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In this issue:

Correlation of Lgr5 Expression and Kras Gene Mutations with Clinicopathological Features of Colorectal Cancer (Lgr5表达及Kras突变与结直肠癌临床病理特征的相关性研究)

…… page:871-874
Study of Graft Versus Tumor Effect for Colorectal Cancer (移植物抗肿瘤效应抗大肠癌的实验研究)

…… page:875-878
Expression of Serine/Threonine Kinase 15 and Signal Transduction Activator of Transcription 3 in Colon Cancer and Their Correlation (丝氨酸/苏氨酸激酶15和信号转导转录激活因子3在结肠癌中的表达及相关性研究)

…… page:879-882
Role and Mechanism of ADAM17-mediated Proliferation and Invasion of U87MGGlioma Cell (ADAM17对U87MG胶质瘤细胞增殖与侵袭的影响及作用机制)

…… page:883-887
Study on the Incidence of IDH1/IDH2 Gene Mutations and the Distribution of Blood Diseases in Patients with Hematological Malignancies (血液肿瘤患者IDH1/IDH2基因突变发生率及其血液病分布特点研究)

…… page:888-890
Differential Analysis of the ROS1 Fusion Gene Expression in Patients with Advanced Non Small Cell Lung Cancer in Primary and Metastatic Foci (晚期非小细胞肺癌原发灶和转移灶ROS1融合基因表达差异分析)

…… page:891-893
Expression and Significance of miR-214 in Patients with Gastric Cancer (miR-214在胃癌患者外周血中的表达及其临床意义)

…… page:894-899
Change of Expression of Related Tumor Markers in Primary Lung Cancer and Clinical Significance (原发性肺癌患者血清中相关肿瘤标志物表达水平的变化及其临床意义)

…… page:900-902
Clinical Study of Efficacy of Liangxue Shugan Decoction for Estrogen Receptor Positive Patients with Breast Cancer after Surgery (凉血疏肝方治疗雌激素受体阳性乳腺癌术后患者的疗效分析)

…… page:903-906
Clinical Observation of Anthracycline Based Sequential Paclitaxel Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy in the Treatment of Triple-negative Breast Cancer (蒽环类为主序贯紫杉类新辅助化疗方案治疗三阴乳腺癌的临床观察)

…… page:907-909
Comparison of Clinical Efficacy of Mastoscopic Axillary Lymph Node Dissection and Conventional Dissection for Patients with Breast Cancer (对比分析乳腔镜腋窝淋巴结清扫术与常规淋巴结清扫术对乳腺癌的临床疗效)

…… page:910-912
Research of Delayed Radiotherapy on the Survival Status of Patients with Breast Cancer after Breast-conserving Surgery (延迟放疗对乳腺癌保乳术后患者生存状况影响的研究)

…… page:913-915
Correlation Analysis of Clinical Related Factors of Bilateral Primary Breast Cancer (双侧原发性乳腺癌发病的临床相关性因素分析)

…… page:916-919
Observation of the Effect of Preoperative Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy on Histopathological Dynamic Changes and the Short-term and Long-term Efficacy of Cervical Cancer (术前新辅助化疗对宫颈癌组织病理学动态变化及近远期疗效观察)

…… page:920-923
Efficacy of Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy for Stage Ⅰ B2 ~ Ⅱ B Cervical Cancer (新辅助化疗治疗ⅠB2~ⅡB期宫颈癌的疗效分析)

…… page:924-926
Clinical Efficacy of Laparoscopic Pelvic Nerve Preservation Radical Hysterectomy for Cervical Cancer and Influence on Life Quality (腹腔镜下保留盆腔神经的宫颈癌根治术的疗效及对患者生活质量的影响)

…… page:927-929,932
Comparison of the Efficacy of Radical Hysterectomy and Total Hysterectomy with Bilateral Accessory for Stage Ⅰ Endometrial Carcinoma (广泛性全子宫切除术与全子宫加双侧附件切除术对Ⅰ期子宫内膜癌的疗效对比)

…… page:930-932
The Evaluation Value of CDFI for Correlation between Ovarian Tumor Blood Flow Parameters and Microvascular Density (彩色多普勒超声对卵巢肿瘤血流参数与微血管密度相关性的评估价值)

