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Date: August 11, 2017 at 08:09AM


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In this issue:

Clinical feasibility and effectiveness of intermittent endocrine for advanced prostate cancer (间歇性内分泌治疗晚期前列腺癌的临床可行性及有效性)

…… page:5-7
The expression of miR-21 and PDCD4 mRNA in prostate cancer tissue (前列腺癌组织中miR-21和PDCD4mRNA的临床分析)

…… page:8-10
Efficiency of Solifenacin and Tamsulosin for benign prostatic hyperplasia patients with lower urinary tract symptoms (索利那新联合坦索罗辛治疗前列腺增生伴下尿路症状患者的疗效观察)

…… page:10-12
Effective method in the prevention and treatment of water intoxication of patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia during transurethral resection (良性前列腺增生患者经尿道前列腺电切术水中毒预防与治疗的方法探讨)

…… page:13-15
Therapeutic effect of simultaneously Thulium laser combined with flexible cystoscope in treating benign prostatic hyperplasia complicated with calculus in diverticulum of bladder (铥激光联合膀胱软镜治疗高危前列腺增生合并膀胱憩室结石疗效观察)

…… page:15-18
Research progress of the autophagy of corpus cavernosum smooth muscle cells under the condition of hypoxia (缺氧条件下阴茎海绵体平滑肌细胞自噬的研究进展)

…… page:18-21
Study on the mechanism of priapism caused by heparin (肝素引起阴茎异常勃起机制的研究)

…… page:21-23
Clinical research of Xipayi Mazibizi capsule joint Paroxetine tablets in treating premature ejaculation (西帕依麦孜彼子胶囊联合帕罗西汀治疗早泄的临床研究)

…… page:23-26
Semen versus urethral swab in detectingthe pathogenic microorganisms of acute epididymitis : a cross-over trial (急性附睾炎病原微生物检测中精液标本对比尿道拭子的交叉试验)

…… page:26-28
Initial clinical assessment of the effects of paclitaxel liposome binding carboplatin in the treatment of ovarian cancer (临床初步评估紫杉醇脂质体结合卡铂在卵巢癌治疗中的效果)

…… page:29-31
Clinical observation of laparoscopic surgery in the treatment of ovarian endometriosis cyst (腹腔镜不同术式治疗卵巢子宫内膜异位囊肿的临床观察)

…… page:31-34
Effect of photodynamic therapy on the expression of MIF of transplanted tumor in human cervical carcinoma Caski cells in nude mice (光动力疗法对人宫颈癌Caski细胞裸鼠移植瘤MIF表达的影响)

…… page:34-37
Risk assessment of female patients with inflammatory diseases for cervical cancer and cervical precancerous lesion (系统免疫性疾病女性患者宫颈癌及癌前病变的风险研究)

…… page:38-41
Hysteroscopic resection with curettage in the treatment of multiple endometrial polyps (两种术式联合治疗多发性子宫内膜息肉的临床疗效观察)

…… page:42-44
Application of high intensity focused ultrasound in the treatment of gynecological diseases (探讨高强度聚焦超声技术在治疗子宫肌瘤中的应用)

…… page:45-47
Impact of laparoscopic presacral neurectomy on the quality of sex life of endometriosis patients (腹腔镜骶前神经切断术对子宫内膜异位症患者性生活质量的影响)

…… page:47-50
Curative effect of Guchong Yishen Fang combined with levonorgestrel for dysfunctional uterine bleeding and its effect on the patients’ sex hormone level (固冲益肾方联合左炔诺孕酮治疗功能失调性子宫出血的疗效及对患者性激素水平的影响)

…… page:50-53
Clinical significance of the serum FSH, LH, PRL test for post-menopausal atrophic urethritis patients (女性闭经后萎缩性尿道炎患者血清FSH、LH、PRL检验的临床意义分析)

…… page:53-55
The effect of total pelvic floor reconstruction with vaginal mesh in the treatment of pelvic organ prolapse and its effect on sexual function (经阴道植入网片全盆底重建术治疗盆腔器官脱垂的疗效及对性功能的影响)

…… page:55-58
Correlation of precocious puberty and environmental endocrine disruptors (女童性早熟与环境内分泌干扰素的相关性研究)

…… page:58-60
Investigation on the prevalence and risk factors of female sexual dysfunction (FSD) among Chinese urban women in Chengdu (成都市女性性功能障碍的调查与相关因素的探析)

…… page:61-65
Efficacy of the carbon dioxide laser surgery combined with topical interferon treatment for condyloma acuminatum (二氧化碳激光术结合干扰素局部封闭治疗尖锐湿疣的疗效分析)

…… page:65-67
Effect of electrocoagulation combined with thymopentin-5 for 97 male patients with perianal warts (电灼联合胸腺五肽治疗男性肛周尖锐湿疣97例的疗效观察)

…… page:68-70
Study of eczema manifestations of patients with syphilis and its treatment (苄星青霉素治疗以湿疹皮炎为表现的梅毒研究)

…… page:70-72
Prevention of occupational exposure to syphilis (手术相关梅毒职业暴露的预防研究)

…… page:73-75
Prevalence of human papillomavirus 6/11 and 16/18 among women in Shandong Province (山东省女性HPV6/11和HPV16/18感染情况分析)

…… page:76-80
Seroepidemiological study of AIDS among floating expectant mothers in Taizhou (台州地区流动孕妇人群艾滋病血清流行病学研究)

