂体泌乳素腺瘤患者中的表达及其与雌激素受体α表达水平的相关性分析)

…… page:603-607
Effect of bilateral vagal nerves transection on the inflammatory reaction of rats induced by lung ischemia and reperfusion (双侧迷走神经切除对大鼠肺缺血再灌注损伤炎症反应的影响)

…… page:608-611
Screening, preparation and biological activity of human monoclonal antibodies against postsynaptic short-chain neurotoxins fromLapemis curtus (抗平颏海蛇短链神经毒素全人源单克隆抗体的筛选、制备及生物活性研究)

…… page:612-616
Effects of physical exercise on object recognition memory in adult rats of postnatal isoflurane exposures (运动对异氟烷处理大鼠成年后物体识别的影响)

…… page:617-622
Experimental study on the expression of CDC25A in gastric adenocarcinoma and the effects of artesunate intervention (胃腺癌CDC25A表达及青蒿琥酯干预的实验研究)

…… page:623-627
Total-body skeletal muscle mass determination by D3-creatine dilution in mice (D3-肌酸稀释法在小鼠骨骼肌质量检测中的应用)

…… page:628-632
Impact of age on the prognosis of patients with coronary heart disease implanted with biodegradable coating stents (年龄对冠心病患者植入生物涂层可降解支架预后的影响)

…… page:633-638
Effectiveness comparison of channel-assisted mini-incision and open Achilles shortening for treatment of healed Achilles tendon rupture (通道辅助微创与切开跟腱缩短术治疗陈旧性跟腱过长的疗效比较)

…… page:639-642
Clinical analysis on 6 cases of hematological patients with rhino-orbital-cerebral mucormycosis (血液病合并鼻-眶-脑型毛霉菌病6例临床分析)

…… page:643-646
Investigation into the nutritional knowledge, attitude and practices among officers and soldiers living at high altitude and its influential factors (常驻高原部队官兵营养知识-态度-行为及其影响因素的研究)

…… page:647-651
Influence of simulated high altitude environment on the basic vital signs of CPR rescuers (模拟高原环境对心肺复苏术施救者基本生命体征的影响)

…… page:652-655
Research progress in metabolic activity of natural killer cells in patients with chronic hepatitis B virus infection (慢性乙型肝炎患者自然杀伤细胞代谢活性研究进展)

…… page:656-660
jie fang jun yi xue za zhi gao yue (《解放军医学杂志》稿约)

…… page:661-662

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