…… page:933-935
The Value of Ultrasonography in the Differential Diagnosis of Benign and Malignant Ovarian Tumors (超声对卵巢良恶性肿瘤的鉴别诊断价值)

…… page:936-938
Application Value of Ultrasound Contrast Combined with Ultrasound Elastography in Differential Diagnoses of Benign and Malignant Liver Tumor (超声造影联合超声弹性成像在肝脏良恶性肿瘤鉴别诊断中的应用价值)

…… page:939-942
Clinical Efficacy of Sorafenib and TACE for Primary Liver Cancer and Its Effect on bFGF and VEGF Level (索拉菲尼与TACE联合治疗原发性肝癌的临床效果及对bFGF、VEGF水平的影响)

…… page:943-945
Effect of Modified FOLFOX6 Chemotherapy Regimen Combined with Octreotide in Improving Clinical Symptoms and Quality of Life of Patients with Advanced Hepatocellular Carcinoma (改良FOLFOX6化疗方案联合奥曲肽对于改善晚期肝癌患者临床症状及生活质量的效果分析)

…… page:946-949
Clinical Classification of Hepatocellular Carcinoma with Bile Duct Cancer and Effect of Surgical Choice on Prognosis (肝细胞癌合并胆管癌的临床分型以及手术方式选择对疾病预后的影响)

…… page:950-952,955
Clinical Application Value of Multi-slice Spiral CT in Screening of Early Lung Cancer (多层螺旋CT在早期肺癌筛查中的临床应用价值)

…… page:953-955
Anesthesia Effect and Safety of Sufentanil and Propofol Target Control Infusion for Lung Cancer Patients Treated with Radical Treatment (舒芬太尼复合丙泊酚靶控输注对肺癌根治术患者的麻醉效果及安全性)

…… page:956-958
Clinical Significance of Shenqifuzheng Injection Joint Eddy Injection for Advanced Non-small Cell Lung Cancer (参芪扶正注射液联合艾迪注射液治疗晚期非小细胞肺癌的临床意义)

…… page:959-962
Observation of the Change of Respiratory Function and Inflammatory State of Lung Cancer Patients with Secondary Pulmonary Infection after Radiotherapy (肺癌放疗后继发肺部感染患者呼吸功能与炎性状态的变化观察)

…… page:963-965
Clinical Change of Coagulation, Fibrinolytic Function, Parameters of Platelet in Patients with Lung Cancer before and after Chemotherapy (肺癌患者化疗前后凝血、纤溶功能及血小板参数的临床变化分析)

…… page:966-968
Comparison of Video-assisted Thoracic Surgery and Traditional Surgery on Clinic Effect and Cardiopulmonary Function of Patients with Non-small Cell Lung Cancer (胸腔镜手术与传统开胸手术对非小细胞肺癌患者心肺功能的影响及疗效分析)

…… page:969-971,974
Efficacy and Safety of Lobaplatin Plus Vinorelbine in Postoperative Adjuvant,Chemotherapy for Patients with NSCLC (洛铂联合长春瑞滨对NSCLC术后辅助化疗疗效及安全性研究)

…… page:972-974
Comparison of Clinical Efficacy of Pemetrexed or Gemcitabine Combined with Cisplatin for Patients with Non-small Cell Lung Cancer and Its Influence on Serum Tumor Markers (吉西他滨与培美曲塞联合顺铂治疗非小细胞肺癌的疗效比较及对血清肿瘤标志物的影响)

…… page:975-977,981
Clinical Analysis of Zhengyuan Capsule Combined with Polyethylene Glycolconjugated Asparaginase for Children with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (正元胶囊辅助培门冬酶联合化疗治疗儿童急性淋巴细胞白血病的临床分析)

…… page:978-981
Application of Antimicrobial Drugs for Leukemia Patients with Granulocyte Deficiency and Fungal Infection after Chemotherapy (白血病化疗后粒细胞缺乏伴真菌感染患者抗菌药物的应用研究)

…… page:982-985
Perioperative Situation and Long-term Efficacy of Laparoscopic Surgery and D2 Radical Surgery for Stomach Cancer (腹腔镜手术和开放D2根治术治疗胃癌的围术期情况和远期疗效分析)

…… page:986-988
Therapeutic Effect of XELOX Regimen and SOX Regimen for Advanced Gastric Cancer (XELOX方案与SOX方案在胃癌新辅助治疗中的应用价值)

