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The necessity of a specialized training program for head and neck surgeon: what should be done to become an extraordinary head and neck surgeon (谈头颈部肿瘤外科医师的培养——如何成为一名优秀的头颈部肿瘤外科医师)
JI Qinghai
…… page:401-405
The patterns of head and neck cancer incidence in Shanghai from 2003 to 2012 (2003—2012年上海市头颈部恶性肿瘤发病特征分析)
WU Chunxiao, ,BAO Pingping, ,HUANG Zhezhou, ,ZHANG Minlu, ,GU Kai, ,XIANG Yongmei, ,PENG Peng, ,GONG Yangming, ,ZHENG Ying, ,ZHONG Weijian
…… page:406-414
Diagnosis and differential diagnosis of cervical lymph node diseases (颈部淋巴结病变诊断与鉴别诊断)
GU Yajia
…… page:415-420
Diagnostic value of ultrasound-guided fine needle aspiration in assessment of cervical lymph node in head and neck carcinoma (超声引导下的细针穿刺在头颈部肿瘤淋巴结转移中的诊断价值)
…… page:421-424
The advances of clinical application of PET/CT in head and neck carcinoma (PET/CT显像在头颈部肿瘤中的临床应用进展)
ZHENG Yingying
…… page:425-431
Clinical application of laryngeal nerve monitoring in thyroid cancer surgery (甲状腺癌手术中喉返神经监测的临床应用)
WANG Yu, ,YANG Shuwen, ,LI Duanshu
…… page:432-436
Application of da Vinci Surgical System in tumors of head and neck (达芬奇机器人手术系统在头颈部肿瘤中的应用)
LEI Bowen, ,WANG Yulong
…… page:437-441
Research progress in diagnosis and treatment of radioiodine-refractory differentiated thyroid cancer (碘难治性甲状腺癌的诊治进展)
LIN Yansong, ,YANG Xue
…… page:442-450
Research progress in targeted chemotherapy for thyroid cancer (甲状腺癌靶向化疗进展)
JIN Yuchen
…… page:451-458
The immunotherapy for head and neck cancer (头颈部肿瘤的免疫治疗)
…… page:459-462
Adjuvant chemoradiotherapy for postoperative head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (头颈部鳞癌术后辅助放化疗的研究现状)
LU Xueguan, ,HU Chaosu
…… page:463-470
Post-operative scar management in head and neck tumor (头颈部肿瘤术后瘢痕的处理)
WU Xiaoli, ,CHEN Libin, ,CHEN Zongan
…… page:471-475
The impact of thyroglobulin antibody on efficacy of131I ablation in patients with papillary thyroid carcinoma (甲状腺球蛋白抗体对甲状腺乳头状癌131I清甲疗效的影响)
ZHANG Na, ,LIANG Jun, ,LIN Yansong
…… page:476-481
Immunohistochemical analysis of OTUB1 in 90 cases of ovarian mucinous tumors (OTUB1在90例卵巢黏液性肿瘤中的表达分析)
ZHU Qin, ,LU Linghui, ,WANG Yiqin
…… page:482-486
A comparative study of diagnostic performance between digital breast tomosynthesis and conventional imaging methods (数字乳腺断层融合X线摄影与常规影像学检查诊断效能的对比研究)
TANG Wei, ,LI Ruimin, ,GAO Yi, ,WANG Qifeng, ,SHEN Qiangang, ,GU Yajia, ,PENG Weijun
…… page:487-495
The miR-509-5p/miR-124 ratio of liquid biopsies in diagnosis of bladder cancer (液态活检miR-509-5p/miR-124比值诊断膀胱癌的临床应用)
SHEN Yijun, ,XIE Huyang, ,WAN Fangning, ,BIAN Xiaojie, ,XIAO Wenjun, ,ZHU Yiping, ,DAI Bo, ,YE Dingwei
…… page:496-500
Analysis of setup errors in lung stereotactic body radiotherapy with cone-beam CT-based image guidance (肺部肿瘤立体定向放疗技术中基于锥形束CT影像的摆位误差分析)
WANG Yan, ,CAI Gang, ,LU Wei, ,XU Qing
…… page:501-504
Review in the surgical management for residual and recurrent neck lymph node of nasopharyngeal carcinoma after radiotherapy and chemotherapy (鼻咽癌放化疗后颈部淋巴结残留及复发的外科治疗综述)
HAN Litao, ,QU Ning, ,SHI Rongliang, ,JI Qinghai
…… page:505-509
Progress and prospect of TNM staging system of head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (头颈部鳞癌TNM分期的进展与展望)
SHI Xiao
…… page:510-515
Role of myeloid-derived suppressor cells in premetastatic niche formation and tumor metastasis promotion (髓源性抑制细胞在构筑转移前微环境促肿瘤转移中的作用)
WEI Huamin
…… page:516-520

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