…… page:81-84
Clinical observation and safety of the Zishen lotion in treating blood deficiency and wind-dryness syndrome of chronic scrotum eczema (紫参洗剂治疗血虚风燥证慢性阴囊湿疹疗效与安全观察)

…… page:84-86
Professor Sun Jianming’s experience in treating chronic prostatitis (孙建明教授治疗慢性前列腺炎经验)

…… page:87-88
An analysis of diabetic erectile dysfunction using traditional Chinese medicine theory (糖尿病性勃起功能障碍的中医理论探析)

…… page:89-91
Application of Chinese traditional medicine in improving the endometrial receptivity in different diseases (中医药在改善不同疾病子宫内膜容受性的应用)

…… page:91-94
Discussion of Taoist health preservation methods on mental adjustment of infertile women (试论道家养生方法对不孕不育女性的心理调适)

…… page:94-97
A brief introduction to EAU guidelines (2017) on the varicocele-associated infertility, part of the male infertility (《EAU男性不育症指南(2017年版)》精索静脉曲张性不育症解读)

…… page:97-101
zuo pin xuan (作品选)

…… page:封2
The correlation between the microwave radiation exposure and the semen routine of the radar operators (雷达作业人员微波辐射暴露与精液常规的相关性研究)

…… page:101-103
Clinical study of vitamin E combined with compound amino acid capsulesin treating idiopathic asthenospermia (维生素E联合复方氨基酸胶囊治疗特发性弱精子症的临床研究)

…… page:104-106
Correlation analysis of older male sperm quality and unexplained recurrent miscarriage (高龄男性精子质量与不明原因复发性流产相关性分析)

…… page:107-109
The efficacy of bilateral and unilateral varicocelectomy of infertile men with left grades Ⅱ or Ⅲ varicocele and right grade Ⅰ or subclinical varicocele: A Meta-analysis (双侧和单侧手术治疗左侧Ⅱ、Ⅲ度合并右侧亚临床或Ⅰ度精索静脉曲张不育男性疗效的Meta分析)

…… page:110-113
Clinical efficacy of laparoscopy combined with hysteroscopy in treating tubal infertility (腹腔镜联合宫腔镜诊治输卵管性不孕的临床效果研究)

…… page:114-116
Clinical study on the hysteroscopy treatment of female infertility patients caused by uterine cavity disease (宫腔镜治疗宫腔疾病所致女性不孕患者临床研究)

…… page:116-119
Transvaginal ultrasound-guided embryo aspiration joint local administration of low-dose methotrexate on caesarean scar pregnancy (经阴道超声引导下胚胎抽吸联合局部小剂量甲氨蝶呤治疗剖宫产瘢痕妊娠)

…… page:119-122
Clinical study of oral dydrogesterone in early pregnancy in regulating cytokine production and prevention of recurrent abortion (孕早期口服去氢孕酮对调节细胞因子生成及预防习惯性流产临床研究)

…… page:122-126
Impact of the genotyping of human papillomavirus infections in gestational women on the pregnancy outcomes (妊娠期孕妇HPV病毒感染的分型及母婴妊娠结局的影响)

…… page:127-129
Relationship between reproductive tract infections during pregnancy and pregnancy outcomes (妊娠期生殖道感染者不良妊娠结局发生率分析)

…… page:129-131
Clinical efficacy of the short and long term preventive strategies of antibacterial agents in treating cesarean section infection of lying-in women with pelvic inflammatory disease (盆腔炎产妇应用抗菌药物短程和长程预防策略对剖宫产手术部位感染控制的临床效果对比)

…… page:132-134
Postpartum sexual function rehabilitation of the primipara and the influencing factors (初产妇产后性功能康复的情况及其影响因素探究)

…… page:134-137
Correlation of cognitive state of sexual activity with health education and education level for primiparae (初产妇性生活认知状况与健康教育需求及受教育程度的相关性研究)

…… page:137-139
Effect of the music therapy combined with transcutaneous electric acupoint stimulation on the anxiety of patients with in vitro fertilization and embryo transfer (音乐疗法联合经皮穴位电刺治疗体外受精-胚胎移植患者的焦虑情绪的临床观察)

…… page:140-142
The clinical value of four methods of endometrium preparation for frozen-thawed blastocyst transfer cycle (四种子宫内膜准备方法在玻璃化冻融囊胚移植中的意义)

…… page:142-146
Effectiveness of lymphocyte immunotherapy for patients with unexplained infertility before in vitro fertilization-embryo transfer (淋巴细胞主动免疫治疗原因不明性不孕IVF患者的疗效观察)

…… page:146-149
Influence of isolated teratozoospermia on the pregnancy outcome of intrauterine insemination (单纯畸形精子症对宫腔内人工授精结局的影响)

…… page:149-152
Analysis of delivery mode and maternal and infant outcomes of HIV infected pregnant women (妊娠期HIV感染者的分娩方式和母婴结局分析)

…… page:152-154
Investigation on the sexual abuse prevention ability of leftover children in remote areas of Guangxi (广西偏远地区留守儿童预防性侵犯能力现况)

…… page:155-159
SARC——A new tool for theprevention of STD and HIV (隔离套——预防性病艾滋病的新工具)

…… page:159-160
xing xin li xue de yan jiu yu pu ji (性心理学的研究与普及)

…… page:前插1

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