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Date: August 11, 2017 at 08:10AM


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Adjuncitve melatonin for tardive dyskinesia in paitents with schizophrenia: a meta-analysis (褪黑素治疗精神分裂症患者迟发性运动障碍的meta分析)

…… page:129-136
Changes in cognitive funciton in paitents with primary insomnia (原发性失眠患者认知功能改变及其影响因素分析)

…… page:137-145
Peripheral SLC6A4 gene expression in obsessive-compulsive disorder in the Han Chinese populaiton (中国汉族人群强迫症的外周SLC6A4基因表达)

…… page:146-153
Dysfunction of cognition patterns measured by MATRICS Consensus Cognitive Battery (MCCB) among first episode schizophrenia patients and their biological parents (MCCB测定首发精神分裂症患者及其生物学父母存在认知功能障碍)

…… page:154-160
The fantasmaitc and imaginary child of the pregnant woman (孕妇妇女对孩子的想象)

…… page:161-170
Is depression the result of immune system abnormalities? (抑郁障碍——免疫异常的结果?)

…… page:171-173
Autoimmune thyroiditis presenitng as psychosis (自体免疫性甲状腺炎表现为精神症状)

…… page:174-176
Hyponatremia with olanzapine-A suspected associaiton (低钠血症与奥氮平——可能的关联)

…… page:177-179
Psychogenic Polydipsia-management challenges (心因性多渴症-治疗挑战)

…… page:180-183
The differences and similarities between two-samplet-test and pairedt-test (双样本t检验和配对检验的异同性)

…… page:184-188

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