…… page:989-991
Comparison of Efficacy of DP and IP Regimen as Second-line Treatment for Advanced Gastric Cancer Failed Fluorouracil Chemotherapy (DP和IP方案二线治疗氟尿嘧啶类药物化疗失败的进展期胃癌疗效比较)

…… page:992-995
Clinical Efficacy and Safety of Apatinib Mesylatefor Patients with Advanced Gastric Cancer (甲磺酸阿帕替尼治疗晚期胃癌的疗效及安全性分析)

…… page:996-998
Compare of Efficacy of Ileal Conduit and Cutaneous Ureterostomy Following Laparoscopic Radical Cystectomy for Bladder Carcinoma (腹腔镜根治性膀胱癌切除术后行回肠膀胱术和输尿管皮肤造口术的疗效比较)

…… page:999-1001
Clinical Efficacy of Laparoscopic Radical Resection for Elderly Patients with Colorectal Cancer (腹腔镜结直肠癌根治术治疗老年结直肠癌的疗效分析)

…… page:1002-1004
Relationship between Perioperative Serum Inflammatory Cytokines Levels and Postoperative Pain Control of Patients with Primary Colon Cancer (原发性结肠癌围手术期血清炎性因子水平的变化及其与患者术后疼痛控制效果的关系)

…… page:1005-1007
Clinical Efficacy of Vinorelbine Combined with Leucovorin and Oxaliplatin Chemotherapy for Colorectal Cancer and Its Effect on Quality of Life (盖诺联合亚叶酸钙与奥沙利铂化疗对结直肠癌患者的临床疗效及生活质量的影响)

…… page:1008-1010,1013
Efficacy and Safety of Cetuximab Combined with FOLFOX4 Regimen in the Treatment of Colon Cancer with Liver Metastasis (西妥昔单抗联合FOLFOX4治疗结肠癌肝转移的疗效与安全性)

…… page:1011-1013
Effect of Double-tube Anal Canal in Prevention of Anastomotic Fistula of Middle or Low Rectal Cancer after Laparoscopic-assisted Anterior Resection (双套管肛管预防腹腔镜辅助下中低位直肠癌前切除术后吻合口瘘的效果分析)

…… page:1014-1016
Comparison of Clinical Effect of Laparoscopic Surgery under Different Approach in Large Volume Kidney Cancer (不同入路下腹腔镜手术治疗大体积肾癌的临床疗效对比)

…… page:1017-1020
Effect of Radical Surgery and Radiotherapy on Local Control Rate, Survival Rate and Complications in Patients with Early Stage Glottic Carcinoma (根治手术与放疗辅助常规化疗对早期声门型喉癌局部控制率、生存率及并发症的影响)

…… page:1021-1023,1027
Survival Analysis of Temozolomide and Radiation Therapy for Glioma Patients (替莫唑胺联合放疗治疗胶质瘤患者的生存情况分析)

…… page:1024-1027
Comparison of the Spin Stabilized Prosthesis and Simple Hinge Prosthesis in Treatment of Proximal Tibia Malignant Bone Tumor (可旋转稳定型假体与单纯铰链型假体治疗胫骨近端恶性骨肿瘤的临床对照研究)

…… page:1028-1030
Clinical Analysis of 68 Cases of Skin Malignant Tumor and Precancerous Lesion (68例皮肤恶性肿瘤与癌前病变的临床分析)

…… page:1031-1033
Clinical Effect of Neurotropin Combined with Controlled-release Oxycodone Tablets for Neuropathic Cancer Pain (神经妥乐平联合羟考酮控释片治疗癌性神经病理性疼痛的临床效果评价)

…… page:1034-1037
Comparison of the Efficacy of Vitamin Compound Mouthwash Gargle and Iodine Glycerin with Smecta Topical Application for Oral Mucositis in Patients with Malignant Tumor after Chemotherapy (维生素复合漱口液与碘甘油混合思密达局部涂抹对化疗后口腔粘膜炎的疗效对比)

…… page:1038-1040
Comparison of Clinical Efficacy of Thrombolysis and Pure Anticoagulation Therapy in the Initial Treatment of Cancer Patients with High Risk Pulmonary Embolism before Surgery (溶栓与单纯抗凝初始性治疗术前合并中高危肺栓塞癌症患者的疗效比较)

…… page:1041-1044

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