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Advancing with the times, exploring and innovating to benefit children (与时俱进开拓创新造福儿童)
ZHANG Li-jun, ,JI Shi-jun
…… page:481-484
Function and development of the elbow after the transphyseal fracture of the distal humerus in infants (婴幼儿肱骨远端骨骺分离对肘关节功能及发育的影响)
ZHOU Wei-Zheng, ,ZHANG Li-Jun, ,LI Lian-Yong
…… page:485-491
An investigation on surgical indications of humeral supracondylar fracture in children: open reduction through small lateral incision (肱骨髁上骨折患儿的外侧小切口切开复位治疗)
XU Hui-fa, ,HUANG Lu-yu, ,LEI Wei, ,YAN Ya-bo, ,LIU Zhi-chen, ,SHA Jia, ,LI Chao, ,WANG Hong
…… page:492-495
Diagnosis and treatment experience of the humeral condylar fracture in children (儿童肱骨内髁骨折克氏针贯穿骨折端固定九例报告)
WANG Lai-xi, ,CHENG Fu-li, ,JING Xiao-bo, ,LIU Yong-li, ,SHEN Zi-long
…… page:496-500
Treatment of the dislocation of the elbow associated with lateral condyle fracture of the humerus in children (儿童肘关节脱位并肱骨外髁骨折的诊断与治疗)
WU Yong-tao, ,SUN Chuan, ,WANG Bing, ,JIANG Hai, ,WU Ge, ,MIAO Wu-sheng
…… page:501-505
An analysis of effective factors of nonunion after distal radius metaphyseal fracture with cross Kirschner wire fixation (桡骨干骺端骨折交叉克氏针固定后骨不连影响因素分析)
SHI Li-wei, ,ZHANG Li-jun, ,ZHAO Qun, ,LI Qi-wei, ,WANG En-bo, ,LI Lian-yong
…… page:506-511
A retrospective analysis of the curative results of proximal ulnar rotation osteotomy for congenital anterior dislocation of the radial head in children (尺骨近端旋转截骨术治疗先天性桡骨头前脱位11例报告)
MIAO Wu-sheng, ,WANG Bing, ,WU Ge, ,WU Yong-tao, ,JIANG Hai, ,QU Ji-ning, ,LI Min, ,WANG Xiao-wei, ,LIANG Xiao-ju
…… page:512-516
Intraoperative elbow joint arthrography assisted closed reduction by leverage technique and percutaneous pin fixation to treat radial neck fracture in children (术中肘关节造影辅助经皮撬拨复位克氏针内固定治疗儿童桡骨颈骨折)
JIANG Hai, ,LI Min, ,WU Yong-tao, ,WU Ge, ,WANG Bing, ,QU Ji-ning, ,MIAO Wu-sheng
…… page:517-521
A comparison study of muscle balance surgery and Ponseti method on the congenital clubfoot (早期肌力平衡手术与Ponseti方法治疗先天性马蹄内翻足远期疗效的对比研究)
YAN Ya-bo, ,XU Hui-fa, ,SHA Jia, ,HUANG Yao-tian, ,ZHAO Li, ,WANG Jun, ,LEI Wei, ,HUANG Lu-yu
…… page:522-525
Plasma D-dimer in the prediction of deep vein thrombosis after the fracture in the school-age children (血浆D-2聚体预测学龄期儿童下肢骨折后发生深静脉血栓的意义)
LIU Yong-li, ,CHENG Fu-li, ,JING Xiao-bo, ,WANG Lai-xi, ,SHEN Zi-long
…… page:526-529
Clinical experience in the treatment of clavicular osteomyelitis in children (清创联合真空负压封闭引流治疗儿童锁骨骨髓炎九例报告)
ZHANG Chun-xu, ,SUN Ke-ming, ,YAO Man-ye, ,GUO Zhan-hao, ,JI Ze-juan
…… page:530-534
Diagnosis and treatment progress of unstable slipped capital femoral epiphysis (不稳定型股骨头骨骺滑脱的诊断和治疗进展)
YAN Wei, ,ZHANG Li-jun
…… page:535-540
Research progress on implantation of radioactive seeds for spinal metastasis (放射性粒子植入治疗脊柱转移瘤的研究进展)
LEI Ming-xing, ,LIU Shu-bin, ,LIU Yao-sheng
…… page:540-543
Clinical characteristics and treatment of spinal brucellosis disease (脊柱布氏杆菌感染的临床特征表现及其治疗)
SU Fei, ,WU Zi-xiang, ,SANG Hong-xun, ,FAN Yong, ,CUI Yi, ,BAI Bo, ,CUI Wei, ,LEI Wei
…… page:544-550
Clinical observation of one-stage posterior debridement, interbody bone graft and internal fixation for Andersson lesion in ankylosing spondylitis (一期后路病灶清除椎间植骨内固定治疗强直性脊柱炎Andersson病变的疗效观察)
LI Wei-wei, ,GONG Li-qun, ,LIU Jun, ,WEI Wen-bo, ,DUAN Da-peng, ,DUAN Liang
…… page:551-555
Risk factors of vertebral recompression after kyphoplasty for osteoporotic vertebral compression fracture (椎体后凸成形术治疗骨质疏松性椎体压缩骨折后加固椎体再压缩危险因素分析)
WANG Wen-long, ,CHEN Yin, ,HAI Yong, ,GUAN Li, ,LIU Yu-zeng, ,CHEN Xiao-long
…… page:556-560

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