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hang tian yi xue yu yi xue gong cheng za zhi zheng gao jian ze (《航天医学与医学工程》杂志征稿简则)

…… page:封3
Study on Heuristic Evaluation Principles in Astronaut Virtual Training Systems (航天员虚拟训练系统启发式评估准则研究)

…… page:157-163
Study on Characteristics of Personality Traits in Chinese Pilots Based on Meta-analysis (基于元分析的中国飞行员人格特质特征研究)

…… page:164-169
Application of Scale for Subjective Perception of Discomfort in Sedentary Work (主观感知不适量表在久坐作业中的应用)

…… page:170-175
Effects of Music Relaxation on Personnel’s Stress and Emotion (音乐放松缓解作业人员应激情绪的研究)

…… page:176-179
Research on Electroacupuncture Stimulation to Multiple Acupoint Against Soleus Atrophy in Simulated Weightlessness Rats (多穴位电针刺激对抗模拟失重大鼠比目鱼肌萎缩作用研究)

…… page:180-184
Comparison of Active and Passive Movement on Treadmill in Healthy Individuals (健康人体在跑步机上主、被动运动的差异性研究)

…… page:185-190
Research on Decomposition of Surface EMG Signals Based on FastICA and Channel Correlation (基于FastICA和通道间相关的表面肌电信号分解研究)

…… page:191-197
Causal Flow of EEGs Theta Network during Visual Working Memory Task in Healthy Subjects (健康人工作记忆脑电theta网络因果流研究)

…… page:198-202
Study on Functional Brain Network of Schizophrenia P50 Sensory Gating based on Granger Causality (基于格兰杰因果的精神分裂感觉门控P50脑网络研究)

…… page:203-207
Feature Detection of Subthalamic Local Field Potentials in Parkinson’s Disease (帕金森病丘脑底核场电位信号特征检测)

…… page:208-213
Numerical Analysis of Flow Field under Various Inlet Angles in Crew Quarters of Space Station (空间站睡眠区不同送风角度下的流场仿真分析)

…… page:214-218
Oxygen Flow and Design of Waste Fermentation Disposal Device in Controlled Ecological Life Support System (受控生态生保系统氧气流动及废弃物发酵处理装置设计)

…… page:219-224
Effects of Red and Blue LED Light on Growth and Oxygen-releasing Capacity of Spirulina Platensis (LED红蓝光对钝顶螺旋藻生长及光合放氧的影响)

…… page:225-229
Application of Metabolomics on Toxicology of Drugs Abuse (代谢组学在药物滥用毒理学中的应用)

…… page:230-234

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