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zheng gao qi shi (征稿启事)

…… page:431-432
Expression of miR-520d-3p in X-rays irradiated A549 cells and serum samples of non-small cell lung cancer patients and its significance (miR-520d-3p在X线照射后A549细胞及非小细胞肺癌患者血清中的表达变化及其意义)
Song Xiujun, ,Jiang Qisheng, ,Wang Sinian, ,Yu Huijie, ,Li Xiao, ,Li Zhenyuan, ,Lyu Jin
…… page:433-436,441
Efficacy analysis of zoledronic acid combined with radiotherapy and combined with chemotherapy for bone metastasis of non-small cell lung cancer (唑来膦酸联合放疗与联合化疗治疗非小细胞肺癌骨转移效果观察)
Qiu Huibing, ,Yi Tienan, ,Zhang Lingyun, ,Lei Lin, ,Su Min
…… page:437-441
Clinical study on the diagnostic value of plasma microRNAs in early stage non-small cell lung cancer (血浆微RNA对早期非小细胞肺癌诊断价值的临床研究)
Wang Xin, ,Zhang Yi, ,Hu Mu, ,Yao Shuyang, ,Li Xiaoxue, ,Zhi Xiuyi
…… page:442-446,452
Expression of hypoxia inducible factor 1αand glucose transporter 1 in lung adenocarcinoma and their clinical significances (缺氧诱导因子1α和葡萄糖转运蛋白1在肺腺癌中的表达及其临床意义)
Wang Miao, ,Wang Wei, ,Hu Mu, ,Wang Xin, ,Zhao Lihong, ,Lian Fang, ,Zhi Xiuyi, ,Teng Lianghong
…… page:447-452
Expressions of interleukin-11 and interleukin-11 receptorαin non-small cell lung cancer cell lines and their clinical significances (白细胞介素11及白细胞介素11受体α在非小细胞肺癌细胞株中的表达及其意义)
Chang Yi, ,Hu Mu, ,Zhi Xiuyi, ,Nie Xiuhong
…… page:453-456
Changes of T-lymphocyte subsets level in treatment of advanced lung adenocarcinoma and their clinical significances (T淋巴细胞亚群水平在晚期肺腺癌治疗中的变化及其临床意义)
Li Xiaoxue, ,Wang Xin, ,Yao Shuyang, ,Zhi Xiuyi
…… page:457-459
Effect of different dose rate of X-rays on cell migration of human non-small cell lung cancer cell line A549 (不同剂量率X线照射对人非小细胞肺癌细胞株A549迁移的影响)
Wang Zongye, ,Si Shaoyan, ,Liu Junli, ,Wu Yingying, ,Shan Gaixian, ,Song Shujun
…… page:460-462
Correlation between anemia and prognosis of patients with lung cancer (贫血与肺癌患者预后的相关性)
Liu Hao
…… page:463-465
Serum expression of DKK1 protein in patients with non-small cell lung cancer and its relationship with osseous metastasis (非小细胞肺癌患者血清DKK1蛋白表达及其与骨转移的关系)
Zhang Meichun, ,Wu Jing, ,Zhong Weinong, ,Liu Zhaohui, ,Zhao Ziwen
…… page:466-469
Value of immunohistochemistry for determining the primary site of adenocarcinoma cells in pleural effusion cell block (免疫组织化学在胸腔积液细胞块腺癌细胞原发灶判断中的价值)
Li Xiaojuan, ,Li Xiujuan
…… page:470-473
Thromboelastography in evaluation of coagulation status in postoperative lung cancer patients (血栓弹力图在肺癌患者术后凝血状态评估中的价值)
Ning Yachan, ,Hu Mu, ,Wang Chunmei, ,Zhi Xiuyi
…… page:474-476
Clinical value of 125I particles implantation combined with bronchial artery chemoembolization for middle and advanced lung cancer (125I粒子植入联合支气管动脉化疗栓塞术治疗中晚期肺癌临床观察)
Shen Dongfeng, ,Xue Aiping, ,Li Peiyong, ,Li Peng, ,Li Yanbin, ,Wang Baoshan
…… page:476-479
Influencing factors of pneumothorax and pulmonary hemorrhage detected by lung biopsy under CT (CT引导下肺穿刺活组织检查中发生气胸和肺内出血的影响因素)
Liu Lei, ,Zhi Xiuyi, ,Zhang Yi, ,Wang Ruotian
…… page:479-481
Pathologic and differential diagnosis of blastic plasmacytoid dendritic cell neoplasm (母细胞性浆细胞样树突细胞肿瘤的病理及鉴别诊断)
Dai Guihong, ,Chen Min, ,Chen Sitai, ,Zhu Xiaowei, ,Jiang Xiaoqin, ,Bao Jingjing, ,Wang Wenchao, ,Liu Fuxing, ,Jiao Xia, ,Yu Hong
…… page:482-484
Survival time correlation between continuous back pain and esophageal carcinoma radiotherapy (持续性背痛与食管癌放疗患者生存期的相关性研究)
Guo Zhi, ,Gao Yu, ,Liu Likun, ,Wang Airong, ,Xu Li, ,Wang Gang
…… page:484-487
Von Hippel-Lindau syndrome: report of three cases and review of literature (Von Hippel-Lindau综合征三例并文献复习)
Chen Weiwei, ,Zhu Aiyu, ,Tang Lin, ,Xu Jing, ,Sun Qian, ,Zhang Qun
…… page:487-490
Screening analysis of upper digestive tract tumors among the high-risk populations (高危人群静脉全身麻醉下胃镜筛查上消化道肿瘤结果分析)
Xuan Wen, ,Wang Jinzhong, ,Li Zhenjiang, ,Li Yaodong
…… page:490-491
Lower eyelid of primary Merkel cell carcinoma: report of one case (下眼睑原发Merkel细胞癌一例)
Wang Xinchun, ,Chen Zhishen, ,Qiu Ling, ,Yu Lei, ,Ma Yan, ,Wang Yunlong, ,Wang Jiuhong, ,Jia Xiaojing
…… page:492-493
Mechanism of RhoA and its progress in gastric cancer (RhoA的作用机制及其在胃癌中的研究进展)
Wu Mengmeng
…… page:494-498
Clinical application of chimeric antigen receptor T cells (嵌合抗原受体T细胞治疗的临床应用)
Duan Yijun
…… page:498-500
Epidemiological analysis of gastric cancer and esophagogastric junction cancer (胃癌与食管胃交界处癌的流行病学分析)
Li Guodong, ,Liang Jie, ,Zhai Qinghua
…… page:500-504

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